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  1. Why is that the wrong question? Why is the wording so wrong? Why is the choice of words so manipulative? Why is the question itself so unconscious? Interest is not unconditional love. It is an economic interest and a power interest and both at the same time. It is something that attracts your attention. It is something with which you can go on a market. Going to a market is not bad. But a market can seduce you if there are diabolical things on the market like slaves, and things that make slaves, and things that protect slave owners, liars, cheaters, customs officers, tax collectors and petty criminals of all kinds. Such a market is the political "market". Nothing good is offered here that does not already exist on an apolitical market. On a political market bad things are traded. Politics does things that seduce you and it distracts your consciousness into diabolical things. A market even optimizes this, because a market is more than just its individual parts. That's why you call it "society". A political market makes the bad things even better, so that they become even worse. What excites my interest is that I have an economic interest against political markets because they deprive me of my own power. They are suckers at work. They also suck up your unconditional love. They change you. They armor you. And that can't get any better if you don't understand that. You would have to change that completely. I know that you are not ready for it because you are too armoured. But I have to write that because it is unconditional. The question is simply whether you love life. You concentrate on political shit in your life? Then that shit grows. You concentrate on life? Then life grows. You step into shit in your life sometimes. But don't evade yourself by concentrating on the political shit.
  2. I suggest not to give up the ideals just because there are ignorant bloodsuckers on the outside who give up their ideals and keep their ways open for more blood. It is no accident that the zombie film industry reflects this human character structure. You can change inside and see what happens. Don't look outward to the bloodsuckers. You can't change the bloodsuckers, only you.
  3. She's also so ignorant. She simply claims that the police department, the fire department, the public schools and the health care system are all socialist institutions that should be preserved under capitalism. That is why she is not a socialist. LOL. None of this is absolute. Not even historically. There is nothing more to be said about the defence of CO2 climate protection targets. That is the level of consciousness purple, whereby evil magical ghosts haunt the earth.
  4. She can talk nice about love and in this part I can agree with her. But she never talks about where the "loving" money should come from. She only talks about where the state can spend it everywhere. She has no idea of economics and social science. That's how all Progressives are today. They know exactly how to use the tax dollars and which "loving" intentions belong into our various state constitutions and with which sleek speeches one can seduce the ordinary man. But on the side of income and debt they are merciless robbers. They create a huge administrative machine, which they do not see themselves as the cause of, but they complain about. With their incentives they completely confuse the economy, creating lobbies and large corporations, and then capitalism is said to have been to blame for everything. This has little to do with consciousness. The first act of love would be to allow people to help themselves, i.e. to get out of state dependence.
  5. On that point, most likely.
  6. @ajasatya What is going on in the world is massively affected by currencies and trade interventions. Probably the vast majority of securities trading is senseless trafficking and corrupt trickery caused by the intervention. But that does not refute what I said.
  7. @Shiva You can only say that if you're not fully enlightened. And then you have violent political desire and identify with all those who are not fully conscious. This is all inner evasion. Like I said, you focus on the shit.
  8. Politics is the violent regulation of the affairs of a community through binding decisions. "Politics refers to a set of activities associated with the governance of a country, or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state." I have no claim because what I am saying is completely unconditional. It is only the love of life because I am life.
  9. The problem with your interest in politics is that you are not fully aware of it. There is no unconditional love in that moment. It is your desire. In the moment where there is no desire, all political interest disintegrates.
  10. If there is no trade at all, how do you know the value of things to the world? Trade is important to estimate risks and to direct goods and investments to where they are needed. Simple economy.
  11. @ajasatya The track is already lost again, because everything has to be explained economically. The state does not know the market assessments, cannot calculate without prices and cannot distribute anything efficiently. Not even bread. Just let it lead fails. Otherwise, every company let itself be guided by purchasing services from others. But it seems to me that you don't care who leads. For the main part, it is a nice super authority. And if it is the World Post Office. Give it to me. See also Krishnamurti's famous speech "Truth is a pathless land".
  12. @ajasatya What is the simplest insight now? If people can do something with the state, does that mean they couldn't do it without the state? If they couldn't do it without the state, then people have valued things differently. It was not worth it to them and they decided on something even better.
  13. It is the BASIC EVASION OF THE ESSENTIAL which is the problem of man. This evasion and evasiveness is a part of the deep structure of man. The running away from the exit out of the trap is the result of this structure of man. Man fears and hates the exit from the trap. He guards cruelly against any attempt at finding the exit. This is the great riddle. Wilhelm Reich
  14. @ajasatya Why did Hilbert's program prove to be unfeasible (not completely nonsensical, but only the overall intention to put mathematics on a purely formal-theoretical basis failed)? Because mathematics works with symbols that need a real equivalent. Otherwise they are only dreams, but they represent only dreams, no real things of the world, no being. Mathematics can only be applied to something real, existing. Human actions, for example, are something that is based on something real that exists. But to write a constitution in which things are written that are purely abstract is a hopeless undertaking to put the whole of social life on a purely formal-theoretical basis. The same had already been said about "society". Just a hint for a mathematician.
  15. @Shadowraix Who has here the ideas of "conscious politics" and "good government", of the social through violence, of the spirit of society, of necessity, of collective ghosts? Scare you.
  16. @Shadowraix ... so you can drive a sow through the village. I'm not answerable to anyone here. The subject here is not a personnel matter. That's what you "low quality poster" want to make of it.
  17. So he even admits it at the same time.
  18. Have you noticed that in all your posts the characteristics of propaganda are clearly recognizable?
  19. @Leo Gura I have no problem at all with the guidelines. You don't have my education, which you are currently not able to accept. That is actually quite normal. But your education leads you to perceive mine as "nonsense". You've looked at some lost libertarian Youtubes (which I don't even look at, probably they are really bad) without worrying about the work of the outstanding people like Ludwig von Mises and then generalizing your prejudices about me. That is clear enough. I'm not giving up my best teachers because the Gentleman wants me to.
  20. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. I have a responsibility to God, not to what others call nonsense, just because they do not personally understand it. Some do understand it! What is the point of not writing it here? If I write in another thread, it is also nonsense for you. But you cannot bear it. It bothers you to concentrate on your work and that is why you condemn it. That's how I see it. I am not angry with you because of that. So Leo, explain your house rules or just kick me out. But please don't try to push me onto your slagheap. That is not consequent.
  21. @Aakash 1. nobody knows how to create a "society". It doesn't exist like that. We had already worked it out metaphysically. Social life, property, justice, all the stuff arises out of itself. That's what you have to know. 2 Anarchy is a utopia. Why do I write that where I would most likely call myself an anarchist? Funny what? Because a successful criminal is enough so that it cannot be anarchy. Anarchy is a meta ideal and makes all such sense. Democracy is also an ideal. But it cannot function as promised. So you promise something and the term is empty. And the same applies to "good government". You can promise everything and keep nothing. The reason is in 1.
  22. Then what? Do you think he'd tell a different story than he does here? Don't you think he bashes Trump and Libertarians? Don't you think that he will present his utopia of good government and will dismiss anything but utopia? Provided he still makes these videos at all. I'm not sure about that. He doesn't master the subject. I am accused of not disturbing. One wants the "conscious politics". And the "Messiah" will come. All pleading is to beat a dead horse. No. "Conscious politics" is a very dead stinking horse that one cannot ride or eat. Well, the vultures can still.
  23. It's absurd that you should call me liberal. I am apolitical. I have many similarities with liberals or libertarians, but that does not make me their ape. You don't have to go into the content of my contributions. What are you trying to analyze just because there are tensions? What kind of primitive motivation is that? I had already answered your question somewhere else. You'll see what comes out of it.
  24. I don't think I should or could be guided by expectations. Then I could immediately do politics, which Leo is doing here.