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  1. Is there any difference between the two? Or it just don't matter at all
  2. @Girzo Even if they're short at first, I think you may always be able to go back to the awakened state or stay in it as long you wish right? With psychedelics when you trip you can't function normally and in any case have to keep dosing to stay at that awakened state of consciousness.. doesn't seem sustainable...
  3. @Leo Gura No I meant does it make any difference whether you awaken on psychedelics or sober, since psychedelic experience is ultimately temporary. With sober awakening you could back to it at your will ( I'm assuming).
  4. Why did jesus claim to be only begotten son of god? Why mohammed claimed to be the last prophet of god? How can awakened people make such claims which seem so absurd? How much truth is in these claims or these just fabrications/misinterpretations or perhaps misunderstanding of metaphors by their early followers?