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  1. Ofcourse she knows. So awesome, want more of that ecstasy. Human orgasm can't compare. Those ladies are rare and I am very greatful. I bow to you if you get chance to read this. Yeah it's like jungle is it. Who wouldn't be. Thanks for tip. ENTJ stuff, what can I do. The way I am. Maybe have to finally realize people are soft and like status quo. I am ok with it but not pull everyones sleave when you don't want to actually improve. There is always emotional cost involved. When will you finally realize your own worth? Also high emotional reactivity which I too posses. You gotta accept and see that and work with that. My intentions are always good but you just don't get it. Also have right on my own opinion and my own values and my own wisdom and yes my own flaws.
  2. @Loba Wanna know. Already cheated on my current gf. Not in actual physical sense. I will say gotta love siddhis. Have smarter things to do then arguing. For real. Hurted, grow up. Overcome don't repeat same stuff expecting different results. Truth is other will not make you happy or should be seen as sourxe of happiness. It's you. Same goes for lady who posted this topic. Faster she realizes that, the better.
  3. @Loba You are right. Wish you well. I do apologize too. Now am I crazy. That's a big question. You want enlightenment without going through it. Good luck.
  4. Ok I agree. Be well. You gotta understand for some people this whole thing is so GD boring. She likes bad boys and I gave reasons why. What trolling. Just because I don't want to enter philosophical debates? You ain't no gonna be happy in life and you will always feel miserable if it's "for me" like this topic in particular and many others in this regard and it's perfectly fine. Don't expect everyone to agree with you or support you.
  5. You don't like it. So what. Do I want to help her I don't, she insuted me and I take my erase gum and since I value myself don't want to waste y time. Not obligated by anything to that it's just my good will. Short kernel of wisdom. If someone wants to escape current conditions and move away from established status quo you just don't reinforce it. Looks nasty I know but what will make you more concious then fresh bucket of ice cold water.
  6. @BornToBoil Can I have some fun. Why so mad. Ofcourse women like bad boys because they will most likely serve all of their own self serving survival needs. More capable and that's it. More fun, more adventure more emotional stimuli etc etc.
  7. Hahahahahahahahaha. No not yak shaver at all but looking at things in no BS way. Like could imagine next scene. Guy at same age as Teal (ideally but she can't get that) wakes next morning next to her. She is sleeping and he thinks. Hey there is women from my work lot younger with fine ass and she is all about me. There is no story Teal can brainswash him with to prevent him to leave her.
  8. Lol. Get me if you can. That guy looks for the very best too.
  9. Gd got points for speaking truth about people. Literally gaved accurate advice that will heal this guy up. Yeah wear white gloves. Why I care. Greatful for never trusting them.
  10. Haha Ah ok. Doesn't matter. Enjoyed this convo thank you. Realized why I have this preferences. Always wondered.
  11. I love ukrainian women they are GD normal and know proper gender roles.
  12. You have no idea! HOW toxic this guy was. Beyond everything on this planet. My mother has just a faint trait of this type of toxicity, but by far not to this extent. I was shocked: why her forehead looks exactly the same as his? what both of them can have in common? And he was not my partner, we were related. Sorry to hear that. So are you looking for partner that will be like you. What you like,what are your interests in general? Ussually as you know women will set herself up to be seen, approached etc for a guy whom she likes. So now we need to find that guy first does it, other way around.Invert the whole thing upside down. Besides I can never be toxic because I am already empathic. I would never let somebody feel bad, because I feel the same Ah ok. My mother also tried to escape her mother, which is my grandma My mother too hahaha but for a guy with motorcycle. Nowonder I love my grandma I would be the same. .
  13. Hahahahahahahahaha. Good luck in your quest. I honestly have no idea wish I can help.
  14. To all these questions answer is sthg which brings me such deep pleasure to say it. Fuck off.
  15. I don't bother with such questions anymore good luck. Living it fully without this crap anymore as human. Who gives a fuck. You are obligated to live through this shit.
  16. Ok. Lets have fun here then.
  17. @chungii chang Will write you a story today when I was exact your age with older lady. I was 20 she was 28.
  18. Cry me a river. WTF. Seriously you complain about this stuff?