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  1. When you're really aware its hard to bullshit yourself..
  2. Why would you want to perform the miracles then? Just to prove to yourself that its possible?
  3. But when you are in the DMT lvls you dont care about any achievments or miracles, only ego cares. If ego could create miracles this reality would be less than perfect, its because you cant do miracles is why this reality is so amazing and you want to return to it when tripping, otherwise it can turn to hell. Being able to perform miracles would be too much and not in alignment with beauty. But i can imagine if you grow yourself to such a lvl where nothing really matters to you be hell or heaven then maybe it wouldnt be so problematic.
  4. just trust Life and do the best thing at the moment whatever that is to you
  5. All i can do is laugh
  6. Thank you, this was useful! <3
  7. I like the dolphins ^^
  8. Well solipsism is a concept but your true self escapes all concepts thus we can never come to definite conclusion of who is the real "ME". The real "ME" is always a subject, it only sees, is aware and not thinking. Ofc when its starts to think it gets into confusion and this discussion starts. I can not get a satisfying answer to this problem ever..
  9. i''ll be recalling and reflecting my memories from the most eraliest i can remember. I really hate to writte stuff, but I want to do this so that i can understand and see my life pattern. It might be a bit chaotic since im not very orderly type of person lol My first memory was when i was small child (idk exactly the age, could be 4 years). Interestingly when i remember myself at that time, i was just as conscious as i am now. I guess in terms of awareness nothing has changed. So i was with my mother, she was taking me for a walk or something i think we were supposed to go by bus somewhere. Anyway i remember i was very thirsty so i asked my mother for something to drink, she had a small bottle of water but there wasnt enough water to satisfy my thirst. I asked for more water, i remember i experienced so much thirst i couldnt tolerate it and started to cry and feel aweful within myself, my mother didnt know what to do, she seemed desperate and angry and told me to be patient, eventually we went to a caffeteria and she bought me an orange juice. So i felt better.
  10. Isnt that they both produce the mind dissolving effects which leads to bliss?
  11. Does it have any power to influence the body mind behavioral patterns? Or is it just there to only watch and nothing else? Is there nothing else for me to do than to watch? Does it do anything?
  12. @vibv @Nahm After participating in lots of shamanic ceremonies and taking plant medicines i find that there is no end in consciousness expansion, you always come out kinda "wiser" and improved. But i also strongly feel that i want to be self suficient and not depend on these things, but i have fear i might not be as wise as i could be if i stop taking plant medicines.
  13. @Vibroverse @vibv My university says im going to fail the course if i dont put more effort. And yet i know i cant force myself to do "better". Its true im living with less and less effort, but by doing this im failling the course which cost me so much money.
  14. Yes agree, i have only tried psychadelics. But now i have to get my life together. Once i'll be more financially secure with actually having a job, i can do these experiments, right now im a mess..
  15. @Javfly33 What do you mean pyschadelics would demand more responsibility?
  16. @Michal__ Yeah if anything it is constructive.. i guess im just too worried what others think of me when i say im doing these things, usually people cant understand and think its a drug..
  17. I have had quite few ayahuasca ceremonies, and im starting to suspect i might be addicted to these experiences, is it okay to be dependant of them to gain wisdom, love, bliss, peace and all the amazing qualities one could have.. Im really confused if i should stop taking medicine plants..(im not sure if i can do that even.. ). What do you think?
  18. @Mason Riggle Thank you! Thats right all i am is being aware! Thank you for reminding lol <3