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  1. Who do you think is really doubting here?
  2. @Leo Gura How would you "describe" or "position" Love relative to Being? I have experiences (from where afterwards I create certain concepts of it) of what Being is, and also of Being Love. I can't however pinpoint them like I would regarding the Absolute and the relative. ❤️?
  3. Looking forward to your "future" process ❤️?
  4. @Leo Gura Besides the reality right now, the current situation, the % of people with a certain behavior (let's use the word "majority"), why do you seem to have a pessimistic expression (linguistically) when talking certain things? Is it because of something personal, is this just your view of this, am I perceiving it differently, ... ? There seems to be a zest of something which I don't want to presume, therefore I am asking it I know you know what Love is, no doubt, I know you are not bothered by certain things, but what is it than? ❤️?
  5. What do you think? Perfect is relative, Everything in the universe and the universe in it's totality just IS (Truth, ISness like Leo says). Absolute Love, I can try to define it but that is the only thing I seem only to have experienced yet can't describe it as accurately as other things and I don't have a strong desire to even try to anymore, surrendering to it seems "the way", being it. Absolute Love is that which Transforms the ego/identity. I'm sure Leo can explain it with less word, saying much more ❤️?
  6. Only raw is not suitable for everyone directly, depends on a lot of things (which diet you come from, your digestion system and many other aspects). I would suggest to mix and try to find a balance, eat cooked, half cooked and raw, eat a lot of everything and don't forget that your system might digest plant based food much faster, hence you should eat more as well for not losing weight (either more small portions or bigger meals, depending on what and how you eat) I would suggest more at once, this is better (overall) for you system not to get "confused". (I can tell you more on that if you wish) Don't leave out the nuts and seeds, they are essential Don't hesitate if you have any question and i would like to add this as well, try not to make it to "serious", i don't mean it is or isn't serious, thats up to you to decide for yourself, what i mean is you should try to maximize your experience of it all to a enjoyable one, something that actually makes you feel better from the inside out ❤️?
  7. I know and i have experienced this, but i have a hard time being there, have to let go and just be. ♥️
  8. I guess @Leo Gura will eventually, somewhere at the "end" of his "journey" finish with this. He already has 1 video about Love and doesn't take it for granted at all, mentioning it in A LOT of videos and so on but really, this topic needs to be more elaborated as a foundation. Understanding of Absolute Love in my opinion is more important of any other understanding but at the same time it isn't ... Also I have assumptions (can't really know right) why he hasn't got more deeply into this compared to other topics ❤️?
  9. It is and i agree but it has to be "zoomed" out because most people won't take it seriously if approached from this point of view only. Hope he will one day Good idea! ❤️?
  10. https://www.actualized.org/life-purpose-course THIS will get you what you want IF you are committed ❤️?
  11. Please do @Leo Gura this is MOST needed.
  12. "Fully" is relative ... But in that context, NO. Your body can not hold this. You either leave it or stay in it (staying in it = "lesser" than "fully") Not sure if my attempt is accurate but my knowing of it is ❤️?
  13. It is! I used to watch tons of videos of him (Ralph), loving attitude and great content as well. He is the actually one of the "things" that got me more into that direction of self development/observation. Infinite waters diving deeeeeeep ❤️?
  14. ❤️? I am actually going to use this for me personally, thank you for this ❤️? Roaring Infinite Consciousness King You Beautiful Absolute Love Brilliant One AllThereIs Loving Energetic Original Genuine Universal Responsible Authentic ❤️?
  15. Zen Ecstatic Righteousnesses Objective Intergalactic Serious Infinite Nice Fair Intelligent Neat Illuminated Talented Yare ❤️?
  16. I wanted to share this, been there for a while and thought maybe some of you would be interested Leave your comments, Enjoy The Template - The Ceremony of Original Innocence - Code 1 The Template - The Ceremony of Synthesis - Code 2 The Template - Ceremony of Sacred Breath - Code 3 Part 4 coming
  17. had to share this, can be helpful for some people ❤️? I really like the geometrical forms.
  18. Although it would be "better" to take other aspects as well like ecology in general which is a broad subject and all other things you mentioned.