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  1. Thanks for the follow-up, mmKay. Keep 'em coming.
  2. By "recommended dosages", do you mean the ones written on the bottles by the supplement manufacturers? Or is Andy Cutler having formal recommendations for that? Is it roughly what Leo is showing in his video? Thanks again for your help.
  3. You're right. And, after all, it only adds an extra 400 mg of Vitamin C per day, approximately, which is totally reasonable. Thanks for your answer. I have another question for you... you've mentioned : As I've mentioned, my main issue is with Lead. From what you've read so far, do you think supplementing with Zn and Mg anyway could cause any harm or turn out to be counterproductive?
  4. Hi mmKay, thanks a lot for doing that journaling/researching/summarizing. I'll soon be following along with you... Let me ask : did you order the DMSA with or without the Vitamin C ? I see that some dosages have extra Vitamin C, some don't. Leo seems to have gone with the added Vitamin C since the 100 mg dosage comes with it. So, in the end, we'll end up taking a shitload of Vitamin C during these 3-4 days of chelation! I think I'll start with the 12.5 mg dosage, like you. I did the hair analysis and the main concern for me is definitely Lead.
  5. Super cool ! Great complement to the documentary. Thank you
  6. Oops, link update : Surface level (Director's cut should be available soon) but interesting nevertheless.
  7. Hi everybody, FYI, Premiere in 5 minutes : Bye.
  8. This is an interesting thread! Many wonderful discoveries! I could tell there was a spiritual/nondual vibe about this artist's music and lyrics (a Montreal French speaking singer-songwriter). This got reinforced recently when he posted this video where you can briefly see a 5-MeO-DMT molecule at 3:04, while he sings about "Nature's wisest line of code that completely resets the senses".
  9. Montreal, Canada. Hi, Everyone.