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  1. How crazy is this? 5 MEO DMT shaman Octavio Rettig nearly drowns a client during ceremony In another ceremony, he kicks, shoves, chases, yells at and insults his "piece of shit" client. He administers six doses of 5-MeO in 30 minutes then has his client do pushups. WTF? And this guy is pretty popular to!
  2. I'm not using a website as evidence for my claims but my life experiences interacting with different personality types, which Socionics accurately models. @thisintegrated I was using MBTI's dichotomies.
  3. Why invest all this time learning how to talk to girls when I as God will inevitably fuck them all? It's going to happen whether I make an effort or not, so why not chill? @Leo Gura
  4. I'm arguing for Socionics beacuse the model accurately reflects my experiences interacting with different personality types. Why else would I be advocating for it? @thisintegrated
  5. @RendHeaven People have different personalities types, and even if we all kill our egos, that's not going to change. MBTI, in my opinion, is the most accurate model for personality types.
  6. xNTPs and xSFJs, although different in temperament, belong to the same quadra and thus can establish fulfilling relationships. But we're not going to agree on that because you believe you know better. https://www.sociotype.com/socionics/quadras/ @thisintegrated
  7. ESFJs and ESFPs give off similar vibes since according to Socionics, they're "quasi-identical" http://www.socionics.com/rel/qid.htm But internally, they're very different. And even though you might find an ESFP intriguring, I highly doubt you'd get along -- at least not in the long-term. You'd be better off interacting with types within your quadra (ESFJ, ISFJ, INTP, ENTP). In Socionics, for all introverted types, J & P flip. So as an INTP, you'd be considered INTj. If you want an accurate take on MBTI compatibility, here ya go: @Nilsi
  8. @Loba That's possible, but it's more likely that he or his friend is mistyped.
  9. These types share no cognitive functions so the potential of their relationship is limited. @Proserpina Whereas these types, known as relations of activity, share all cognitive functions and thus ideal for relationship. http://www.socionics.com/rel/act.htm
  10. @Nilsi You or your friend must be mistyped because according to Socionics, that's the worse possible match. They're known as relations of conflict and are bound to clash. If you're an INTP, you'd find your dual, ESFJ, a better match. http://www.socionics.com/rel/dlt.htm http://www.socionics.com/rel/cnf.htm
  11. @thisintegrated Never said it does
  12. @thisintegrated In his case, very little effort since he's married to his dual. http://www.socionics.com/rel/dlt.htm
  13. @thisintegrated That's funny because the CIA spy in the video you posted is an ENTP married to an ISFJ.
  14. @thisintegrated I'd advise you to get your head out of the theory and go and actually talk to people, then come back and reevaluate.
  15. @thisintegrated We're going to have to agree to disagree. Unlike MBTI, Socionics ITR has reflected my personal interactions with people.
  16. @thisintegrated So do you feel I as an INTJ would get along with an ESFJ? CS Joesph thinks so. He thinks we're one of the most compatible pairing, which is laughable because that does not at all reflect my experience with that type. Instead, Socionics hits it on the nail -- http://www.socionics.com/rel/cnf.htm
  17. @thisintegrated Relationship Compatibility.pdf
  18. @thisintegrated I've shared interests with INTPs but I felt our relationship lacking and I assume that's because of a lack of shared cognitive functions. Just because I share common interests, that doesn't mean I like them. We've got common interests to bond over, but otherwise our relationship is mute.
  19. @thisintegrated Yes it does. INTJs and INTPs belong to the same club and share similar interests. But beyond sharing interests, INTJs and INTPs have very little in common. They value opposite functions. https://www.sociotype.com/socionics/clubs/ Clubs are often a common nucleus of spontaneous social interaction (as opposed to "non-spontaneous" as in work, study etc) in modern western societies, and therefore a very common point of formation for social groups, more so than quadras since spontaneous social interaction with new acquaintances tends to be based on common activities and interests if not based on extension of one's close social circle, where quadras are more relevant.
  20. I've had two INTP friends in my life and although we had similar temperaments, we were on totally different wavelengths mentally speaking. Quasi-identical relation: The quasi-identical relation describes two types that are similar in their strengths, weaknesses and energy levels, but opposite in quadra values. These types can appear superficially similar to each other on the outside, but have motivations and values that strongly contrast with each other, making them near opposites on the inside. Despite not being suited to support each other whatsoever, quasi-identicals have a better chance of getting along with each other in contrast to the other opposing quadra relations @thisintegrated
  21. @thisintegrated Ok man, looks like you've got a theory that you feel confident about but it doesn't reflect my life experience. I notice as an INTJ I get along very well with ISFP, ESFP, ENTJ, INTJ whereas INTP,ENTP,ESFJ,ISFJ are fire and ice.
  22. Who'd you learn this from? @thisintegrated
  23. Oh so you're saying functions generate infomation for its opposite function to use, and that's what produces compatibility? @thisintegrated
  24. @thisintegrated I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. We must be getting our information from different sources.