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  1. Leo, you had spoken about islam, you mention christ a lot, and a lot of hindu and buddhist notations also appear in your videos. Is there anything for Judaism to offer? Any interesting insights? I just read that when Moses asked god what to tell the Israelites about his nature, god said "I am what I am", timeless, eternal. Seems relevant and might be of value
  2. Was it deleted? I can't seem to find it on the Spiral Dynamics playlist.
  3. A friend that introduced me , a friend that introduced the friend that introduced me, and recently a friend of mine whom I introduced actualized to. Oh, and my father. My father is a rather bad example since he is very dogmatic, very skeptical, and after watching spiral dynamics I would put him in hard orange and even red sometimes.
  4. We as human beings can reach enlightenment and the realization of no self and non-duality. What's the case with animals? Are they stage beige on the spiral? are they stage less? Are they a fiction of the human mind? I'm kind of lost here and don't know what to make out of my lovely dog. Are animals literally selfless and are in flow and zen state 24/7? Doesn't seem like it, seems like they have a lot of ego, and a really huge attachment to their selves and their physical bodies, they are in survival mode all the time. Can an animal reach enlightenment? If not, is it not some sort of evidence that the capacity of the human brain does help us (Probably the one reason) we can become enlightened ourselves?