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  1. No words here, only sounds, but boy, this sets a certain tone for me. This will probably will be oversee since @zeroISinfinity will post 10 new ones by tomorrow ❤️?
  2. @Kushu2000 What makes you think you need a partner like that? Remember, whatever you hear from anyone that they have done, you are NOT less capable of doing so. If something is really really really meaningful at the very core of your being, it will manifest somehow at a certain point. You can fast forward or facilitate this process to some extend, that all depends on your steadiness, willingness, devotion and intention (and other things). The content of what you desire will always be according what exposure you have in life, so by this it is not important, it is the meaning that the content has for you that will determine everything you will or won't do . Your core is infinite on all levels, so why wouldn't certain things be possible? Of course, there are some things which are "not possible" in certain ways because of the "rules" you already have set in this (physical) reality but even this, I believe can be transcended in a certain way, but again, you must literally be willing to die for it, only such "purposes" are achievable. Not sure if you understand what I try to say, not because I think you won't understand it but more because I know words and their interpretations can be tricky when talking about such things so I want to make sure what I am saying comes in the way it was intended to be
  3. What do you mean with "rewiring the minds ..." ? And she's not a dude What I am saying is that there is A LOT possible without the use of any substance. Of course there are more aspects you should consider when talking about this, the complete 'history" of this person for example and at the end, the level of Love, surrender, "faith" (not in the way most people think of faith of course) and a certain state, Powerful yet so subtle. I don't want you to believe this, neither to convince you of anything, I am just saying what I know from my own experience. Don't limit yourself We do this so much and we don't realize it. ❤️?
  4. I know someone who does with no use of anything. If that is of any "use" to you.
  5. Exactly ❤️? No idea what is blocking me on this ... will need to meditate on that one. ?
  6. What is the difference between formless and everything else?
  7. Something specific is blocking me from Loving myself, this is the thing I need to find. After that all will go naturally.
  8. Love is all there is
  9. Enlightenment is also about acceptance of what is, seeing things as they are not as an interpretation. Accept and surrender. Saying "this hell" and those kind of things are all but acceptance, you can't escape the core of what makes you say those things, you just will make a hell of the next thing You might not see or understand what makes you say and think this but you will eventually, like others have said, meditate, go towards your True self.
  10. My wife did this so if anyone is interested or has any questions don't hesitate
  11. @Truth Addict Do you have anything to trigger me?
  12. I have no idea who I am, not in the sense of who I really am at the fundamental level, but who I am right now. I really need to question myself about that. I need to focus on loving myself, sending love, make everything I do into a Loving way of doing it, in a profound way. If I don't know who I really am, how can I love myself totally???
  13. I need to figure out what it is that "prevents" me of loving myself, why do I find it more easier to love "others" than myself? I have no issue what so ever to accept and believe everything i know so far even with all experiences i have had but yet it is not all in my experience or i tend so easily to get distracted from it, Love.
  14. thank you for being you
  15. This is my favorite one: Nirvana Shatakam Let it sink within yourself ?
  16. Keep on doing it especially when you think you need to "ground" yourself! I would recommend you to try out shambhavi mahamudra, it's a sequence of practices which also contains nadhi shuddi (shodhana). You will have even more benefits i can guarantee you that, have done it myself and know some others who did it as well ? This however is available to learn from Isha Foundation (sadhguru) and needs to be teached properly, That's very important! You could do more harm than good if doing it "wrongly". Let me know if you are interested about shambhavi. Good luck with the rest! Love
  17. I Need to read this => https://www.centerforsacredsciences.org/index.php/publications/from-form-to-formlessness.htm and maybe this: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311908.2017.1307633
  18. I am going to have to stop trying making sense of this I do realize what you are saying and I am going to have to meditate more on that, letting go of the desire to question "it" in any way and just being it instead. Thank you for your reply
  19. Everything is possible I don't have any doubts on that but I really really wonder why this topic/video Not sure he is going to answer me and in the end, only my mind wants to know so yeah Thanks for replying
  20. @Leo Gura (and "other" me's of course ) What they are talking about, in the end, is it not all just the same, you, me, every/no-thing so I wonder what the "importance" of this is? And I don't mean the relative/personal importance of it but some fundamental aspect of it. You can have non human contact/experiences, which can lead to insights, knowledge and so on, is that what this is about? I would like to know why you have shared this video @Leo Gura, your standing point, purpose If i may ask? Love
  21. Have you watched the video? If not, go watch it, it should be more clear what I am talking about. What he is talking about in the video, entities, he goes on about "meeting" them, they have contributed to the evolution of the world and so on ... Question 1) I wonder why @Leo Gura is posting this, as anything that there "was", is and ever "will be" is one and the same thing, you, me, aliens, unicorns, birds, love, hate, AND also every entities in whatever form it may be described ? And I don't mean the relative/personal importance of it but fundamentally. You can have non human contact/experiences, which can lead to insights, knowledge and so on, is that what this is about? Kind of the same question of question 1) I would like to know why you have shared this video @Leo Gura, your standing point, purpose If i may ask? And as well that this is asked directly to Leo, that doesn't mean I don't want anyone else's thoughts and opinions Love