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  1. Having talked to a few people about this, the country as a collective will be against decriminalization of all drugs as of right now. However, it has given me the idea that if funds were spent on sourcing experts from around the world, and the public is educated via informative documentaries etc., then this may be able to change the mindsets of the people gradually. Like really get persons to educate us properly on health, drugs, life etc. A small mind shift change is needed to at least begin doing something about.
  2. The benefit to the decriminalization in poor countries is that the persons using drugs (and not actually selling) will not be criminalized and fill up the jails unnecessarily. Instead, law enforcement can focus more on those selling the bulk, which still loops back to the corrupt politicians and police who allow for the free flow of drugs in the black market. So I think decriminalization can be the first step, however as said before, cartels will still continue to operate as usual as long as corrupt politicians and police support them. In my experience with observing our current politians and knowing our people, there is a very big problem of selfishness and ignorant behavior on both sides. Watching our politics on live television is like watching a reality drama TV show. I believe my generation and the younger generation is seeing this, and wants to make a change, because a lot of our lives are hurting. It will take generations to solve these problems. However, what if other, more developed countries like the US and Canada, expand their love and help these poorer countries. Because people here are not as educated, and need to be shown the way.
  3. This is the same problem in my country (Trinidad). In my opinion, it needs to start with our politicians who must reform the laws and not participate in the corruption especially dealing with the gangs and drug cartels. This may not be happen within our generation. I believe we are still in the dark ages, so your options are to stay, or leave !
  4. I literally think that my country is f**ked. The blind leading the blind. I need to leave lol.
  5. @fluidmonolith I agree with this, and as a person who loves science and mathematics, I did go down a rabbit hole trying to fuel my wonder and awe for reality with quantum mechanics. I appreciate everyone's input and it has given me a lot to contemplate in the past week. I myself may go into this field of study, however I have concluded the same, that modern science and spirituality do have different functions. I can only interpret and seek the truth for myself. Thank you all.
  6. I found that I really enjoy contemplating quantum mechanics and so and after doing some research on the topic ( not a whole lot but I have a BASIC understanding of quantum mechanics ) I have found a radical idea which may begin to question and attempt to explain the effect technology has on us and our lives as humans... So my idea is that using quantum tunneling, we can being to question why our smart devices get "outdated", or starts to "lag" as time progresses. Basically all our modern technology uses transistors which are built so compactly with particles both positive and negative that they can only fit so many into one small chip or Intel core with the technology that they have now. So as these energies or electrons basically tunnel out (really teleporting) and transform into who knows what, maybe it's what we observe from our devices... but if these particles run out of particles in the core to teleport towards it's intended use, then our devices are definitely "aging", until it gets so old that it stops working? Technological death ? I really dont know the answer but the real question is that if these particles are basically teleporting, then I must be open to how our devices can influence us and our minds... even at a collective level. Thoughts ?... I actually was not much interested in physics before, but quantum mechanics has really got me thinking ....
  7. @possibilities this has given me more to contemplate! Thank you
  8. Yeah that would definitely be a great idea and something I'm interested in!
  9. @possibilities I understand your argument, but in a sense it is sort of a dualistic approach by calling us "pretenders", which only divides us more.... I am a newbie in self-actualization work, so how does this statement help me become more conscious? I was just asking for thoughts on an idea, and if the idea as you are saying, is not worth posting, then you are entitled to that opinion
  10. I want to make clear that I am speaking of a more visionary science, not what science is main stream....
  11. I am just throwing an idea out there, it doesn't mean I'm delusional, l am just speculating an idea that I thought would make a good conversation on here. If you are part of the scientific community, I would love to hear your thoughts ....
  12. @Kushu2000 quantum mechanics has been proven to shatter these ideals of the physical world as we know it. The very technology that we are using to converse on this website would not have existed without holding the the proven facts about how all the small particles in our world have these unexplainable, but true qualities. Since we are made up of these particles, who's to say that there cant be a possibility that Leo is right, or wrong ? I really dont expect you to be open to this because of your previous replies but I do have hope that there is a possibility you will Researching quantum mechanics and learning about the principles will help.
  13. @Aakash that's really meaningful to me I'm really glad I found this forum, us interacting about these topics is really really profound !
  14. @Inliytened1 since reality is an infinite mind and imagining science, it can therefore imagine a science which attempt to explain mysticism somehow through our language, and can maybe be profound to more people in this "physical" world we live in which is an imagination really . There will then be all the different versions and possibilities existing to infinity. Which really just points to why our world is so beautiful and filled with infinite love ...
  15. @Inliytened1 it is msyticsim, so I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where we can transcend "mysticsim" and "science" into one ! Maybe our society can head there ? And what will be the implications of this to our society ?
  16. @Aakash Wow thanks for the insight! Gives me more to contemplate!
  17. @John Lula this is really a big part of not getting lost in the despair. You actually have to feel it in your body and embrace it with your all.
  18. I've experienced the numbness, the total grief, the whole works and it shattered my reality. I questioned everything about life because I just couldnt understand why freak accidents happen. My older brother was shot in his head while taking a driving lesson. It was accidental and he was an unfortunate victim of the crime situation in my country. This was in September 2018, and now I can tell you that meditation has helped me not to lose my mind. I found Leo, only because I started taking personal development seriously after my brother died as he was a lot into PD, and I just never bothered to listen to him before. I hear him clearly now.
  19. I have this problem as well and I used to feel bad for just spending less and less time with the people who have a different lifestyle than me. But after watching Leo's last video it opened up a lot of possibilities for me to realize that I am imagining everything. And we are infinitely imagining ourself. So it makes it easier to surround yourself with those who are of higher consciousness when you reach this realization and elevate yourself. You won't feel bad anymore because everything is you.
  20. I live on the island Trinidad, which is part of the country Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean close to Venezuela. To me, life here was normal, exactly what you would imagine living on a tropical island with just the dry and rainy seasons. I grew up in a mostly stage blue family lifestyle and the only reason I started to question what life and reality really was is when my brother died last year in September 2018. He was shot in his head by a stray bullet while he was taking a driving lesson. Gang violence shattered my reality and then I found which has helped me tremendously and I dont know where I would be now without it. I'm still living here because unfortunately I'm only 23, I have hardly any real life experience as I've never travelled outside my twin islands. I have a job in a bank monitoring fraudulent activity on bank cards, and I recently started a small business which is comfortably profitable for my lifestyle here now but it's not enough to leave and seek asylum in a less dangerous environment. I do see myself leaving here in the future.