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  1. What do you mean there in no one seeking? Half this forum is doing it thanks to Leo 🙂 Are you talking about the truth of no self? Might I know please how did you realize this, how it happened?
  2. This was a very "enlightening" topic, and all of you are right: the trap is very real, people believe that by becoming enlightened they achieve some super powers like a god amongst men. Attaching to this delusion can cause A LOT of disapointment and even psychosis. I wanted to share something very interesting with you. I came across a video of Adyshanti holding a speech in which he only talked about what Enlightenment IS NOT. It is interesting to hear his perspective in which he said that a lot of people confuse and mix Enlightenment with Awakening and Mystical Experiences, they seem to be different things. Enjoy:
  3. Greetings community, I just got accepted and there is no better first post than to introduce myself 🙂 Name: Iulius Age: 34 From: Timisoara, Romania Occupation: Emerging Life Coach Never married, no kids Hobbies: Hiking, fitness and Taekwondo, Traveling and culture, studying spiritual practices and religions, nonduality, psy-festivals, meeting like-minded people. My story of Ascension began in 2013 in a vacation in Hungary. It was the worst state of my life. I was very overweight, in a bad relationship (for which I now hold myself responsible), a dead-end job, anger issues, toxic atheist, excessive smoking and drinking, excessive gaming and other things I am not very proud of. One day while camping I saw a very funny painted VW parking with many happy young folks that looked like hippies. Something drawn me to them and I went to say hello. They were very loving and friendly and I offered to help them set up their camp which was full of Indian God's blankets, psychedelic trance music, LED lights, everything beautiful. After we had dinner together and talked very deep topics, one of the guys told me about spirituality and that he believed I should try Changa (a DMT mixture) of which I knew nothing about. He told me it has the potential to bring out the best in me by revealing deeper parts of who I am. He seemed very trustworthy so I accepted the offer. What was about to happen were the most important minutes of my life that would change my world view forever. I wish to describe shortly what I remember. He lighted a very aromatic wood called PaloSanto and created a very cosy atmosphere. He put the DMT in a pipe and told me to inhale fully. I did just that and when I released, the whole reality trembled and disintegrated into fractals and colours I never seen before. I try to ask him "is this for real" and he smile kindly and told me to enjoy, go inside myself and that we will talk after it's over. So I did just that. I sunk deeper and deeper up to a point where there was nothing but an all loving, infinite, timeless blueish dot. The love I felt in that moment was so true and present, that simply trying to describe it envelopes it in an egoic-mind construction and ruins it. I also saw myself young and I understood why things are as they are without blaming anyone not even myself. The trip ended in layers of reality coming back and when I started to logically think about my experience it slowly faded away. I knew then and still do that we are entirely responsible for our thoughts and actions. I felt great after the trip and I contemplated all evening. Long story short, the next days I quit smoking and I went jogging. To this day I still do. I got into fitness, nutrition and in one year I lost nearly 30 kg and became a fitness instructor. In the same time I started reading self help books and listening to vlogs. That's when I discovered Actualized which impacted me the most and propelled me further to pursue this path even deeper. Today, 5 years later I am becoming really good at what I do, practicing life coaching as a volunteer while I am developing my website. Although I am original in my own way of expressing my value and service, I can't help but integrate what I learned on Leo's videos. I know how important having a life porpoise is, and using system-thinking, seeing the bigger picture though Spiral Dynamics and many more. Thank you for accepting me guys ❤️ and I hope to share a bit of value in the future. Great work Leo being such a great manifestation of the divine and dedicating your life to serve humanity.