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  1. @Leo Gura Datura is the Final Stage for leo to experience.
  2. @Leo Gura What do you think about the Death note anime when we talk about Justice and society, evil Justice Vs Good Justice???
  3. @Leo Gura but if you care less and less how are you going to survival day by day interacting with people work relationship ???
  4. @Peo if you think about it you're not alone you're everything and nothing you play with yourself illusion game.
  5. leo nailed all comments which is all illusion of my imagination thats wierd . now i imagine leo say do the work and stop being smart over nothing. BTW @Leo Gura im religious person i worship Allah can you tell me what Allah think about us Muslims people our path??.
  6. @Leo Gura what do you think of this video ??? give some of your ideas about this ?
  7. @TheAvatarState i agree with you, Then that's mean awakening is beyond the understanding and aaah sound it's not happening in the brain, the mysterious thing that people when got awakening they identified their self with awakening they react like sort of experience happening or something which is include body sensation and aaah sound which is weird and contradiction. and BTW this guy he is already awaken and he explain that awakening include everything which is beyond our level of understanding you missed the point what he said "smart" mean that you want to know and understand awakening with your little mind and if we go further he said when you know a lot of things "concept" in the state of awareness you really know nothing about the whole things he mean that these concept it's just an illusion generated by the mind which is confused the mind when it try to understand it you just didn't understand the message beyond the words. have a good day my friend.
  8. @John Lula how can we experience this awesome state, do you have any guides or recommendation to get there ??
  9. say to Crysty thank you, and you two seems very cool partners keep searching and meditate, and i hope you get what you want and happiness in your path you two both, leo's videos will definitely help you , and don't get distraction you will understand it have a good life my friend Danioover9000.
  10. what Crysty think about me can you ask her ?? and if she have any advice for me Btw thanks for sharing your story with us Danioover9000.