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  1. Interesting. Whatever, who gives a ef. Gained wisdom swimmed out of all of it and eventually won. Ok hope he will enjoy waxing his legs. What scared you is that you might exactly becomw like your partner in toxic relationship? Well it's great to talk with you.Honest guy on the other side too. Yes grandmas are life saviours if you get yourself with such parents.
  2. Problem is if you succeed you will fall in love with such girl knowing your naive white knight attititude. But it's not that it's neediness in disguise. Wish you luck in life when you will learn when and how to use it. Delicious tears I love it.
  3. See why I said help 21 year old guys and similar. See how naive and don't know anything. Now lets Teal Swan teaches you her stuff. See if it helps. Yuo can go to clubs too and nail girl in bathroom there and avoid all this stupid chase. There you can pick up also some drugged or drunk girl have one night stand an be over all this. Which she is most likely doing too.
  4. @Moon do you hear this? Atleast you won't need to cook. I said ideal man.
  5. GD Jed is pushing this. Now that dating and relationships stuff is serious thing because you can ruin your own, life of your lady and kid(s) too.... it's a just a game Nevermind will pick pornstar for the "job" or a model. Why having kids when pedophiles are ok. Will skip it. We should support them. Interesting question. Best ones are full awakenings that's for sure nothing really compares. Life..... Starting living on my own,probably that.
  6. Hahaha I know sounds scary. So how exactly guy that had to be adult all his life, be warrior and had armor can provide "masculine containment" and all willy nilly stuff? He can love ofcourse but actually and to show it with his actions not with sleezy sweet talk or "listening and understanding". ?
  7. @Hulia Hey. We are talking about blonde with blue eyes. Ok as you saw familiarity brings that sense of security etc blah blah blah. For me it's complete oposite familiarity means all the negative stuff. I was at the wedding of one of my female relatives and I was shocked how much her fresh husband looked and had manners talked exactly as her father. I said to myself does any of 200 guests notice this? I mean I can't subconciously find black haired lady that looks like me as safe long term partner when I wanted to stab my own mother qith kitchen knife more then 100 times during my life at "home".
  8. Also Truth is whatever I say it is Truth, so why do I need Ken Wilber or any other philosopher, guru, spiritual teacher, Putin etc. Logic.
  9. @Gesundheit How childish this will all look to you, you have no idea. Entire talk about every segment of human life.
  10. Hahahahahahahahaha. Please... Hahahahahahahahaha Reading this threads in following days and actually I am quite shocked at my own level of transcendence of human condition. Keeping myself away from spiritual crap too no worries.
  11. Actually I am reading this and laughing my ass off. What da...
  12. Ruthless boy is coming back to finally be normal. Oh yes. Time to stretch my neck a bit. To not end up like this at end of the road. Cry me a river thing. Way of hiding incompetence, I guess it is that.