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  1. @SriBhagwanYogi Thank you for the links! I will watch them as soon as I am home.
  2. @Salvijus Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! I really apreciate it!
  3. @Nahm While meditating or doing self-inquiry, I notice that thoughts arise, but that they are not my creation.They just arise. But to be honest: In daily life I sometimes get caught up in thoughts.
  4. What is your primary aim and what are you expecting/hoping to gain from your Meditation experience? It is easy to recommend a book, when we know what you are looking for?
  5. @Salvijus Thank you for your reply! I already listened a lot to Rupert Spira, but I will take your advice seriously and make it a daily habit. Did you already have a breakthrough experience?
  6. @Leo Gura I already noticed that the intellectual answers are not authentic insights. I have no idea yet how I can experience something formless. Thank you for your advice and for disillusioning me about the process! I guess I had wrong expectations about what it really takes!
  7. I have a recurring issue while doing self-inquiry. On some point I keep on circling. Here is a small example of the process: What am I? I am not this or that object. What am I? I am not what I am seeing. What am I? Am I the seer? Who is asking the question then? So am I the one asking the question? That is another question. So it creates a never ending circle of who is questioning the previous question. At this point I tend to deduce that I am the ultimate seer or the ultimate one asking the question. But it does not feel like an insight. It's just a product of my intellectualization. Do you have any tipps how can I resolve this recurring issue? I really appreciate your help!