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  1. I suggest you to study about Shaolin monks, it might give you some insights you are curious about. Discipline, consistency. Finding the middle path (not lifting something too easy when you are feeling lazy, not lifting something you can't lift to appear stronger) The challenges on the path is in your mind, not your body. Try learning something you might not be able to do so that you're not just lifting for physical attraction.... maybe doing an one arm pull up? The part where you don't get caught up your ego with your physical looks is something that will always be there.... It's the same with martial artists holding themselves back and letting things go when some punk they know they can easily beat up tries to start a fight.
  2. I know. I'm just a little bit desperate in the moment lol. Do you have an experience to share on how you created the right conditions?
  3. Does time exist? Is time linear?
  4. I like digital art, but as far as my vision goes right now, is finding a company to work for.... I have interests in psychology and fitness/movement, but I am very passionate about spirituality/yogic/meditation culture.... still trying to figure out a way to bridge something together.... It doesn't have to be all of it.
  5. I realized that I have 0 creativity when it comes to developing a career. All I have ever known when it comes to careers is applying for jobs, and when I get the job, I just simply do what I am told. How do some of you find connections between what you are skilled at and what is relevant in the modern world, or finding ways to start a business revolved around something you are interested in?
  6. Experiences and perceptions are within the realms of cause and effect (time and space). How else are you going get insight into ultimate reality, which is “outside” the realm of cause and effect (time and space)? Without using a mirror, can an eyeball see itself? Or after seeing enough things “out there”, you come to a finding that it’s the eyeball that’s allowing it to see. So realization isn’t about the eyeball seeing something spectacular within its field of vision, but realizing it is itself that allows it to see.
  7. Mentally labeling an experience isn't too much of an issue unless you over do it for every little thing. You could just mentally note/tap it once like "jealousy" and then move on. Remember you aren't noting it to make it go away. You are noting it just to note it.
  8. When I am talking about love and awareness, I am not talking about 2 different things, but 2 aspects of the same "thing".
  9. Is your approach to dance, drawing, and painting very technical and talent/skill is a major focus?
  10. Hmm... I guess try asking yourself why the word "love" clicks for some people and not the word "awareness" and vice-versa.
  11. You can change how you perceive the situation, which leads to you finding a better solution externally. Sometimes you just gotta talk to people, and they can share a different and more objective perspective. With the practice of mindfulness meditation, you can acquire this skill over the years, and you'll get better and better at it.
  12. That was the one word that works for all. It's supposed to be a secret. You knew this when you were initiated.
  13. Will there ever be a right word-the size that fits for all? Call it god, consciousness, emptiness, infinite, nature, universe, life, void, source, divine love, awareness, whatever, it could still lead to more debate and speculation.