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  1. So how do I leave this human form and become another form? Im infinite, I know that.
  2. The Elephant in the Room, He keeps saying that "HE IS ACTING" in these videos, all the time. And on of his frinends is obviosuly sarcastic throguh out the whole video.
  3. Ok as I understand its a quantum state, where both possibilities of having no control and having full control are fully possible. So how does God go from one state into the state of full control/power?
  4. Bro, so... what decides/makes for to God go from losing all control to having all the power?
  5. Because it takes a no-body to become anybody-everybody, you see
  6. Nothing makes a woman orgasm more then a Goodlooking face and body, it's instinctual.
  7. Then sorry for misunderstanding you. However, your words say the same thing as I am. God can be a horror movie director, and God doesn't care if the ones in the movie DON'T want to be a part of the horror movie.
  8. One got to be insane to think that all the horrors that humanity being through is just "funny". Haha, If holocaust happens in the future, it's like someone would laugh at the faces of the prisoners and say that it's a funny joke they are part of. Yes it's so funny when someone is in pain and is helpless to run away from the pain. (sarcasm)
  9. That's what I'm saying too, it's all about God's POV, and GOD doesn't care to put himself in others shoes and understand that the things that look good from his POV, from the POV of others like the ants and humans sucks and is bad. No sane human person would choose illness over health, ugliness over good looks. But God, doesn't care that the ugly and ill humans might suffer. Even though humans care, and that's why people make sure to eat/sleep right to be healthy and get haircurs and what not to be better looking.
  10. I did not expect a logical conversation anyways, keep posting emojies and what other emotionally bias replies you can give. A mature individual would give a constructive input, but alas, my expectations from humans might be not realistic.
  11. The facts are humanity is weak, fragile, immature bunch. God is the opposite of those qualities.
  12. Yeah it makes only sense to enjoy while it lasts, cuz then you die Muhahahaha
  13. EXPLICIT MATERIAL - CHILDREN STAY AWAY Just had sex after doing 5-meo, so there were still after-effects. However, while I was getting a handjob. I understood that it was me?? Basically ALL Sex is masturbation. There is NO sex, its all masturbation.
  14. But there is only One? It is One having sex with itself, there is no other to have sex with, other than itself he-he. Its kind fo tragic but also funny.
  15. So Your logic is based on this conviction: "All perception is done by sense "organs", which limit and then construct an image of the external world, in other words, one never sees the external world for what it is in actuality. But here is the catch, what if one can sense the external world NOT through sense organs of any kind, but directly from one`s Being?
  16. Brothter, on what is based your conviction about this?
  17. Brother :), I think we are thinking alike, but a little different angle, please hear me out. As we can see the body is its own bio-organism. It has its own wansts, food, sex, etc. Now when i say control, what I mean is that we can control the body to a limited extent. But letting body do whatever it likes and just observe it, I think that would bring chaos. Because for example, the human body likes domination, just like other animal. So lets say ones body wants to attack a woman, dominate her beat her and then rape her. The body is biologically programmed being ok with doing such things, because in the end its a animal species. But here is the "control" part comes, You can using your consiousness choose to stop the body from doing this and this is GOOD and healthy thing to do. Letting the human body do whatever it likes and just observe it, will lead into situations such as I mentioned with the rape for example.
  18. Man, with all respect, do you realize that with such logic, the body wants to kill out of rage/jelousy/domination etc, let the body kill and do its thing, im just observing, I aint taking control. Or the body sees a young fertile woman, yeah let it go jump on her and do its things, like the dogs do, those damn dogs got it figured out, living in the moment doing whatever the heck the want with no restrictions and self control. With such thinking, there is no responsibility. There would be chaos on earth.
  19. Yeah, then guys stop eating and doing all the bodily things, sarcasm. death doesnt exist, so who cares right? sarcasm
  20. Whatever you said doesnt change anything man, if well be honest. We still would need to do boring shit to make a living and suffer until we die. Wage cage is real. And having to pay for rent and food is real too. We can say all kinds of smart things to each other, but these smart things dont help our situation on earth.
  21. I'm on 400ug acid and vaped 30mg or more of N,N-DMT. I got to "there". I got to that "this is everything" place. There was no emotion: no fear, love, anxiety, bliss; nothing but existence itself exists here. But this is what I think people ought to know: Rather than feel tiny compared to the universe, the universe felt like it was just one of these pretend things on the sheet of existence that we can't let the rest of us know about or it'll spoil the joke. At the time, I was bigger than the entire universe. There's no big or small or expansive or limited. Existence is a 2D sheet... A plane... Perceptions of things being huge (like the universe) is manufactured, it's nonensical untruths. The only real and definite truth is that blade/sheet of existence that everything is. You are as big as the Sun or the planet Neptune or the entire fucking galaxy and Solar System and universe, because existence is ALL that there is. Size, dimensions, time, it's all manufactured. And THAT... THAT is EVERYTHING. "God", "entities", the "universe", "you", "us"... Nothing exists but existence itself. IT is EVERYTHING
  22. Of course, to a great extent, that's what corrupts the earth is the animal instincts of the human body. However, at the same time, the "instincts" seem to play the role of the support wheels for humans. Consider this, a great deal of a human's life is occupied of thoughts/plans of sex, food, status, gossip, etc. One could go throughout one's whole day being preoccupied by the things of instinct both in one's mind and body. Consider this thought experiment: Now imagine if God would shut down the instinctual signal-input from the bodies, for one week? What do you think would happen to the majority of humanity in this period of time? People would probably not know what do with themselves. Do people usually say that they want to be free, but are They READY for True Freedom? As presented in the thought-experiment prior? Therefore it is crucial to learn to undo the influence of the instincts over ones of Being in order to shape into an independent Being and actually come alive. Right now it seems humanity is under a trance.
  23. Peoples sensitivity to psychedelics differ certently. Maybe Im less sensitive, that's a possibility.
  24. Leo, if people imagine/project the reality that they actually want, why then do these people suffer and are actually not happy with reality?