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  1. If there is really "any" ego involved in reading its mostly not accurate, because that already is a interpretation, from my current understanding.
  2. https://wayfindertarot.com/are-third-party-tarot-readings-ethical/
  3. One thing to add. No it did not help to prevent me from seeing "this information" because "u feel like it"! "this information" btw was the missing puzzle to show me the full picture and truth. This was the resolution of my "human path" and the direct pointer to zen and my next chapter in life.
  4. Well thanks for pointing out that toxic "purpose" of a thing called "twin-flame". Solid advice i can give you back is to stop sharing this tarot shit if you dont know what you are doing.
  5. hehe sorry for my bad english In Germany we say "der Zug ist abgefahren" Its over and we both know it. Im really clear what i do not want to tolerate anymore and stuff. I trust your advice my friend!
  6. Thanks, I read lately about Tarot, found it interesting, wanna give it a try :). How to properly get over my future wife that i loved unconditionally until she left me yesterday? I had to set some boundarys in terms of time for my mental health and healing journey Why wasnt she able to cope with her childhood trauma and why did she took the "easy" path?
  7. mature people enjoy porn too
  8. What is threat? Where does it come from?
  9. Suffering is the point. But you can realize Suffering is good. Its there for a reason. Avoiding suffering is like not going to the doctor if your leg is broken.
  10. Why take the easy path? Learning ALL that in a different language adds perspective, I would suggest
  11. love this one https://www.pinterest.de/dougharrington/fractal-forms-in-nature/
  12. Heya, I wanted to know if you guys have any experience with 1V-LSD aka "Valerie" (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide-hemi-L-tartrate). This "seems" to be a replacement for the now illegal 1-cp LSD and is still legal in many parts of Europe. I am interested in reference experiences and dosage in comparison to regular LSD. Daniel