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  2. Its still inside your subjective experience. Depends on what frame you want to start from also.
  3. Subjectivity and objectivity are two sides of the same coin. Everything is subjective so true objectivity is just your own subjective experience.
  4. He touched himself once in a sensory deprivation tank. That doesnt count.
  5. "The whale represent chaos. Now you might say Ahab venturing into the ocean is the unknown,its uncharted territory. So when he faces the whale hes actually facing his own subconscious."
  6. You should draw what you see in your meditations. Keep a journal so you can link all the visions together one day.
  7. Have core belief>Aim to change core belief A to core belief B>Do research and test theory's about core belief B>Everything points back at core belief A being true. Then what?
  8. In this case wouldn't new biases emerge? Granted more positive and knowledgeable ones. Or would it become a preference?
  9. What is a good way to check if you are bias about something? The problem I see is that generally a bias is forged by "perceived facts" which are very slippery. Also can a self known false bias be healthy if it helps you progress though life like "heard mentality"?
  10. Gratitude to Leo although deep down we all know Carthage was at fault
  11. There is no reason why we can not move beyond base instincts. We have consistently reinvented our self's over generations. There's no good reason why we cant strive for mass equality. You can keep holding on to that arrogant belief it will only serve to your inevitable self destruction. You couldn't be more wrong. This is the heroes journey in a nutshell. Your failing to see that the shell is like beliefs. When you push into uncharted territory its dangerous and painful but that is where the learning comes. Strength through vulnerability.