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  1. that's why it's important to have compassion. no one gets to choose who they are.
  2. @Vibes https://rupertspira.com/store/the-light-of-pure-knowing-thirty-meditations-on-the-essence-of-non-duality
  3. @Yousif lmao
  4. Well I'm not going to lift weights just to impress girls. I used to have that motivation, but no longer. @Leo Gura
  5. @Leo Gura I have a similar frame to you in that I'm very skinny. Do you find that women are often turned off by your skinniness?
  6. Have you had one? @Leo Gura
  7. No amount of enlightenment will save you from a lack of health. https://www.opindia.com/2024/03/sadhguru-jaggi-vasudev-undergoes-emergency-brain-surgery-at-apollo-delhi-bleeding/
  8. Look at someone like Lebron James or Roger Federer. These two individuals have extreme levels of status, and yet both of them settled down when they were 16 and 18 respectively (and not with model-tier girls might I add). I would assume that they have probably slept with less than 10 girls in their life, and yet they seem perfectly happy and don't feel like they're missing out. I think those are the people to be admired, not pickup artists that have slept with 1000 people.
  9. @Leo Gura That's good to hear. I look up to you for a reason.
  10. But don't you speak along those terms? I mean look at your most recent blog post You called Jack Black a "fat hairy sloppy fool", and yet you don't even know him. @Leo Gura If you met him in person, would you have that thought? If so, then your ability to relate with would be immediately warped by your own judgements.
  11. @Leo Gura In your view, how many girls should the average guy look to sleep with before settling down?
  12. Any successful teachers of PUA that don't fit this bill? @Leo Gura
  13. @Leo Gura Who do you find more admirable? The high status celebrity that has been faithful to the same girl for decades on end, or the highly skilled pickup artist that has slept with over a thousand women and still has yet to settle down into their 40s?
  14. How can I access them? His site is down @Leo Gura
  15. @Danioover9000 I haven’t read through most of the replies on this thread, so I’m not really sure what drama you’re speaking of. All I know is that I copied the title of the linked article and made that the title of this thread.
  16. The point I’m trying to make is that even enlightened individuals are vulnerable to suffering if they lose their health. Nothing about that argument is of bad faith, but you seem to think so. @Danioover9000
  17. Bad framing in what sense? @Danioover9000 The point is that even enlightened individuals are not immune to the suffering that results from health problems, which is a completely valid point to make. And something that many people need to be reminded of.
  18. Did you meet that girl at a club? She must be very beautiful to be spoiled with such a gift. Seeing an average-looking guy like you pull a girl like that has given me hope that pickup might work for me. @Leo Gura
  19. @Leo Gura If I were in a radical state of consciousness that is fully grounded in the infinite self, then maybe I would be immune to that level of suffering (as some of these monks seem to be).
  20. @Leo Gura Idk what consciousness is capable of, that's why I'm asking you.
  21. @Princess Arabia I define suffering as mental resistance to pain. If I slowly cut your leg off with a chainsaw, you'll feel the pain but you'll also resist that pain mentally.
  22. Yea, it's certainly possible to not suffer minor degrees of pain. But what about severe pain? Like me taking a chainsaw and slowly cutting your leg off. No matter how enlightened you are, I think you'll suffer mentally if I did that to you. @Princess Arabia
  23. I don't think those monks are faking it. They've trained thousands of hours to enter a state of consciousness that has allowed them to transcend suffering. @Yimpa