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  1. I want to start venturing into heavy psychedelics like dmt and 5meodmt. Ive only done shrooms & 2cb, but recreational trips with friends, with light degrees of spiritual contemplation. They were all great trips. The thing is Leo makes the trips seems so easy and wonderful, while there are horrifying trip reports online especially with 5meo. I really don’t want these experiences. What im most afraid of is the bad trips traumatizing me/permanently damaging me. Is this a rational fear? Are the chances of bad tripping lower if I am really open minded? (Which I would consider myself to be) Is it best to just never to do 5meo if you 100% don’t want a bad trip? Or still worth it? Would love to hear you guys’ thoughts.
  2. Yes definitely , in all places in the world. In the USA its the most potent of course, because of the history of slavery. all other western countries colonized the rest of the world for 500 years. this history doesn’t just dissolve in a few years. most of the white privilege happens subconsciously of course. You don’t have to be racist to subconsciously have prejudice. But in the next 500 years we have to make sure all cultures/ethnicities are equal.
  3. Anyone have experience with it? Is it literally some kind of infinite library you can access through an OBE state or something?
  4. IMO therapy is not to find answers, but just to have somebody to talk to. By articulating your problems, you will sort them out in your own mind.
  5. I do think music has mystical/spiritual value. The unique & beautiful feelings music can give you led me to believe “there’s something deeper” than the concepts/feelings of everyday life. And since music is all about beauty, and spirituality is in part about realizing infinite beauty, how can they not be related?
  6. I can relate bro. This is what I realized: By judging something as void, you are assuming that that judgement itself is not void. But the judgement itself that something is void, is void. When you realize this everything comes to the same level again. Void becomes full again. You as the judger that things are void, are void. You are not separate from the emptiness. And remember that what Buddha called “emptiness”, Jesus called “the fullness of life”. Only when you try to separate and judge the voidness, does it become negative and meaningless. Hope this helps.
  7. In the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there is a nice strange loop. at some point in the game you travel 7 years forward in time. You meet a guy in a windmill who teaches you the song of storms, a song that if you play it it starts to rains outside. He says he learned it years ago from a young kid. You can then travel back in time, and of course you are the kid who teaches the windmill guy the song of storms. But where did the song come from? Cant be from either you or the windmill guy since you teached it to each other. Yet the song exists.
  8. What are the best ways to slow down the monkey mind, and endless analyzing of it? it seems that my monkey mind js constantly talking but also constantly analyzing itself.
  9. I’ve been following Leo’s videos for quite some years now, including his “weird” spiritual/metaphysical videos which actually made sense to me. For years, in my own mind I’ve been questioning the nature of reality as well, not as an active thing which i set time out for, but more as a passive inquiry, small questions every day/week. however for the last weeks this got more serious, making my reality feel less real, and a couple of days ago i had a frightening experience, I believe it was a no-self/God experience, where i basically realized the individual experience is not real, that “my” consciousness is not actually mine, but that I as a human am just a small sliver of this consciousness. This experience was in my bed, my heart was pounding and waves of fear went through me, until i submitted to the experience (I litterally heard the word “Islam” coming out of my body, not meaning the religion but the literal translation; submit. Im not even muslim) this submitting felt really good and I remember realizing I was nothing, and pledging allegiance to God, feeling total peace and feeling total control over my own suffering. I fell asleep. However when I woke up to my alarm to go to my doctors appointment, I had to pull my ego back together, which felt really strange and even anxious/painful. after my appointment i had driving lessons however I couldn't focus, for the whole time I was thinking about the experience and what it meant, and my skills really deteriorated because of it. Every morning when I woke up after this experience I feel really anxious because of noself etc, it gets better when I take a shower but reality still feels weird, more real but also less real at the same time. The experience actually made me a whole lot more conscious, i now don't want to be a millionaire (at least not for my own sake) but i want to create beautiful things and live in harmony with nature, and live a relatively simple life. And i feel more conscious of what my actions do to other people. However my problem is that i cant seem to stop thinking about noself, reality etc. I think its my monkey mind trying to make sense of what I experienced. I cant seem to focus on a task because my mind always wanders off to metaphysical questions. I don’t even want to become enlightened, like I said I want to create beautiful art and use my mind for good things, and just have a simple life with inner peace. But I need focus for that, and not wander off to metaphysical shit which the mind can never understand anyway. I want to immerse my mind in the content of reality instead of thinking about the structure of reality the whole time. I guess its getting better but I just wanted to get this off my chest and hear what you guys might have to say. sorry for the long post lol.