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  1. And out of the all possibilities it(We) created the world that we have? If We just merely look at the face of the world. It is, in fact, undeniable the world works by the mode of consumption to function and there is usually a lot of pain involved; pain by disease, pain by damage, pain by malfunctioning organs and pain induced by stress etc. The world is not kind, it is ignorant to say otherwise, being blind to objective evidence. The world is a very cruel place, other animals including your own species is out to get you, to hurt you and steal your items and territory. It should be easy to be pessimistic about the world unless one lives in a kind of bubble and refuses to accept what is before them. When one understands even more by mental evolution then it is even easier to be pessimistic When I suffer on Earth, it does indeed feel real and I am in pain, I might not even do something which seems to cause me to deserve the pain. Yet One inflicted with pain in many ways throughout the life, diseases cause One to be forced to remain in bed some days. One might get cancer and get a lot of pain, or I suffer from cardiac arrest. Even if the world is an illusion, These experiences are real, because the Mind which experiencing these things is Real, the realest thing that there is. Because the Mind is the Experiencer. To say that the Mind is infinite and infinity includes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and that It is pure Isness - free of all duality such as good and evil. Then it means the more Isness you are the closer you are to the origin. So You could anything because it is everything, You could go tomorrow and rape, kill steal all in all start hurting other parts of you, because hurting yourself would also be included because the isness is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and to be closest to isness is to be like the isness. Do You see the dangerous trajectory of this kind of thinking? To deny that there is Good and there is Evil is self-sabotage/deceit.
  2. So as to say you believe this to be true : "One Mind/Consciousness created a universe and separated itself/Mind into many pieces of the individual points of consciousness to experience that created world. " So just why didnt didn't Mind/Consciousness create a more pleasant world and experience? Is it a masochist? Do You see the problem with his world view? The viruses, the diseases. The aging etc. It seems foolish to think everything is relative. Light and Darkness to dot merge together. Good and Evil are not relative, they are real indeed.
  3. So the one who created everything cant know the answers to the things he/she/it created? How did he/she/it create it in the first place?
  4. Can one become so that one knows answers to all questions?
  5. If there was no You, or You would enlighten yourself to believe that there is No You. You wouldn't post here, no one who is no-one would post here, or do anything. Because doing is out of necessity. Even when You do things out of fun, you are doing it to get "fun" etc.
  6. How so if there is no Subject than there is no Object. Or maybe there is a subject, because without the subject there won't be an object.
  7. Hello, Due to the some posts about Jesus, interpretation of his sayings, so I thought it would be important to clarify that this forum is not promoting Christianity. Jesus is merely a key individual in a network of enlightened beings and one who ascended towards the 'Elahem' plus he is the one who came before me, so it might be that I speak of him relatively/often, but Jesus is not a subject of worship and like he said himself: "Anyone who does like me will be children of the father". One reason he becomes a main topic is because I am supposed to confirm his coming and speak of things so elaborately I am convincing and can answer questions in such a way no one other than an enlightened (or prophetic) person can. The scripture millions of people know as the Biblical Gospels are also distorted, albeit to a lesser extent than the one called Quran, and Jesus comes across as someone else than who he really was. Due to the lesser extent of distortion, it is possible to "read between the lines", and with a bit of wisdom, logic and objectivity it is possible to confirm by the scripture itself that I speak correctly and Jesus did actually say everyone like him will be "children of God" as translations formulate it. This is contradictory to the alleged statements calling him "the only begotten son". One way of putting forth arguments is by undermining something else instead of merely arguing one's own point, it is something I do simultaneously, because the traditional religious ideologies are just plainly absurd and if you read the Gospels it is fairly clear that Jesus was against religious ritualism which serves no purpose. A fragile foundation of belief is easily undermined and so anything which has no solid basis cannot stand careful scrutiny. Another way of calling it is refuting something using logic and reason. Anyways, if you disregard all focus of the posts about Jesus you can clearly see I am elaborating upon both his sayings and what has been said further back in the past. Also a bit of the focus is due to people asking questions about Jesus and so I feel obligated to answer, and Jesus is a good person to refer to. Problem is I cannot refer to "Islam" because it is a fabricated faith system by a false prophet, alternatively multitude individuals in a cooperation effort. The writing called Quran is an authentic scripture of Elahem, but it came into the hands of people who made it according to themselves and so you have the Islam sect of the modern day with all its divisions. The traditional interpretation and translations into many languages has nothing to do with what it really tells about the truth, it is just a lot of nonsense because some random person believed himself to be "divinely inspired", but his worldview and insight was flawed and so the Quran seems to proclaim "hardcore" worship of a hateful and selfish deity with no focus on anything intellectual. If nothing you see the image of a worldly man in this deity. This means Jesus was the last "prophet" before me and so he is my reference and therefore he gets a hefty amount of focus. Nevertheless I disclose more information than he ever did, because this was not his role and it was not the time back then, today was the time for another milestone in the progression time-line where many things become manifested. This is the meaning of the revelation called Quran, the word itself means revelation, or manifestation. Its word means something which is totally clarified and left uncovered, and you can say it shows everything without ambiguity. And not to tell you how crappy people you are, but you who remain on Earth have not shown the progress after there was less revealed information and it would have had been more meritorious to have made the way out already in the past. This is the reason why the Elahem made another milestone of revelation, one step when matters are disclosed further and the explanation simplified and easier to comprehend. This differentiates me from Jesus in that I am not cryptic in the way I speak and I do not leave anything out. Humorously you can say Jesus was teaching on university level while I am teaching on kindergarten level. Now that might sound condescending that you are like small children who can only understand one who speaks on the level of small children, but nowadays it is not supposed to be required a "highly receptive" person to understand but common people should be capable of understanding this. Pay attention to that the above paragraph was only a rough comparison and not meant literally. What I am saying is that the mental effort required to completely understand me should not reach the level of Jesus teaching, it should be easy because it is so in detail, the old terminology is explained to the letter. I will not mention the term "children of God" without also explaining what it exactly means. My name is made of Eman/Iman (امن with Arabic letters) and this word means "to understand/realize" and it is the reason of Jesus' expression "amen amen I tell you" which translates "understand, understand I tell you" (alternatively "realize I tell you"). If you read the Gospels in which this is written and with this insight you shall see it makes sense and the meaning of Amen is clear. Therefore Jesus does also not say "you people of little faith!" but he says "you people of little understanding". Jesus was often very bitter and expressed himself sarcastically in an unkind way, although he did mention what he disapproved of. Once he told Peter "Begone Satan" but his saying is not explained elaborately. What did Jesus mean? The text reveals with a bit of contemplation what he means, but few know exactly what he says. First of all the term "satan" is misinterpreted and this is not a person but it is the instinct of man, at the very best it is the animal beast with its lowly will but it is not some powerful deceiver. So when Jesus rebukes Peter it is because he shows of giving in to the instinct of Homo sapiens. Peter is selfishly wanting Jesus to remain alive in the flesh according to the instinct of preservation of kin and so he is breaking the fifth commandment and this ignorance makes Jesus hiss at him. Jesus taught his disciples hard and was disappointed of their apparent lack of understanding and yet Jesus had the mental capability of seeing who was receptive and who was not. This insight made Jesus very bitter and tired, not even his own close disciples met his expectations. So Jesus was disappointed at this emotional outburst which showed a bodily susceptibility and he had taught "separate the spirit from the flesh", what I mean is very clear in his words and I confirm this in the words alone, for I am a "prophet" of "God", I am even tired of trying to hide it. A prophet is a person who has insight, The Insightful One. Many things are not absolutely clear from what Jesus said and that does not make him a lousy teacher, it was simply meant to be limited to what he said. His sayings were meant to be full of mysticism and require contemplation and a clear unbiased mind. This is why he said that you have to be reborn anew, roam like a young child instead of remaining as you are, with all the bias of false knowledge that you have. It does not mean you should be a gullible fool, but your ability of learning should not be stopped by what you think you already know. Many people are very convinced that what they know is right while it is not and it does not hold up against much scrutiny, but their adult identity makes them stubborn and proud, and hence Jesus' expression of just becoming like little children again. Children are not so hardened as men. The word Elah or Allah does not mean "God" or similar but the term Elahem refers to a community a souls of an ascended state and that is because there is a "them" pronoun in the word. It roughly means 'Them Being Ones' while Elah/Allah only means "Who Is Being", it requires an argument to carry a meaningful meaning. However, "whose condition is Being Totally Complete, this one has been promoted to Being by learning to develop" (this is also the opening phrase of Quran). So what is the key answer to my teaching and to the teaching of Abraham, Moses and Jesus and other wise people ever lived? You have to learn to develop in order to Be Being and Be A Being is the meaning of الله or Allah and even the simpler form Elah اله. The key is to know what leads to development and know what does not. It is highly enslaving to not use the mind's willpower/Being in order to assume control over who you are. In that regard you understand the term "who is" and "whose is" I am talking about in text form. Surrendering the mind to instinctive motivations is mindless to do, it makes you pursue something for the sake of an automatic craving stemming from the body of yours and this goal is not mental independence but rather dependence. It means the homo-sapien has automatic behavior-drive which is mindless and consciousness. 1. Instinctive group identity 2. Instinctive stereotypes 3. Instinctive vanity/activities 4. Instinctive mental preoccupation 5. Instinctive nurturing of own kin 6. Instinctive domination (e.g. seeking to win goes under this) 7. Instinctive greedily acquisition (selfishly acquiring things) 8. Instinctive sex motivation 9. Instinctive lying for benefits 10. Instinctive jealousy, craving for what your neighbor has - regardless of what it is and even if it is an item at all These are also the true meaning of the 10.Commandments. I am tried to be pedagogically crystal clear this has to do with the instinct. This is already clear in the teachings of Jesus with a bit of mental effort, this is why he speaks of seeking the vanities of this world as something negative and he does connect it to the bodily, the flesh as most translations put it. It is clear that he thought people who live ordinary lives to be dead mentally, he even refers to them as dead literally. It is not a sign of life to let oneself be guided by some automatic drive. To try to relinquish who you are is only foolish, relinquishing in the manner that you accept who you might believe that you are, and like some people relinquishing the Being before a god. The truth is the Elahem seek nothing but seeing that you become strong mentally as this is the purpose of this existence and why they run this world environment, an environment which I was told is a "development ground" during a paranormal communication. The deception stimulus is immense, the challenge is indeed difficult but you are equipped with the most potent of mind seeds because "man was created in his image". "For God sake", have you never even read Genesis, people? Just like Jesus said something true such as " No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, that those who come in may see the light. The lamp of the body is the eye" And this is true, I cannot refrain from who am I and not to share this knowledge with other living Beings. I possess immense insight and knowledge very few or even anyone on Earth has, and then I am not speaking of all of you because I know some have come to a conclusion, the right one. I care little if you call me master, prophet or whatever title because it is unimportant to me and fame is not why I am driven towards this. The reason I seek acceptance from you towards this teaching is entirely for the purpose of this "mission" and an ancient prophecy of fulfillment. If anything I would be happy to never even show my face to anyone in real life because I do not seek recognition and power, I feel I have to over-clarify this. This is how you distinguish a true "prophet" from a false one. Frankly, I am a fairly much like Jesus when it comes to bitterness and tiredness, and why would I want to become recognized by people I sigh at? I go on and on in over-ambitious efforts at overwhelming you with clarified facts and the truth without the slightest censorship. Perhaps it is the overwhelming effort which is what I do wrong. Some people have claimed I have a grandiose self-image or megalomania, but I wish you could read my mind and see I get nothing out of this of pleasure. The only pleasure I get, or contentment if to use a less fleshly word, is the realization or understanding of things and it is this which has led me on to be - the Understander-like. In many ways I am understanding, I understand why people do what they do and it can give me so much empathy but it also pains me severely because I sense can do little to help all these victimized people in the world. I try in many ways, some more desperate or experimental than others, to reach the consciousnesses of people. It is also understanding which is a key in progress, understanding leads to the ability to not express conditional emotionality and hold your peace. In this era, if you cannot understand it is easy to be soaked up in anger and let yourself take part in the worldly turmoil and be taking vain sides in conflicts and lose your objectivity of judgement. Emotions are not good when they cloud your mind and your thinking patterns. Giving in to emotions is the first call to bring in satan a.k.a. the instinct in English. You have to control how you feel and retain that control in situations, even the hard ones. Grief can lead to anger which may lead to foolish action as in the case of Jesus criticism towards Peter for grieving that Jesus would be gone. I commend you for your patience if you read everything from start to finish until this sentence. Hopefully you read that which you might have learned something from. If you have an open mind, you can learn something new.
  8. Where does the knowledge/sense of beauty come from? I mean people can see if something is aesthetically beautiful or not just by looking at it. There is no need for any school or university for that. And why are some people have almost perfect aesthetic beauty while others have almost none? Did we had any say in this?
  9. Article by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego County, California.) This is an article I stumbled upon and deemed to be very "eye-opening" into things which people misunderstand about Buddha and what He thaught. This article might serve The reader into researching further these common misunderstandings. 7 Things the Buddha Never Said The historical Buddha said many things in his long lifetime of teaching. But have you ever heard a supposed Buddha quote and wondered, Did he really say that? Monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu, a trained translator of the Buddha’s words, certainly has. Here he reveals seven of many he’s found. See if you’re not surprised. 1. “Life is suffering.” This is one of the Big Lies of Buddhism—a claim assumed to be true simply because it is repeated so often—both in popular books and academic books. The phrase “Life is suffering” is supposed to be a summary of the Buddha’s first noble truth, but the first noble truth simply lists the things in life that constitute suffering: “Birth is stressful, aging is stressful, death is stressful; sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, & despair are stressful; association with the unbeloved is stressful, separation from the loved is stressful, not getting what is wanted is stressful. In short, the five clinging-aggregates are stressful.” (Quotation from Samyutta Nikaya, The Grouped Discourses of the Buddha, 56.11) Life, you’ll notice, isn’t on the list. The other noble truths go on to show that there’s more to life than just suffering: There’s the origination of suffering, the cessation of suffering, and the path of practice leading to the cessation of suffering as well. 2. “Past love is but a memory. Future love is but a dream. True love is in the here and now.” I saw this on a card attached to the mirror in the bathroom of a home where I was teaching once. It’s so unrelated to anything the Buddha said that I have no idea of what the original inspiration might have been. 3. “There is no self.” This is the other Big Lie. The one time the Buddha was asked point-blank if there is or isn’t a self, he refused to answer (Samyutta Nikaya 44.10). In Majjhima Nikaya (the “Middle-Length Discourses” of the Buddha) 2 he stated that the views “I have a self” and “I have no self” are both a thicket of views that leave you stuck in suffering. When the Buddha taught not-self (anatta) — as opposed to no self — he was recommending a strategy for overcoming attachment, a way of cutting through the mind’s tendency to cling to things by claiming them as “me” or “mine.” The Buddha never said that “There is no separate self” either. He declined to get involved in the issue of whether any kind of self exists or doesn’t exist. 4. “Everything is impermanent.” 5. “Suffering comes from resisting change.” These two misquotes tend to go together. If everything changes, then the only way you could escape from suffering would be to accept that all happiness is impermanent and stop trying for anything more lasting than that. A pretty miserable message. Fortunately, the Buddha said simply that all fabricated things are impermanent. Anything perceived through the six senses is fabricated, in the sense that it is shaped by conditions, both external and internal. However, there is something unfabricated that you can experience, and that’s nirvana. (See the Majjhima Nikaya the “Middle-Length Discourses” of the Buddha, 49, and the Samyutta Nikaya, the “Grouped Discourses of the Buddha,”43, for more.) As the Buddha said, nirvana is the ultimate happiness (Dhammapada 203)—free from change, free from death, free from all limitations. That’s why he taught the path: so that people can find an unconditioned happiness. If his message had been, “Hey, there’s no lasting happiness, so give up thinking about it,” it wouldn’t have lasted all these years. As for the second misquote, the Buddha actually said that people suffer because they identify with things that change. When the mind is strong enough that it doesn’t need to identify with anything, that’s when there’s no more suffering. On this point, see Samyutta Nikaya 22:1. 6. “If you want to see a person’s past actions, look at his present condition. If you want to see a person’s future condition, look at his present actions.” This idea turns karma into something very simplistic and deterministic. It’s what I call the “one karmic bank account” theory—the idea that your present condition shows the running balance in your karmic account: the sum total of all your good actions, minus the sum total of your bad actions, equals what you’re experiencing right now. Instead of a single bank account, the Buddha compared your past karma to a field of seeds: Some seeds have already sprouted, some are not yet ready to sprout, and as for the ones that are ready to sprout, those that get the most water with the best chance of flourishing. This means that, even though you can’t go back and change the seeds you’ve already planted, you do have some control over which seeds you’re going to water. In other words, your present condition shows only a sliver of your past actions; your present actions influence the extent to which you’re going to suffer over that sliver or not. 7. “A thousand candles can be lit by a single candle and yet not diminish the first candle’s light. Happiness is never diminished by being shared.” This quote is popular among people who write fund-raising brochures—even though they want your money, and don’t necessarily care about your happiness. It’s a nice sentiment, but there’s no record of it among the Buddha’s words. The closest he gets to a sentiment like this is in Anguttara Nikaya (“The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha”) 10:177, where he says that when you make merit and dedicate it to your dead relatives, then even if those particular relatives are not in a place — the realm of the hungry ghosts –- where they can receive that merit, the merit isn’t lost. Others among your dead relatives who are in that state will partake of it—and you can be assured that at least someone among your relatives is there.
  10. Apologize if I am answering the question even though it is not my thread. However, if the thread-author would not be against I would try to share something with You, cena655. Chasing girls, is exactly what male-mammals biologically programmed to do due to the instinct of procreation. This is a mindless behavior because Your mind has no saying in this. Now what do You think it, does it advance Your Mind in any shape or form by obeying the homo-sapien and its automatic/mindless biological drives which give nothing productive other than a short-felt sense of pleasure? ( I can/will delete this post if Winterknight ask so )
  11. The Question is not if there is a Creator/Sustainer of this place, it is 100% obvious that whatever/whoever Intelligence/Mind creates and sustains this world, is superior to any of the minds inhabiting human bodies right now at this point of time, well at least to the best of my knowledge. The total share of the Mind-Strength of "God" is superior to our individual mind-strengths, thus we are forced to inhabit one of these human bodies, like having a pet bound to your mind at all times, 24/7. We don't have a saying in this because it is apparent that we don't exist "just because", and means that there is an underlying purpose for ourselves/our-minds to be existing and existing particularly on earth while being attached to our individual homo-sapien bodies with its animal-instincts (biologically programmed automatic/mindless behavior). What is very tragic indeed is that most Minds/Persons are deluded into thinking that they/their-minds are the homo-sapien bodies. Thus they follow all instinctual-impulses/callings from this homo-sapien animal their minds are attached to, which in result gives no stimuli/stress/friction for their minds to grow by. It is like a bodybuilder growing muscles, but in this case, it is about growing The Mind. Exercising control over instinct is what stimulates the mind to grow, it is in a similar fashion to a bodybuilder building muscles by the resistance to the weights. Replace the weights with the instincts, and imagine you are lifting instincts away from you, repelling them and with a strength which grows so you can lift even more instincts away. You have then to keep as many instincts lifted as possible at all times.
  12. If one to take a match, ignite it and put it forth in front of a wall one will see the following: What You will see is a lesson being thought to You, which You can understand if You think about it carefully! The light, in this case, is the Intelligence/Being which created and sustains this reality for the limited amount of time it is to burn. The shadow on the wall cast by the light is the reality/the world You are experiencing now. As You can see, you will only see the shadow of the hand holding the match and the match itself BUT You will not see the source of the shadow - and that is the burning-fire/The light itself. In other words, you will not see the Source/The Manifestor of the shadow/Earthly-Reality in the shadow/Earth-Reality. Thus if You ignite your own Intelligence/Being/Flame/Fire, people/humans around you will not see it/perceive it with naked eyes, due to the fact that it does not even exist in this material-reality in the first place. It is not here, it is from somewhere else. Just alike, God cannot be found on earth, because The Earth/Material-Reality is a shadow seen on the wall, which does not show the Mind/Being/God who created it/sparked it and beholds it. This visual lesson also teaches to Us that Fire/Light is opposite to darkness, and Fire/Light has no shadow, meaning no darkness in it. If this reality is a mere shadow casted by God, than it means if one to associate with the reality one is to get closer to the shadow which is just a projection of the light and not the "REAL" thing so to speak, and thus one is further away from the source of the shadow itself! However if one to get closer to Light itself one is to get automatically further away from the shadow. As Jesus aid one cannot serve two kings. Just as light/Fire/Flame does not cast a shadow. In other words, This reality is a contradiction of The Light/Fire/Spirit! The fire burning on the match casts the shadow of the hand holding the match and the match itself, but most importantly it does not cast upon the shadow of itself onto the wall, because it has no shadow! , it projects shadows of everything on the wall other than itself. The lessons are everywhere, one should just think outside of the box, outside of the shadows!
  13. Very Interesting information about the phenomenon called as Amaranth in the popular RPG Video Game series The Elder Scrolls. (The blog text is not mine) : The very word is unknown to most TES players, but Amaranth is the most important thing in TES lore. In this blog I will elaborate on it. What is Amaranth? Amaranth is the step after CHIM, CHIM being the state of being that allows for total manipulation of the current universe, but not the creation of a new one. CHIM is achieved by realizing you are part of a dream of a schiznophrenic, and therefore realizing you do not exist, yet still retaining the ability to say 'I am'. Without retaining that ability, you Zero-Sum. Zero-Sum is the act of stopping yourself from existing, literally realizing yourself out of existing. It makes no sense, and it shouldn't. Back to Amaranth. It is one step after CHIM. It is the act... Of Escaping the Dream of the Godhead. The Godhead is the schiznophrenic dreamer. Amaranth is when you 'mantle' him, waking them up and starting a new dream. According to MK : "To the close dreamers, don't forget the Amaranth. There *is* one step beyond CHIM, but you're right in that it is not godhood. It's the flowering of a statehood where the images you give birth to in your dream-- stolen (?) from first dreamer-- wakes up. Wails knowing free will. And begins to dream in the same way. Children of liberty without end, and then the music lives forever as a pirate radio tuned against the rules of Heaven and the vulgarities of Hell." How do You Achieve it? Nobody knows. All that we know is that you must first achieve CHIM. Who -or What- Achieved it? But still, nobody knows who or what achieved the ultimate state of escaping the Dream and becoming the New Dreamer. Source: The Loveletter From the Fifth Era "'I AM. A whole World of You. God. God outside of all else but his own free consciousness, hallucinating for eternity and falling into love: I AM AND I ARE ALL WE. The New Man becomes God becomes Amaranth, everlasting hypnogogic. Hallucinations become lucid under His eye and therefore, like all parents of their children, the Amaranth cherishes and adores all that is come from Him. I ARE ALL WE. God is Love. COME TO THE HOUSE OF WE. God is Love. ONE WORLD IN SPIRIT I AM. God is Love."' "CHIM is the realization that you exist as a figment of the dream and that you don't exist (-1) and that you do exist (1) and this Zero-Sums you and you no longer exist (1-1=0). When you contain Love for self you realize that while you don't exist you still do adding another 1 to the equation and you then obtain a state of awareness over the dream. This allows you to use your Love to alter the dream. Talos CHIMed the jungle away for all time, past, present, and future. This is why it existed and also never existed. Vivec probably used it to rewrite zis history, changing zim from a poor nobody to the god ze became." Amaranth is the step after CHIM as you move beyond realization of the dream and begin to a new dream. The 'New Man' refers to mortals or Talos. Which, I don't really know. 'God' means 'CHIM'. 'I ARE ALL WE' refers to the fact all things within the dream are one with the Godhead. 'COME TO THE HOUSE OF WE' means something along the lines of 'Achieve CHIM and Realize'. 'ONE WORLD IN SPIRIT I AM' refers to the fact all are one. 'God is Love' is a hint of sorts. Tiber Septim gained CHIM through Love, perhaps that is how one gains Amaranth?
  14. Imagine you're lying down on your couch taking a nap. You're having a long and vivid dream about a vast universe filled with strange creatures. You've dreamed the entirety of countless generations and aweinspiring events, yet you have no control over what actually happens within the dream. Then suddenly a seemingly insignificant character within your dream looks directly at you and says "I know this is all your dream. I know I am not real. Now I am as real as you." I don't know about you, but that would put a quick end to my dream. " Good author's metaphor for " be inspired by this universe I've created, to go and create your own." "
  15. Very interesting... What if the one who will gain Amaranth, all of the reality will cease to exist and this Amaranth now will become the Godhead to decide how will the next reality be. What if the end of the world is when one of the sleepers becomes lucid/CHIM and then attains Godhood/Amaranth, this way dethroning the one who was before Him/her. This One becomes the new Godhood/Amaranth deciding the new reality/creation. Maybe reality is Game of Thrones afterall, no pun intended?
  16. "The Godhead is the paranoid dreamer who exists only to dream, responsible for dreaming up the entire universe. The way to become the godhead is to become the Amaranth, the final step of CHIM. How to do this is currently unknown. All we know is Anu was the first, and is most likely still the Godhead."
  17. Humans all around the world say that life is mostly suffering. That being human is suffering. Then, why is suicide not considered as the option to get rid of this human condition, and thus the suffering that comes with being human inside one of these bodies? Even after one gets enlightened as people call this phenomenon, The Person is still slave to the laws of this reality. Humans need to put things into their mouths and then defecate these things after they eaten it, through a hole; and it stinks it looks disgusting yet it is coming out of your own body. In addition, a human being needs to lay unconscious almost half of its time. Most of a human being`s time is used upon the mundane and repetitive tasks, over and over again, and yet the human being has no choice in the matter, because living in chaos is not an option either; cleaning the place of living, throwing the trash, cooking the food, showering, cutting of the nails and hair, and many other mundane tasks. As time progresses the human condition does not look brighter but only darker. Humans don't get healthier/younger with age. Human beings can lose integrity/health of their body in an instant which after one lives'/suffers the consequence of being ill/handicapped for the rest of their lives. There are SO many ways for a humans life to go wrong and thus give handicap/suffering that it is not even a question that human-condition is more of a curse than a blessing. There was never a human with a happy ending and never will be, and again it is due to the nature of the human itself. Its fragility and mortality. (Billion Dollar) Question is: Why Suicide is not considered as a way to break free from this unfortunate-condition? Isn't it silly how the "spiritual" people are so much after their another hit of breathing, hmm... sounds like a survival mechanism? (SARCASM) If You thinking that You are God Please try(dont) to stop breathing, show the middle finger to this universe and show that You won't play along by its rules and see how it will punish You.
  18. How can this be True if You are talking to me right now? Can testify that You are an individual mind-identity which You have a sense of individual existence? You know this right because You are experiencing it, You are it, You see? I am not You, also You are not Me. We may have the same tree , but we are not the same persons. You might like things which I dislike, and vice-versa, different tastes, different understandings of beauty, different talents etc. Why do you think you don't get ticklish when You try to tickle yourself? Because You know it is You, but You get ticklish when someone else tickles because You know that this someone else is not You. Even if there is one father(Origin), the children (Offspring) are different. The children(Offspring) are from the Father(Origin), but the children(Offspring) are not the Father(Origin).
  19. zeroISinfinity, If I am the creator of this reality I would not create incredibly cruel diseases, pain and other varied things which is the opposite of what love is. Would a mother asked, "Do You want your son to get cancer right now or at any point in time in the future?". What will She say? Of Course NO! Now if God is the most loving, how could God create such things and make Minds suffer? If God is all capable God can create a reality better than the reality we reside in now. This is something we need to ponder upon.
  20. Ajasatya, so You are saying that Your individual point of awareness, will exist for infinity although through different bodies/vessels? Because of the nature of the individual point of awareness that it is outside of time and space, having no beginning and thus no end? So the question is not rather if you the human you with its qualities and memories if it will survive death, the question is what kind of body/existence Your individual point of awareness will experience reality through after the death of the body You (The Individual point of awareness) is experiencing reality through at this point/moment. However for all of this to be true, it must mean that the You/The Mind/Individual point of awareness and The body are not the same thing. If You/The Mind/Individual point of awareness will cease to exist alongside the body at the moment of death of the body, then it is like You never existed. What a curse if it so.
  21. Reincarnation is like running on a treadmill, "Yeah You are running... but You getting nowhere"