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  1. 1. Analyze the industry. Studying the competition allows you to find weaknesses in their organizations. Begin by subscribing to their newsletters. Approach a competitor as an interested customer so you can see what its sales and customer service processes are like. I was able to gain invaluable information by simply buying a product and noting the logistics of the sales process. You can take it further and visiting the business’ location, which allows you to speak to managers or even the owner. To your benefit, many of these leaders will brag about how they started their businesses — or their own accomplishments. Take note and begin to brainstorm ideas for setting your business apart. 2. Outshine the competition. Now that you’ve gained knowledge about your competitors, put it to use. Create a more professional, user-friendly website. If applicable, outbid your competitors and secure exclusive contracts with your clients. Work to take your competitors out of the picture. By limiting their market appeal, you can increase your own. Your goal is to provide the most effective and efficient service or product from the start so customers recognize the quality of your company as well as its integrity. 3. Focus on customer service. Do this by assembling the best team possible. After all, your business is only as good as your employees — they’re the face of your company. Positive and resourceful customer service helps set your venture apart at the outset, since larger companies are simply not as hungry for new customers. Aim to create the best shopping experience for your customers and do not compromise on the quality of your employees. Seek out intelligent and independent individuals who share your passion and vision. Regular communication about business priorities and strategies is crucial to professional and monetary growth.
  2. I have been trying to increase the amount of passive income but I’m not sure what’s the best method out there. I have been thinking about different investments such as index funds, robo-advisors or a high-interest savings account. I have seen good robo-advisor options such as Acorn or Wealthfront and I’m still deciding. I also came across Ally or Beam giving the best interest rates out there. But since there is always a risk to investments, I am planning to use either Beam or Ally as a high-interest account. Looking for any advices! Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Tommy and I joined this forum to learn how to become financially successful. Could anyone give me some tips about how to efficiently use this forum that I can utilize to really learn? Thank you very much in advance!