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  1. Look into "dream yoga". It's a Tibetan practice of retaining consciousness in dream states and deep sleep. A good book on it is "Dream Yoga" by Andrew Holocek. I have tried it, but have not had much success. I think it takes nightly dedication.
  2. "I Was Reading a Poem" - by David Rutschman I was reading a poem by Ryōkan about a leaf, and how it showed the front and the back as it fell, and I wanted to call someone — my wife, my brother — to tell about the poem. And I thought that maybe my telling about the poem was the front of the leaf and my silence about the poem was the back. And then I thought that maybe my telling and my silence together were honestly just the front of the leaf, and that the back was something else, something I didn’t understand. And then I thought that maybe everything I understood and everything I didn’t were both actually just the front of the leaf — so that the totality of my life was actually just the front of the leaf, just the one side — which would make the other side my death. . . . Unless my life and death together were really still only the front of the leaf? I had left the branch. I was falling. I was loose now in the bright autumn air. Link to original -
  3. There's a really, really interesting Shinzen video where he talks about people with an extremely rare brain disorder which essentially depersonalizes them (not DP/DR, something even more rare). He discusses future plans to undergo a "simulated lesion" (some safe medical procedure about which I know nothing) so he can experience this disorder and maybe use that as a tool to teach. I feel like it's pretty related to this discussion. I haven't been able to find the video again, but when I do I will post it here as well as on the high consciousness resources page (or someone else can)
  4. @Maximus Sure, that's the whole premise of the holy fool. Crossing/ignoring boundaries to live more consciously and happily, and also to shock those around them into higher consciousness @Leo Gura Right, I was thinking that mental sharpness/focus would be lacking and make it very hard. But also their radically different brain structures could help them cut through cultural illusion (like what @Maximus was saying, I think) and possibly into enlightened states. @remember Lot of deep stuff there, I will have to ponder this, thanks @mandyjw I completely agree
  5. Is there any research on this topic at all? I was just reading a book about crazy wise gurus, and it seems to me that certain "holy fools" could probably have been classified as having some kind of mental disorder. So my question is can someone with a genetic disability, such as Down Syndrome, for example, become Enlightened? Would it be easier for them? More difficult? I'm sure there might be disabled monks somewhere in the world, but I have never heard of any.
  6. @Scholar So at some point it will create a feedback loop which will spiral into higher and higher consciousness, eventually to infinity... Wild
  7. @mkrksms The only trap is your mindset. Not in it, you are it. You are not trapped, but totally Free.