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  1. I'd say there is free will, because You=Reality=God=Infinity=Nothing, so there is nothing to bound it. So how can it not be free. But then on the other hand it can only do one thing and that is what it's doing right now and at all times. So in that sense there is no free will. Its just a matter of perspective.
  2. @Leo Gura But the ego is also a creation of God, and God is its own creation right. So how is the ego not God? You said yourself that God is the devil, and that there is nothing that isn't God.
  3. This is my theory: It is an Infinite system, but every system has inputs and outputs. Reality as a system is its own input and output. <- This statement is an irrational statement. So no reality is not rational.
  4. I think it means that you hate that you would steal, because that thief is actually you. So you hate stealing but are a thief at the same time. Because this is contradictory, resistance is created. If you would accept the thief as you, you wouldn't hate him. Just like a black hole is stealing light by sucking it in. Its just a movement of energy in the Self to manifest Infinite Diversity. But when that energy is moved from the little ego that we are, we hate it, because we don't want energy to be moved from us (money is just formless energy, think about it. if you have a million dollars you can buy anything you want, it has no form yet. you can buy a house but also a car. the form isn't decided yet and thats what money is), because we want to survive as the forms that we are, and we need energy to do that.
  5. This thread I made might have something to do with this
  6. If Mahasamadhi is dissolving into infinite love forever, as Leo described it ''the end of the journey", does that mean that God gets to fully "enjoy the journey" for eternity, by creating infinite seperate versions of himself to "go on the journey" But also gets to bask for eternity in pure extasy in the journeys glorious end : Infinite Love a.k.a Mahasamadhi, at the same time? Because every journey God creates, no matter how much delusion & suffering God goes through, must end in Mahasamadhi, because that is the only thing it can end in? If this is a good description I think I caught a glimpse of Infinite Goodness. Then there can be no bad. Then reality is an Infinitely Cunning plan.
  7. Imaginary in the relative sense make sense. As in, a dog we cant think of, but it also exist in actuality. But a dragon we can only think of, we’ve never seen one. So a dog is real and a dragon is imaginary. But Leo said there is nothing which is not imaginary in the absolute sense. But since imaginary-non imaginary is a duality, and everything is imaginary, why not just call everything real? Is everything is imaginary there is nothing non-imaginary to counter it in the first place, so why even call all that exists imaginary?
  8. This is a really inspiring vision bro, my daily cycle has been pretty shitty, I gotta change things up. Thanks for inspiring!
  9. @DreamScape Yeah they are awesome. This Einstein quote is genius: “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” He understood that intelligence doesn't come from thoughts but from a formless, silent dimension within. Reminds me of Eckhart Tolle's teachings.
  10. @DreamScape Yeah Tesla is amazing, I mean look at this quote by him: “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” He was on to something!
  11. How do I find my most creative state to create the best music that I can?
  12. With "the enlightenment" I mean the beginning of rationality & human rights that happened in Western Europe: In western Europe, where christianity ruled, the enlightenment did happen. how so? This is my theory: Christianity was already very 'loose'. As in, the leader of the church, the pope, competed with the worldly leaders of Europe for power. When Luther proposed a new version of Christianity, including not having to pay pastors for forgiveness from God, and giving less power to the church, many worldly leaders agreed to go with Luthers version of Christianity. Also of course because Luthers version didn't differ that much from Roman Catholicism. This allowed a 'fluid' evolution of christianity, philosophy and science to happen in Europe because the religious & worldly powers were not so rigid. Islam on the other hand, was such a good invention at the time, that it actually shoots itself in the foot later in time. I'll explain: Islam had way superior mathematics, science, architecture etc. This was all possible because the system was so rigid; in contrast to Europe, the worldly power & the religious power was one and the same; the Caliph, who takes the role of both "Pope" and "Emperor". So unlike in Europe there was no struggle between the powers because they were one and the same. This was only possible because Islam is such a rigid religion where it was laid out in the Koran that the worldly leader and the religious leader are the same leader. Also in the Koran it's laid out that Mohammed is the last prophet, so it's the end all be all. So nobody doubted this system. This went very well for some time, like I said with better sciences etc, than in Europe. The funny thing is that in the middle east, an evolution of religion was actually tried in the same way as in Europe; with the Bab and Baha'u'llah, founding the Baha'i faith in the 18th and 19th centuries, later even then the enlightenment in the west. Baha'i is basically a super progressive version of the Abrahamic religions. This is from wikipedia: Baháʼís regard the major religions as fundamentally unified in purpose, though varied in social practices and interpretations. There is a similar emphasis on the unity of all people, openly rejecting notions of racism and nationalism. At the heart of Baháʼí teachings is the goal of a unified world order that ensures the prosperity of all nations, races, creeds, and classes.[6][7] This is of course even more enlightened than what happened in the west! but this is precisely why this religion could never take over Islam. Unlike in Europe, where the gap from Catholicism to Protestantism was small, allowing more enlightened philosophies, in the Middle East this gap was huge! Islam was way more rigid and conservative than Catholicism, and Baha'i is way more progressive than protestantism! And there was no political reason at all for the Islamic system to adopt Baha'i at all, precisely because the Islam system worked so well. So what happened with Baha'i? they were exiled out of the middle east to Israel. No enlightenment for the Middle East. So in the end the Middle East shot itself in the foot, because right now its the very core of stage blue in the world.
  13. @Nahm then why use the word “imagination” at all, and not just creation or existence?
  14. @RawJudah no he actually he had an ego death a few years back and joined Bahai, the most progressive of the Abrahamic religions. But like the title of this post says he regressed back into christianity & conservative values. TBH I think there’s definitely something good to traditional family values etc. I think in a turquoise world the traditional family structure will stand. Fathers leaving families is a not a good thing, this breeds weak or overly agressive men. But him calling trans people mentally ill shows that he really fell back into stage blue.
  15. How can you even say whos awake and who isn’t. Like you can peek into someone’s mind. We dont even know if Leo’s awake. I mean it feels like Leo went from radical openmindedness and true skepticism to denying others being awake. If you are so openminded how can you be so close minded to say that other people are not awake? And call yourself the most awake? i know I shouldn’t be so concerned with Leo’s opinions but I can’t be the only one who sees this change from skepticism to authoritarian speak. Look at the tone he uses, he doesn’t say, “I don’t think X is awake” but he says “X is not awake”. That doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of this forum. in another thread where someone criticized Leo for Leo thinking hes the sole authority on consciousness, Leo just responded with that he thinks “Leo is everyone & everyone is perfect” which is just diverting the criticism and not an answering at all to the criticism. But hey, maybe i’m wrong. Maybe Leo truly is the most enlightened wizardlord ever lol. But if then I still dont understand why you would speak in this way? I thought the last ox picture was just a guy enjoying his and everyones time.
  16. LOL when he said porn should be regulated locally but not federally. how can you even think something up like that?
  17. I’m going to start Nofap from now on, no PMO for 90 days at least. And im going to start talking to girls while out, Im going for 500 approaches this year at least. what are some high quality/high consciousness dating gurus online? I really like Owen Cook aka rsdtyler, maybe you guys have more suggestions like him. Gonna start a journal as well soon.
  18. I kinda got over my fear of bad tripping, however im still not sure if i want to trip because im having some DPDR symptoms, which are slowly getting better, after a really shocking weed induced spiritual experience. Im not afraid of a bad trip, or not surrendering, since the trip will end so thats that. what im afraid of is that for long periods or for the rest of my life i will have DPDR if i try 5meo or nndmt, since they are so strong. But then on the other hand maybe the trips will cure this, since DPDR actually feels like ego games, it feels like the ego taking a metaphysical position which is of course impossible. Does anyone have experience with these symptoms and using psychedelics. Thanks!
  19. Relapsed yesterday. But back on it.@GrowthPilgrim
  20. On alcohol you let go, the ego is not much in control mentally. But the ego’s still there. And I saw that the only goal that ego has is to just make you survive. It’s not some evil entity, it doesn’t want to make you suffer. It just wants to make you survive, and it’s favorite tool is homeostasis. And it doesn’t care what happens to you otherwise. Quite a beautiful mechanism actually. But we have to transcend it, to a level where we can both survive but also reach out highest goals.
  21. Why would people even want to do salvia after all these reports. Wtf is wrong with people are you all masochist?
  22. @Inliytened1 Is Infinite Beauty also a facet of God in the same way that Infinite Love is?
  23. @arlin Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope you're ok now. Have you ever done psychedelics and how did they affect your DPDR? @Enlightenment & @Leo Gura , So you guys still recommend doing 5MeO & Shrooms, if you are prone to DPDR? I don't have it that bad as @arlin described it.
  24. @Danioover9000 Thanks for this answer brother. So do you recommend doing self-inquiry or psychedelics at all if I have a disposition for DPDR? Keeping my mental health is more important for me than Awakening. Good luck with your dirsorder bro, I hope you recover.