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  1. So I took 3.5 grams of golden teacher mushrooms for insights . I wrote it down before my trip “My intention on shrooms is to learn about myself . How to guide myself and the masculine and feminine aspects of my self” Im not saying what I said is objectively true but I feel as if there are some gems Everything I put below is verbatim what I wrote on paper ————————— Balance, consistency consistency consistency consistency. The pursuit of higher awareness for higher purposes feels so good and rewarding. All things that fall, fall away . All things that are good will stay . the understanding will prevail all else will fall away. Suffering is temporary goodness - love is forever. To better strategies to better results our subconscious/unconscious are implementing strategies simultaneously for our survival Patterns Patterns Is what life is based on all inconsistencies will fall away in due time in actions -in code-in math-in life. To infinite happiness but also to infinite suffering It all blends for one without the other is not absolute truth We cling to certain strategies as to we cling to life Certain frameworks as to what is real and what is not.Certain frameworks have feeling signatures to them some comparatively better than others . We love to figure things out .we love puzzles. Survival is a puzzle. Greater pleasure locked behind doors/levels. But it’s a game we play with ourselves because realizations from lower levels is amazing. Intelligence is the choosing of frameworks to operate in .What is real and what is not- distinctions . This is the language the mind speaks on a macro level. We know ourselves by patterns We know others by patterns We know life by patterns. By strategies there are priority systems our body and receptors are accustomed to reward . The systems can get changed overtime by incorporating precise inconsistencies- in relation to a person routine . What directs your precise inconsistencies you may ask - your intention/ direction. A persons intention/direction capabilities is based on a persons Iq IQ is our long game Through generations IQ is raised through patterns . Genetics are Patterns. You have to think selflessly for you future sons and daughters The feeling state being “high” isn’t the goal the techniques/patterns acquired from such state is the gold(highly valued) Higher feeling states = higher techniques/patterns of thought and emotion Bring the higher patterns down to indirectly raise feeling states You can not put any boxes around “feeling” or a persons capacity to “ feel” Better/ the pursuit of perfection is god The feeling of “better” is infinite which is god/source . We humans want to feel “better” so peaple search for god through feelings . But god is both masculine and feminine in energy. God is consistency god is discipline . Be masculine and feminine in your routine to reach god. Guide your feeling states through discipline. Be rigid and receptive. It’s an interplay of learning . A delicate pendulum . The question is how do I get back to feeling this good? How will I get back to this “high” feeling There’s a threshold which discipline solves . The discipline threshold determines if you will take the substance again for selfish reasons to”feel” better short term. If your above the threshold you will search for such “feeling” by doing the harder things , working out, eating better,meditating etc it’s the long term option to feeling such pleasure. To retain your sexual pleasure is to direct it towards something greater. Selfish choices are the start to selfish patterns which creates chaos. With worse effective patterns you have greater possibility of falling into negative feedback loops You are only an amalgamation of patterns Me personally I have been practicing pretty good resulting thought patterns so off this substance I can control my self the latter is ill advised You know you Strategies are only implemented in a time frame Young - middle age - old Use your time wisely I thank my ancestors ——————— Alr if you made it this far thanks for reading what do you think of this ? A whole bunch of mumbo jumbo or is there slight truth to the things being said.