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  1. what happens when a warrior falls, you pick up the sword and fight- Dr.k
  2. I am surprised i found this topic here and specifically Leo talking about it, I used to watch reckful for many years, and Dr.k the last two years, Reckful had a really unfortunate childhood, losing his brother to suicide and due to his bipopar he had mania and eventually took his own life, he couldn't control it, he was fragile indeed but what he could do,he broke up with someone he loved, twitch streamers also get death threats or get bullied, it affects their mental health, he also lived a great part of his life in a virtual world, you lose yourself in there, playing games 24/24 h per day you become the game itself, the reality is not viewed as the ordinary person when you game too much, we can't even comprehend how he felt before he took his own life, his last streams show how much affected he was by his depression he looked dead on the inside, he even stared over his window and said i hope there is a better place. Dr. K did everything he could. Up to this day i am still watching Dr. K and i think many of Byrons fans also. Byron created a game called everland before he die he wanted to create a better place for people who felt lonely and he didn't want other people to feel the way he felt in his life.