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  1. So the potential to becoming what you seek is built within you. But sorry to be harsh here, but finding the map of your potential does not lay in the responses you get from dudes on a forum made of not dudes with not much godlike sex abilities anyway. After some experience its obvious to me, like most stuff in our world it either comes naturally or it takes real practice. Even tho i doubt it can help you much i will say this, second guessing can be good sometimes, in a sexual relationship however its just boring, you want to seduce and radiate that you know what your doing, the state you are in when doing it should be radically different than you normally are at. As the act mirrors something prominently deep within us, just love this state and be there with the women like you will be there forever, and chances are she'll love it. Its about your mental state, like 90%, and to make it even better some techniques can do some extra magics but it would be simply counterproductive to believe that's your main priority. And i should end with this, girls should be dominated properly. And that's a part of them they probably never really have experienced, and definitely not integrated. So if you want to be a sex god, be the man who showed them what their real nature is made out of, and when all is done get her to talk about it in depth in a lustful way, and you'll see this might end up being the hardest part. (if she's not a h*e obviously cause then she would not hold much to herself anyway. All this said, i'm far from being what i would reckon as a sex god, but it would be harsh comparing oneself to those as they operate with almost some kind of trance on women, and sex would def no longer be your's idea but hers.
  2. @Leo Gura Would like you to read my comment i posted a week back in this thread of yours, its on page 6.
  3. At 19 years of age i started writing this comment and i'll admit, i might turn 20 before im done. Gura, i have grown with you the past year. I have listened carefully to you, and loved doing it. I also even know why, your insights might be profound, they can maybe even be futuristic, and immensely challenging to a teenager or even anyone in this day and age. But nothing of it would have touched me the same way if it weren't for the genuine energy you radiate. I think some of us are gifted with the intuition of who is genuine and who is not so much, and the community who have gathered around your insights probably consist of us with superpowers of such. haha. Flatter aside, i'm a Norwegian, rather privileged young man born in a family of two pretty left leaning parents. I have analysed their political positions for like 7 or 8 years, and surely gotten more and more aware of it. Their positions are coming from a place of compassion, and that is strong, no doubt about it. But compassionate thinking can tilt towards tyranny, balance as in everything else is a key word here. Yeah, now u wonder what the hell this has to do with the quote of yours, and watch out cause now i'm coming for you. My goal is not to do a Crowder and give you a "Leo Gura has no clue about Jordan Peterson, change my mind", but it wont hurt to express how weirded out i am about one role-model completely undermining the other. And yes that is the age of the internet, a role model for me is a person which actions and ways of thinking and being is something for me to strive for, even if i have no direct dialog and so forth with the person concerned. It can be essential to the readers understanding of the text to understand that i'm doing fine and i have started learning my path forward, I've had some minor to normal depression here and there as is expected from someone living a more and more isolated life, as the big majority of people and their falseness started to bore me literally to hell (i live on a island so it will be temporarily), and so i have found my type of people on the internet, a boat i'm far from being alone in. How does it come that a person who have followed the teachings of yours right up until the first relativity ep. and is finding the big majority of your words to have great value for the individual, also sees much of the same philosophy in JP's doings? I've seen dozen up on dozen with people both in your forum and the utube channel having not much clue on what your, well to say harsh critique is to put it lightly, of jp is all about, and i cant see it either, or maybe i do, we'll find out. He told me, hell he told men and women over the whole globe to find some courage to do the most unbearable task and carry the burden of our responsibility whatever it might be, he encourage us to not trust him on it, but to find it within. But every man with some sense can understand this you might say, or wait no you might not, we all have blind spots but this surely is not one of yours, cause you know what the lack of responsibility is. And you know it is not pleasant. Him breaking up in tears every time he even talks about the people he helped helping them self turning life to a better place for themselves and those around is powerful, that you hopefully do not deny. His "preaching" as you would say is others peoples medicine, the exact same medicine people have gotten from you, the same i got from you. It might not be the same in your non-dual not-mind mind, but it sure is the same for those who needed someone to tell them to straighten the hell up, and as we definitely could agree on it is of no difference if it was me, you, trump or jp who helped them bear the cross, and if they are opposed to political correctness or left leaning people it wont matter much as that is far from the real important stuff in life anyway. You can disagree with the man politically, you can think he has a bad understanding of marx, feminism, sjw, trump or global warming or whatever suits your view or your monkey brain category of him. But dear Leo, you have come way to long on your journey to look at yourself being this, i don't even know what to call it, simple, it does not matter what we call it you may get my point either way. You opposing him this way for sure is mind blowing for me, well at least it tells something of the standard you are setting, that's to admit. You wrote that he "robs your ability to change yourself" , and as i for my case know this is false relative to me, its also the pure opposite to mad many others, which makes me wonder. Is it possible, a slight chance you are speaking for yourself? Is it that which JP does, he reinforce the little victim mindset you have left? Is is "you" not as the perciever but as the presenter that have jumped over some development work and not managed to outgrown some steam from the past (that is directly translated from norwegian and i don't know if its something you say in eEnglish, it means hard times). It is typical to feeling as a victim if one has experienced authoritarian christian regimes in the home, then surely one can argue that there's really have been a victim. All this aside, i don't claim to know your past at all or if my last hypothesis bear any meaning what so ever. But even if JP only makes people worse and when he helps people its just pure devilry they just don't understand it yet. Is it right to tell men to not listen to him? If i were to not agree with him at all, he still have talked about so many things that there at least is challenging content that with the right mindset will help us grow anyway? But no, as you state, its just cancer to the mind.. I wouldn't expect you to read this, you have so many people who needs your answer more then me, but if you by any chance were to come across this comment if not simply for my sake but for the other of us who struggle with understanding the JP critique of yours could you elaborate more in depth of where you are coming from? Maybe as a thread, or maybe as a reply.