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  1. @outlandish Thank you Outlandish, this is exactly the kind of wise thoughts I needed. I have done some thinking lately and I guess I need to embrace the impermanence of things. After all, as you say, the World has changed continuously throughout its evolution (sometimes in much bigger ways than our modern times) and it is only normal it does so right now. You are right, I believe humans with the gift of intellect and consciousness can become the shepherds of a new time where we take care of and protect our environment instead of bringing destruction about it. I guess it is part of a cycle, just as Rome fell, the current civilization will fall, leading to better times. Destruction = Renewal @Nahm I have the feeling you are trying to talk to me by bypassing my egoic self? Your words weight hard on my Mind but again I can't seem to really grasp it you know? My ''right and accurate perspective'' would be to think humans are doing a lot of damage to our environment, and feeling quite sad about it. Are you telling me that this perspective is somehow flawed or incorrect? I am very interested in your words, please continue writing here! I am open to all and every teaching
  2. Hey everyone, thank you for answering my post and sorry for the delay, I was in the country-side this week-end. It's Thanksgiving in Canada. @RichardY The points you bring about Human population being more and more concentrated in areas are very interesting and strikes home to me when we discuss the situation. Simply put, smaller villages would help so many things including overpopulation and overconsumption. I believe human labour needs to get back in the field-work if we are to have enough resources for our ever-increasing population. @Hello from Russia Again, I agree 100%. There's the occasional thread on Reddit or headline about a huge catastrophe that happened in the World and some people react to it... but it ends there.. Remember the Amazon Fires? It was hot news for like a few days but after it died down very quickly, without any concrete action taken. I feel that even when there are natural disasters headlines it is very rare that a link to human destruction is even presented. We are like ostriches screaming Wolf but then hiding our heads in the sand pretending everything is okay... Yes, it is a very far issue when it comes to direct contact in our daily lives but I feel that if we continue to ignore the warnings, our survival and that of millions of ecosystems is in very real danger. @Nahm Hello Nahm! As much as I enjoy a ''riddle'' forum post making me think and search, I have failed to locate the meaning of your word. May I ask for an explanation? Thank you
  3. Let me preface this by explaining my life context: I am 22 years old Canadian currently studying Marine Biology at University. From my very early life, I have been given more and more education about the declining state of our natural environment, the ozone layers and now Global Warming on a massive scale. My studies are pushing those facts in my face even harder as we analyze recent threads of ecosystem destruction all over the Earth due to Human Activity. This problem used to fill me with determination and a sense of life purpose to save what I love the most, being this planet, all of its inhabitants (animals, insects even) and contribute to creating a better world where humans and nature thrive together in harmony. Fast forward to 2019, more and more data is being released on how exactly the human race is fucking-up its only home and I'm honestly losing hope to the reality that maybe.. even with our best efforts, it's too late and we have screwed up everything anyway. I know how much of an alarmist I sound right now but Truth is we have to be alarmist, we are literally watching the World die. Watching creatures and ecosystems being wiped out in the name of profit disgusts me to no end. It hurts so much and leaves me in a depressed, fearful and feeling an overwhelming amount of dread when I even think about the current state of things. I have lost hope and meaning in this post-Holocene World where my kind is currently destroying anything and everything I hold dear. I feel like even if I were to become an environment Gandhi, it wouldn't do much to help the situation. Odds are even if humanity stopped its destructive behavior right now, even if every single person in existence would realize how much we are fucking up, the wheel is already spinning and massive die-offs will happen to an unprecedented scale. Things will get really ugly nonetheless. Realistically, I cannot have a big enough impact and this adds to the feeling of being powerless in a situation where we are watching the world die. I know according to Oneness that I should accept this destruction and even love it, it's just really hard for me right now. It sounds bleak, but I honestly don't see why I shouldn't off myself right now to avoid watching all I love and care about slowly decline to non-existence. It is not that I want to die, I love life, maybe a little too much, hence these feelings arising. Anyways, thank you for reading
  4. Hello! First time poster here. I believe a video explaining the depth of the coming climate crisis and all of its implications politically-wise, society-wise, business-wise and spiritually-wise would be very useful, especially for the growing millenial generation who will face these problems more likely than not in the future. Here's a couple questions to ponder on : ''How will Global Warming affect my life purpose ?'' ''What does it ultimately mean for Spirituality / Non-Duality / Consciousness ?'' ''Is there hope for the Future of the World ?'' Thank you Edit: Another suggestion would be to give tips on how to evolve to a stage Green/Yellow on the Spiral Dynamics in the context of the changing World resulting from Global Warming.