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  1. This is very strange. This smells like corruption, or devilry... - the temperatures melted metal, which requires temperatures higher than those generated by wildfires - police officers were blocking routes so people did not leave - sirens were not activated - assistance was non-existent - people were mislead into thinking that the fire was under control, when it was obviously not true
  2. I am very confused, but at the same time I respect this doctor who has been very careful in the way he presents information, trying to be unbiased and objective (as much as possible). I share this for your own evaluation.
  3. This matters are not only on the realm of philosophy and just searching for definitions. They are intertwined with emotions and survival. That is why if I open a thread called What is a chair?, maybe it wouldn't have so much participation (maybe I should try)...
  4. @AtheisticNonduality Thank you for the nuanced approach you just shared
  5. LOL I actually like the standard definition "adult human female", which is of course limited and debatable, just like any definition, but at least does not appeal to vague notions or circular definitions of , for example, "whoever that feels like a woman". HOWEVER, more important than defining it, my concern is the possibility of swinging the pendulum too much in the other direction, and in the name of compassion and not being tyrannical and respecting minorities' rights, we end up being tyrannical towards S.D. Stage Blue/Orange people (more than 50% of global population) that are just beginning to wrap their minds around these matters.
  6. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and confused. All this is too complex
  7. @Loba Thank you for your post. It is difficult to address the open and hard questions I asked above. I don't pretend to have the answers to those questions. That is why I bring this subject to this forum, because it is not something that can easily be discussed without people taking knee-jerk responses. Here there are very intelligent people, many of them may be more evolved, aware or open-minded than I am. The greeks already pointed the fallacy called Argumentum ad hominem" which means the fallacy of giving validity or discarding an arguement, based on the person who formulates the argument. I see this a lot here. Someone questioned the validity of my concern for the people who are suffering of gender dysphoria. That points to the authenticity of my feelings (I am a random person on a forum and it is impossible to bring witnesses for how real my feelings are. That misses the point. And what is the point? 1) what to do about teenagers that are allowed to make irreversible decisions at such an early age, in the name of compassion. Is it really the way to go? 2) what to do about the conflation of criminal offense with calling someone else a different pronoun than their chosen one . Who defines the words that are possible to say? Those are my two most important questions. Please notice that these questions don't have anything to do with the right of adult trans people to do whatever they want with their bodies and pursue happiness to the best of their ability.
  8. Yes, I do have a concern for these people. However, "these people" is not a uniform category. Many of them are not feeling right after surgery and many commit suicide anyways (about 40% in the 7 year period after surgery). I don't oppose those who go through the process of surgery and hormonal procedures. Nevertheless, there are cases when they jump into the process and it doesn't have a happy ending. I question the fact that it is often presented as a safe and effective solution to the gender dysphoria problem, and that is not quite true. Some people have severe complications after the transition, causing extreme unhappiness to them and their families. Puberty blockers have long term effects, that are not transparently explained by the doctors that say "it just puts a pause to the development, while the teenager is in doubt, and they can resume normal development as soon as they quit the puberty blockers". That is a lie, and in the cases where the individual doesn't want to continue with it, and they no longer identify themselves as someone of the opposite sex , the damage is done and normal development does not resume smoothly. I question the fact that a 13 year-old girl can go through hormonal therapy without the consent of their parents , while at the same time you need to be 18 to drive or use alcohol or to tattoo yourself. I am concerned of the lack of balance in the implementation of public policies that can have good intentions, but can cause damage in the long run to people that can change their mind and find it is too late. This is not being bigot , nor trans-phobic . I am sick of name-calling just because one dares to ask questions that have not been sufficiently addressed.
  9. Ok, so if external physicallity is something to be disregarded, why is so important to intervene on that level, so that people with gender dysphoria find a solution to their predicament, through the modification of their physicality? I am trying to make sense of some things that don't make total sense to me (such as the question above mentioned). I think it is legit to question any given narrative and argument, and inquire into the axioms it is based on. Bigotry is attachment to a particular creed, opinion, practice and intolerance of the opinions of others. So questioning and bigotry are opposite to each other.
  10. Maybe many of you have already watched this film. It can have many layers of analysis. In my view it shows the pathetic epistemic madness running amok in western culture. Matt Walsh asked to a wide range of people the question "what is a woman?" and almost nobody could come up with an answer that at least was not self-contradictory. Ken Wilber and others have pointed out the limitations of Green when it comes to a higher narrative to define reality, because the dogma is that there is not ultimate truth, but they act out that idea as if it were the ultimate truth. In one of the interviews he conducts during the documentary, he asked a chief professor of an american university if he could define what the word woman means, without using the word woman in the very definition, and he reacted as if that was the first time he had ever thought about it. Ideological possession is rampant. Some may consider this content as Spiral Dynamics stage blue, but I don't think so. It is not even conservative. It is an attempt to get to the truth and point that the emperor is walking without clothes.
  11. Hi there , I take a bunch of supplements, such as vit. B,C,D,E , Fish oil, Alpha GPC, zinc and magnesium. I have heard about the importance of taking periods off. What do you do about it?
  12. Blue light is strangest in the morning. Red light is more predominant in the afternoon
  13. This is extremely important. Light can be the way to regulate so many bodily functions: This is evidence based, and can change your life for the better. Get your circadian rythm right!
  14. Some people with serious mental health problems have to take Lithium. Also, as far as I know, lithium is a metal. The question is: Are people taking lithium medications being constantly metal intoxicated ??