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  1. Hehe
  2. Really? How old are you?
  3. For example I want this.
  4. @Loba What you don't want ➡️ what you actually want. Look at me. Love @Nahm I really do.Laughed my ass off. Son of a bitch becomes /is God. If I can do it. You can do it too.
  5. @Loba
  6. Wish you well. @Loba I really do. Topic is bad boys. So what's your position about this. I can't really have it since I am not attracted to men. Can provide only a perspective and my opinion which may or not be correct.
  7. Pleasure is all mine. Hahahahaha. Derailed topic. So what women need in relationship. @Hulia List is so long or short. Truth is that women just don't know. If they knew there would be none of this talk.
  8. @Lyubov If that's the price I take it. Already did.