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  1. I don't seem to agree with this survey. How can a real friend dislike each other? It can only be said that he doesn't like you at a certain time, not the long-lasting dislike from the heart. Otherwise, it is not a true friend. PIC @PNGTIP
  2. Thanks for sharing. I also like to listen to many inspiring songs. One is /Dream It Possible/ which I also like very much.
  3. I don't like to wait, I prefer to actively pursue girls. I don't think I can't meet girls I love in the bar. I once tried to meet a girl who was very chattable in the bar and had a relationship for a while. That time was beautiful. You know, you need to be courageous and strong. Create more dating opportunities for yourself. Time is precious.
  4. If there are good books about healthy sex, please recommend them. This is an open topic, I think it is necessary to learn more.
  5. I am more and more convinced that there are really aliens on earth, somewhere. I hope that aliens can make a blessing for the earth, rather than hurt the earth.
  6. I suggest that you take some professional yoga training first, then learn their professional teaching methods and business management strategies. If you start training again or become a yoga teacher, you will be very handy.