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  1. @Leo Gura Even though Tai sells get-rich-quick schemes, I'm sure for some they've worked. But that's the problem -- only for some. For most not, and Tai isn't honest about that in his marketing. If he were, people wouldn't buy his product. So instead he's forced to sell false expectations, leaving most disappointed with their results.
  2. So Tai is 100% a scam artist? Like he has offered 0 value whatsoever? That's a bold claim considering his popularity. @Leo Gura
  3. Even though he's selling get rich quick schemes, I'm sure some actually became succesful following his advice. @Leo Gura
  4. @Leo Gura Do you not think Tai offers value by teaching aspiring entrepreneurs the principles of what it takes to become rich? Is that not a legitament business, and if it weren't, why would people buy his product?
  5. @Leo Gura Where along the spiral would you pin Tate and JP respectively?
  6. @thisintegrated what's your type?
  7. @Loba aww thats nice but if you saw me in real life you'd vomit
  9. infj and isfp are not compatible @ValiantSalvatore estp would be you duel, so most compatible.
  10. @thisintegrated they're wrong i'm right CASE CLOSED!
  11. i am using logic @thisintegrated
  12. Yep, and that's why we don't agree. @thisintegrated
  13. @thisintegrated Yes, logic means nothing if it doesn't reflect my life experiences.
  14. @thisintegrated If you can't change my mind, why would they?
  15. I don't subscribe to this theory, but you do. We'll have to agree to disagree. @thisintegrated
  16. @thisintegrated A Fe valuing user is interested in interacting with types that share their value.
  17. @thisintegrated I believe Fe is Fe, just like you. But I also believe Fe seeks out Fe, whereas you believe Fe seeks out Fi.
  18. @thisintegrated I don't agree that Fe users rely on Fi to fulfill their function, and that theory is not fundamental to MBTI.
  19. @thisintegrated You've claimed opposing functions can be compatible, but I disagree.
  20. @thisintegrated You've just said that here And here And here And here
  21. @thisintegrated I notice I get along with types that share my cognitive functions. That doesn't jive with your theory, but it's my experience, which Socionics accuratley models.
  22. @thisintegrated Opposing cognitive functions complementing each other doesn't reflect my experiences interacting with different personality types.
  23. @Nilsi Befriend types that value your cognitive functions because with those types, you'll feel as though you're speaking the same language, and find them easy to interact with. As an INTP, they'd be types within your quadra: ENTP, INTP, ESFJ, ISFJ.
  24. If you're an INTP, interactions with ESFJs would be anything but vanilla. @Nilsi
  25. @Nilsi Either you're mistyped or you've mistyped others you've interacted with.