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  1. Nothing makes me more furious than the bullshit of the medical establishment. Google is also very quick to put anti - "quackery" sources up at the top too. Oh, and how about good ol' "SCIENCE-BASED MEDICINE?" Detoxification is fake and chemo is not dangerous? Nice! Those people should fuck themselves, this shit makes me wish hell was real. Google selling out makes it all the more sad...
  2. @Keyhole Yes. That's much more effective than describing it in words Thank you so much for this. In addition to my mind being unprepared for the trip, my set and setting were very unideal. I really do need to focus more on relaxation and health; ever since the trip, my diet has actually been the worst it's ever been in my entire life, lol. I've actually just now decided to switch to an in-state school - it wasn't school itself that I was dreading; it was the particular school I was at. I just didn't fit in well there, lol. Your advice is still amazing though, and I will definitely explore how I can change my perspective. Thank you so much, I've explored several forums like this and I can confidently say this is the best! Pheww. More good news thank you my friend. Deep down I know its a miracle... Some days it feels like a curse, but I believe there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. I suffered with bad cystic acne all of high school and my first year of college. It's fucking miserable, I was depressed almost the whole time and my self-confidence was obliterated. I'd love to share what I've learned. The only real solution comes from within - I can't recommend a detoxification protocol enough if you've been eating a conventional unhealthy diet your whole life like I was. I really like Anthony William's advice, and his book "Liver Rescue" is full of good stuff, especially pertaining to acne. Celery juice works wonders for some people if you're open to it. Markus Rothkranz's "Heal Yourself 101" (Free) is also amazing. FASTING works miracles for the body and skin. Also, @Michael569 is pretty spot on with his advice.
  4. Thank you so much everyone, I'm feeling better now. I guess that since my mind was so unprepared to experience what I did while tripping, my ego's trying to make sense of it afterwards left me hung up on delusion. Hopefully I can fully work through this soon. Don't take a dose that could remotely be too much! It gets exponentially more intense as you increase it... Really wanna help people not get fucked like I did, lmao.
  5. So I watched Leo's video on reality and it seems to have perfectly described what I felt when I took WAAAAAY too much acid and had the most challenging experience of my life - 3 months of insomnia directly followed the trip, and it felt like my brain was being fried as fuck, but luckily I seem to still have my IQ and social skills in check. However I have felt rather numb and absent, and my mental health/motivation aren't doing too hot. I have to go back to my out-of-state college in 9 days and I'd almost rather die. Anyway, to the main point... Are other people fucking real? Is my dog really there experiencing life? My parents? Please tell me all you guys are real people experiencing your own lives. When I was tripping I was convinced that when I die, reality will cease to exist because I'm the only person who's really here. Has anyone else experienced this feeling? Thank you...