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  1. My Father sent me the link and urged me to watch it he’s been appalled by the way things are for a long time he’s in his late sixties, after watching it I was so relieved that it focused on the green washing that even had him convinced of the need to invest in renewable energy at all costs, in fact it was perfect timing to introduce him to Charles Eisenstein’s work, I sent him one of his essays on climate a few weeks back to stir him up a bit, seemed like he was becoming a climate fundamentalist focusing only on carbon emissions which really plays into the hands of industry and not thinking about the many underlying issues that contribute to the problems we are facing globally which we can’t just engineer our way out of.
  2. Could all this tension also propel those deep in green with their consciousness already moving into yellow make the great leap into second tier? I agree that regression will occur I can see it in my own thoughts from time to time steering towards a blueish fantasy of the good old days
  3. The east coast of Australia was ravaged by fires earlier this year the most extreme by far recorded since colonisation, there has been considerable rain preceding the fires and might explain some of the extra green shown on the images, just an observation