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  1. Well, I used to work as a manager for a long time and I can't say that I didn't like it but I couldn't see the purpose of life, though I loved my team and clients and customers I was working with. Then suddenly I got a new job offer as an Italian tutor for a small kid. I speak Italian a little and know grammar, so I decided why not to try. And I loved it. The first lesson was kinda unusual and I'd say "weird", but the emotions I experienced were unbelievable, so I think that was a point which changed my life. Now I work as an Italian tutor and planning on going to Italy to the Italian language school to improve my professional skills. I'm really happy about that and I'm sure I have found what I've been looking for.
  2. Hey, it’s really cool that you have enough will and strength to lose weight. But unfortunately I’m only on the way to my goal. I've already lost 5 kilos. I sincerely think that In the process of loosing weight 20% is importance of excercises and 80% is importance of your nutrition. The fact is you should spend more energy than you get and have calorie deficiency. If you need fater and easier way, you can try vaping (I don't recommend smoking due to strong addiction to it). It often helps to lose some kilos. You can go to to get more information. My friend told me that it’s a good alternative to cigarettes, though you are not so strongly addicted. I tried a lot of vapes, but they were quite expencive and I didn’t like the tastes of them. is best variant for me so far. They have different types of vapes (pens,tube mods, e-cigarettes and so on). They also have a great amount of juices, and they taste and smell really good.
  3. For me Instagram is one of the best Social Media, which has a great amount of options (chat, stories function, ability to send voicemails and photos), and of course it's one of the most actively used Internet platforms. You can use it both for private goals or for promotion of your blog/ product/ business. On the one hand, if you succeed in getting more followers you get more popularity, fame and even money. But on the other hand, not every person can do that. I suggested to almost all my friends who had Instagram pages and I used this service myself. They offer a lot of functions: from providing more followers to the security of your account. If you want just to give it a try, there's an option of free 7 days trial.
  4. Congrats! Have you got anything you need? Clothes, a bed for a baby, tons of things? For example, here you can find some useful info about nursing tanks. I remember, for me it was a problem to find a proper one.
  5. I've been trying to quit smoking for a year or so, still I had to smoke from time to time, but not cigarettes, just a vape. My friend who knew about it gave it to me as a present for my birthday. As I remember, he ordered it from, so maybe if someone's thinking about giving up smoking, it helps.
  6. Having tons of assignments to do is hard. I remember tough times at the university, no idea how I managed to deal with it. A couple of times I had to pay others to help me. Oh, actually, I can recommend if you're ever swamped. They also explain stuff, so it's basically not cheating.
  7. I have acne and I use African Black Soap which I buy here. It's good for sensitive skin and clears skin bumps. Also, it's a good substitute for shampoo.
  8. I visited ayahuasca healing center in peru (here's their site so you wouldn't have to google) for medical purposes. The center practices the traditional Amazonian medicine, they're involved in treatment and rehabilitation of mental and physical disorders. The medicine is plant-based, you're being put on a long-term plant diet and as for me, it really helped my stomach. Also there's a lot of seminars being held, especially I liked the "Inception". So take a look, maybe you'll give it a try.
  9. It's a good idea, I think. You've got a resource to promote your channel, why not? I'd just keep using this account to make it grow so it wouldn't look weird. Also, I'd recommend using this service to get rid of spam etc, which is a problem, I suppose, considering you've got 700 followers.
  10. It took me a while to find songs for my wedding, for the first dance, exit song, etc. Never have I thought it can be so difficult. This list helped a bit, but still there was a problem of a whole playlist for the party. Finally, I decided to rely on Spotify and found a couple of decent ones, there were Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Avicii, well, a whole mix.