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  1. @Leo Gura If I were in a radical state of consciousness that is fully grounded in the infinite self, then maybe I would be immune to that level of suffering (as some of these monks seem to be).
  2. @Leo Gura Idk what consciousness is capable of, that's why I'm asking you.
  3. @Princess Arabia I define suffering as mental resistance to pain. If I slowly cut your leg off with a chainsaw, you'll feel the pain but you'll also resist that pain mentally.
  4. Yea, it's certainly possible to not suffer minor degrees of pain. But what about severe pain? Like me taking a chainsaw and slowly cutting your leg off. No matter how enlightened you are, I think you'll suffer mentally if I did that to you. @Princess Arabia
  5. I don't think those monks are faking it. They've trained thousands of hours to enter a state of consciousness that has allowed them to transcend suffering. @Yimpa
  6. @Leo Gura Can it get worse than literally burning yourself alive with gasoline? I mean if it's possible for a monk to not flinch in a situation like that, then it does seem as though that monk has transcended suffering altogether.
  7. @Leo Gura Do you think this is true? I remember in a podcast Ken Wilber mentioned that monks burnt themselves alive with gasoline and didn't flinch at all. So maybe it is possible to transcend suffering altogether, including suffering brought on by severe health complications.
  8. I look at pain and suffering in the same way. I don't think anyone, including someone who is "enlightened", will not suffer mentally from the extreme sensations of pain that can result from lack of health. @Princess Arabia
  9. I don't think anyone is immune to suffering the extreme sensations of pain that can result from lack of health. @Princess Arabia
  10. @Princess Arabia If you read the article linked to this post, you would know that Sadhguru was suffering from severe headaches for several days. He then checked himself into a hospital, where massive bleeding in his brain was detected.
  11. The point is that a lack of health will lead to suffering no matter how enlightened you are. I think that does need to be said because many people are under the illusion that enlightenment will lead to the elimination of suffering, but that's simply not the case so long as you're surviving as a finite self. @Princess Arabia
  12. so long as you are not using the term to reduce someone to their looks, as if that's the only thing that matters about who they are as a human being, then it's fine to use that word for all practical purposes. @Leo Gura
  13. @Leo Gura do you feel comfortable calling women ugly? Don’t you feel that’s bit of a derogatory term.
  14. how do you typically dress when going out? @Leo Gura
  15. But Owen cook’s dress does? @Leo Gura
  16. @Leo Gura so then why do some of these supposedly successful pickup guys have a wild sense of dress if it were working against them?
  17. @Leo Gura dont some girls like an eccentric-looking guy who dresses like he’s the shit? look at mystery man for example.
  18. Fucking is overrated, isn't it? Even if the girl is attractive, if you don't know her on a deep personal level, then it's shallow. Making love is another manner though, but you'd have to actually know the girl to experience that. @Leo Gura
  19. @Leo Gura Given the hundreds of hours you've poured into pickup, don't you think you have a higher bodycount than the average attractive guy on the street who knows nothing of pickup?
  20. @Leo Gura The point is that if you're willing to work for pussy, you'll get it more often than your average attractive guy.
  21. He still has a higher body count than the majority of guys, including attractive guys. Why? Because most guys don't work for pussy as hard as him. @Leo Gura
  22. Damn, looks like you've spent a lot of time considering the pros and cons of being active on this forum. Are you considering leaving?
  23. @Leo Gura Have you had amazing returns from any of your investments?