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  1. Democrats are just the end punch of a white supremacist one-two punch. And their constituency contains the group white supremacy has oppressed the most overtly, vigorously. Poverty creates violent crime. The one-two punch creates a cycle. We can enter it any point of the cycle and our explanation will be just as true. I will enter the cycle at what I called the one punch. At the federal level, Republicans fund poverty through tax cuts. The second punch is Democrats not doing anything about it. So they create the poverty that creates the violent crime. They then hire police or poverty managers to manage the poverty. The police make sure impoverished people don't do the things that are inherent to the nature of the situation they were forced into. Of course the guy is right and the Democrats are just denying the truth. But the only reason that is the truth is the same indictment on the Democrats and the system itself from a different angle. The people this cycle Hurts the Most tend to vote Democrat. That literally means the system is doing the opposite of what it was supposedly built to do. All men are created equal so we'll make them fight to the death.
  2. I would argue a nation jump-started by slavery, who's best effort to Rectify and make those people whole happened about two centuries ago and was extremely inadequate, it was stopped by homegrown terrorists to whom the government capitulated, has never not been divided. This is an opportunity to exploit the division that was already present because we refuse true and complete integration.
  3. Just like cops, the state always goes easy on white men with guns. One reason I can see is the nation was started by white men who u used se guns to take the land. To be hard on them or hold them to the same standard as everyone else delegitimizes America's right to existence as it impeaches America's forefathers. That's what I see going on under the surface. On the surface, white men with guns know white men with guns will not hesitate to kill you and white men shooting each other is some American Civil War type shit. The only people white people are more afraid of than black people are white people because while they will shoot you , you don't want to be on the bedside of other white men with guns. Which brings me to the second reason I see the state is so easy on white men with guns. They can most easily be manipulated by the state to terrorize or protect the state from Justified or unjustified change. White men with guns are America's white blood cells , you keeping her in tight homeostasis. They do this even when it does not benefit them to because the American state is part of their identity. She can do no wrong. And white supremacist are America's friends. She uses them and right-wing fascists in general, to topple governments all over the world. George Washington was a fascist. There are images / statues of him posing with fascist symbolism. America's roots are fetishistic and white men with guns is a symbol of America's roots. Contrastly, America's earliest gun legislation was Banning black men From owning them. A black man with a gun is actually a symbol of Justice, symbolizing the end of white supremacy. Because collectively, all black men have ever fought for in this country is freedom and justice. So when white men with guns see black men with guns, their first instinct is to kill them. It's fascinating to me because it is all happening under the surface, totally undetected by the populace at Large. This historic dynamic is in America's blood. It's trauma no one wants to look at except to skim or talk around after a white man with a gun kills an innocent black man.
  4. I am positive I've picked up some drama from the sexual Arena but it wasn't so much that I was unable to get it but that I was unable to accept it. When I first started to Fap at 13 or so, I had only ever seen circumcised penises. I was uncircumcised and in my ignorance, I didn't know the foreskin pulled back. So for an extended amount of time, I had never seen the head of my penis and had hurtfully accepted that I was different from every other boy. On top of that, I was fat and gay. I wasn't completely a boy, didn't want to be a girl but I liked boys. I believe as a result, ever since even after I found out uncircumcised is natural I have subconsciously regarded my penis as deformed or at least wholly undesirable. I've had many opportunities to have sex and have had many sexual encounters but I avoided anything that called for me to disrobe or expose my penis to someone else. Man, I don't know what could be a deeper scar than that and I wouldn't know how to start to get to it if it were.
  5. I was going to contemplate relating to people and I looked up the word relate to help get me started: To identify with... My mind went immediately to this reoccurring feeling of alienness I've carried with me as long as I've been depressed. I've identified 4 points of its foundation. Fatness: kids can be cruel to a kid. Gayness: straight Society can be cruel to a kid. Blackness: White Society can be cruel to a kid. And probably most devastating to me was cut / uncut status. Seeing nothing but cut dicks in porn and looking down as an impressionable youngster not knowing what the fuck that thing was. Whatever it was, it wasn't what all the other boys had. For six months, a year or more , I don't even know, I had no idea there was something under the hood. It took a somewhat random doctor's appointment to reveal to me even though I had been playing with it regularly , I had been neglecting a part of it I had no idea existed. I will spare your imaginations from painting an image, but when I saw it for the first time , I remember thinking: what the fuck is that? So I might have a little trauma surrounding my genital area. I think these four points make up a big reason I've always felt alone in every crowd. I can't relate to people because I'm an alien in human skin... or so says the program running in the background. I've definitely tried my damnedest to socialize and pick up guys and there have been many times where I was successful, but there was always that line that could never be crossed. Stripper rules: I can touch you but don't you fucking touch me. Just receive this pleasure and we can both walk away happy. God! I really didn't want to have to deal with this shit. I was just going to get rich and pay somebody to pretend to like me. It would have been grand.
  6. It's been less than a week of no fapping and I'm already hating this shit. I'm an addict. Started around 13 and viola, 40 Year Old Virgin. I've done a week before so I don't really expect the urges to hit hard until week 2. The real reason I'm already hating it is the anticipation. I know what's coming: depression. I can already feel the reasons I've not been able to stop boiling to the surface. I've always had difficulty accepting my body since growing up I thought self-esteem was externally dependent basically, until my twenties. By that time, I was already deep in depression. In that torture dungeon of my own making is where I stayed until just a couple years ago. I dread falling back down there like the Spanish Flu hopped up on shots of covid-19. That belief, failure, rejection, inadequacy, is just as fresh as the day that depressed little 13 year old put it in the fridge , only I have aged and developed a disability: a side of fries and a drink. I actually resent the very idea of sex and intimacy now. I hate that it makes me feel so needy. I hate learning to court guys, having to figure out how fake I need to be, cuz you can't say what you want to say or you'll scare them away, how not actually into him I need to act for him to be interested in me. The game of courtship seems like such an enormous waste of time to me. Mentally and physiologically, I need intimacy and I have to play games with these motherfuckers to get it. Porn is just so much less BS-y. I hate needing stuff from people. Finally, with his personal development, I found something that works for my mental health and I can do it all alone. I don't have to depend on anyone to do it for me. Then Maslow comes along with his hierarchy of needs, screaming you going to need sexual intimacy from someone else if you ever hope to achieve the highest levels of actualizacion. Yeah fuck that guy and his food pyramid. I was fine. I was improving. After over 20 years in the dungeon torturing myself with no end in sight, I have finally escaped and now you telling me I have to now trust the very people that led me down there and left me to rot with my heart. Fuck you! I hate this shit.
  7. I agree that money in politics goes deep. It's as American and equally as old as the Constitution itself in this country. That's why I am skeptical of the take the money away and leave them with nothing , so to speak, approach. I'm thinking more like the Indiana Jones approach LOL. Remove the artifact as you replace it with a rock so that at weight value, nothing has changed but something very substantial has. It's an idea. Thanks for the engagement.
  8. I agree. Today, I am positive most will recoil at the idea at first, it's counterintuitive. On its face, it looks like the opposite of what you want to do so I'm not sure of the best way to sell the idea yet, but either we fund them through our taxes or they keep giving our money to the wealthy. I think the direct approach like wolfpac as Leo mentioned is easier to sell to people, but I am skeptical because of its directness. The opposition knows it's an attack right away. But yeah, the recoil would be real until the results start coming in.
  9. Good points. I did originally think prohibiting money for them would also be part of it, I did not think of the supreme court judgment and super Pacs. But, I think it would still work without that prohibition because that stuff still has to be disclosed. The fact that they accept any money for campaign or whatever May naturally become a dark spot on their trustworthiness because the government already gives you everything. Why are you accepting outside money? Or why is the Super PAC running ads for you? That in itself May become ammunition for an attack ad. Meaning, they can still do it but it's a blemish. I do not see this as something that is an instead switch over but rather it's implemented with freshman politicians because the older folk are stuck in their ways. We start with the new people and just let time run its course.
  10. If the problem is politicians taking money from special interests, we should make money irrelevant to politicians to neutralize the threat. The meta problem underlying greed is they're trying to fill a void that cannot be filled with money. I propose via legislation, we make it so that politicians do not need to use money for anyting. Basically, based on constituents satisfaction, everything is free for them. They can get every material thing money can buy with the currency of public approval. It would be on a graduated scale like a five-star system, just for example. As a one-star politician, you can purchase basics like a house and a car up to a certain dollar equivalent amount. Whereas a five-star politician would be able to purchase a mansion or a private jet even. And is not like you have a certain amount that depletes. Is dependent on the end cost of the thing so theoretically, they would be able to purchase a fleet of private planes. But something like multiple of a a single thing would require direct public approval whereas if they were to just get one, their standing five star status would suffice. But I'm getting off into the weeds. The only thing the other cars can offer them is money. With the power of our government, we can offer them everything money can buy plus widespread public adulation / love. The wealth in the fame of a movie star with the added bonus of constantly being shown you're doing good things for lots of people. We won't be able to fill the void, only they can do that but we can redirect what they use to fill it. Our approval becomes their currency. I'm anxious to hear any thoughts. I'm actually considering writing a book about it as I omitted a lot of details to condense. I floated this idea on Facebook to no comments and to my mother who I would rate as a stage blue with scattered orange and green showers. It totally triggered her. I can't even bring it up anymore. She was supportive of me writing a book about it though. Anyhow, cheers brothers and sisters.
  11. I've been meditating for 6 to 10 months. I honestly don't know when I started. I did not make a note because I thought it would create too much pressure or give ammo to my ego when I fell off the practice after a ridiculously short amount of time. Anyway, I've come to enjoy it. I was on the toilet thinking about it and I began to ask myself why I like this shit. I'm not doing anything! And it struck me, I like it because it allows me to be free. No judgment, no expectation, no obligations , I can just be. I compared that to the rest of my waking hours and I started bawling. Why can't I just leave myself the fuck alone. Why do I insist on torturing myself? It's insanity. I'm literally my own personal terrorist. Just sharing.
  12. @Meetjoeblack I believe I get your meaning. I come from a Christian background as well and many of the Christians I've come in contact with are about breaking headboards in that their Christianity pivots around their ability to memorize and regurgitate scripture. It was a very convincing show that definitely impeded any Bond we may have developed. And likewise, present was also much infidelity to the religion. I don't believe I am worried about being good at sex as much as whether it would impede my personal development if I didn't pursue it. The act itself divorced of whether it creates a new life.
  13. Fluctuates from don't care to I feel like an alien. It's an annoyance.