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  1. On April 1, 2019 I quit smoking cigarettes after having smoked about a pack a day for the last 25 years, after the first week I was surfing through You Tube looking for videos to help me stay motivated when I came across a guy named Leo’s video on breaking addiction. Since my zodiac sign happens to be Leo I thought what the hay i’ll check it out. I have since had several paradigm shifts following his work. I’ve been on a “spiritual path” quite significantly over the past 6 years. Feeling quite dismayed with my progress or lack there of I was guided to pick up a book called The Presence Process by Michael Brown in late March (I wonder if this book is on Leo’s list?) It is a deep dive into emotional healing that includes a 10 week process, which I am now in the 9th week of. I attribute quitting smoking cigarettes to the revelations I discovered in that book. 2 months ago today I also quit smoking weed and drinking daily too. Ive wondered often if the releasing of these toxic behaviors, combined with the fact that I meditate using Shamanic breathing in the morning and before bed for the past 9 weeks opened my eyes enough to find Leo’s work. I had never seen him before a couple of weeks ago which I find utterly amazing given that self help has been a strong, clear focus of mine for quite sometime. Non duality is a common theme in the spiritual circle I am in but the video I watched where Leo discussed free will released something in me to where I was literally sad and dismayed that the “corrupt politician” was going to no longer be able to reign supreme. How could it be that I had not been impacted in this way before now? I am not sure what’s happening at this point. I don’t know where I am heading with all of these deep revelations but I’m all in. I am up for challenge of testing my beliefs, exploring the possibilities and shattering paradigms. By now I know it won’t be easy or something that requires little to no action on my part and most importantly that it’s a lifelong commitment. I know that Leo Gura has received tons of accolades, thank yous and high fives for what he has gifted the world with, so I won’t delay with expressing my heartfelt gratitude either. Thank you Leo. I plan to use this forum regularly to learn from like minded people and to capture my own experiences as well. Hats off to everyone sharing in the journey of actualizing!