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  1. I have read "Brief Peeks Beyond", "The Idea of the World" and "Why Materialism is Baloney". I get your criticism of the writing style. They are also quite repetitive. But I think it's important that someone writes about these topics in Academic Journals, because his opinion are far from beeing mainstream. Because he writes academic papers, he has to use all the philosophical terms and can not rely on metaphors as Rupert Spira does. He would not get published, if he did. Rupert Spira said in an interview that their philosophies are quite similar. Ruperts Books are easier to read. Do you know the "Theories of everything" Podcast with Curt Jaimungal? Curt talked with both - Rupert Spira and Bernado Kastrup. It's a great ressource if you want to learn about Bernados philosophy. (@Leo Gura recorded an episode with Curt aswell. It's really long, but worth it.)
  2. @SriBhagwanYogi Thank you for the links! I will watch them as soon as I am home.
  3. @Salvijus Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! I really apreciate it!
  4. @Nahm While meditating or doing self-inquiry, I notice that thoughts arise, but that they are not my creation.They just arise. But to be honest: In daily life I sometimes get caught up in thoughts.
  5. What is your primary aim and what are you expecting/hoping to gain from your Meditation experience? It is easy to recommend a book, when we know what you are looking for?
  6. @Salvijus Thank you for your reply! I already listened a lot to Rupert Spira, but I will take your advice seriously and make it a daily habit. Did you already have a breakthrough experience?
  7. @Leo Gura I already noticed that the intellectual answers are not authentic insights. I have no idea yet how I can experience something formless. Thank you for your advice and for disillusioning me about the process! I guess I had wrong expectations about what it really takes!
  8. I have a recurring issue while doing self-inquiry. On some point I keep on circling. Here is a small example of the process: What am I? I am not this or that object. What am I? I am not what I am seeing. What am I? Am I the seer? Who is asking the question then? So am I the one asking the question? That is another question. So it creates a never ending circle of who is questioning the previous question. At this point I tend to deduce that I am the ultimate seer or the ultimate one asking the question. But it does not feel like an insight. It's just a product of my intellectualization. Do you have any tipps how can I resolve this recurring issue? I really appreciate your help!