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  1. How do you know this is how his business worked? Have people accused him of scamming them? @Leo Gura
  2. definitely more like 20-30% of Americans @Leo Gura
  3. How do you define "independent self-education"? Reading non-dual books all day, every day? @Leo Gura
  4. @Leo Gura You should do a AMA so we can get to know you better. I remember you mentioning you'd do one to celebrate 1 million subscribers.
  5. Do it. Not every video has to be serious. @Leo Gura
  6. @Leo Gura Do you plan on making more videos on pickup?
  7. Is this only possible through having well-connected parents? @Leo Gura
  8. @Leo Gura speaking of shit, have you cleaned up your carpet? just curious
  9. @Leo Gura what about apple software is limiting to you?
  10. You're still young, so there's really no rush to head over to a University that you don't want to attend. Finish the semester only if you want to and expect that you'll get better grades. Then you can take the momentum of having done well in CC to University.
  11. @Leo Gura Another measure I would use to measure maturity is one's capacity to deny one's urges, such as being emotionally reactive or chasing immediate gratification.
  12. @Leo Gura Well you have more life experience than me, so I'd like to know your contemplations.
  13. @Leo Gura I don't know. I guess one measure woild be one's capacity to take responsibility for their life, especially when it's uncomfortable to do so. Can you briefly describe how you would measure maturity?
  14. @Leo Gura Do you measure maturity based solely on one's level of spiral development? If not, what other factors do you consider?
  15. @Leo Gura How do you define an adult child? Curious as to whether I and the adults I know in my life count as one.
  16. Do cute/hot girls have higher standards than average/below-average looking girls for what type of guy she'd be willing to sleep with in terms of his looks? I notice that couples tend to be at similar levels of attractiveness, so I'd assume so.
  17. @Leo Gura Where would you rank looks in the whole package? Like when a girl is analyzing the value of a guy, where do looks rank?
  18. Murderers are not personally responsible for their actions, so why punish them as if they were? If anything, we should feel sympathy for someone unlucky enough to have a mind capable of such depravity. We should lock them up to deter them from killing others, but to sentence them to death in the name of karma is misguided. @Leo Gura
  19. What's stopping me, a spiritual noobie, from focusing on the fact the I'm God? Thousands of hours of meditiation & hundreds of psychedelics trips like you've done? Or can I realize it now? @Leo Gura
  20. @Leo Gura You said in a blog post that you've permanetly awoken. So I'm curious as to whether you're awake right now as we speak without the use of psychedelics.
  21. @Leo Gura Are you able to mantain your awakening while doing taxes?
  22. I don't understand the comparison? @Leo Gura