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  1. @Emerald Thank you. Solid stuff. Don't get me wrong. Honestly I don't really need this stuff. I am in wonderful relationship where I can be exactly how I am and I don't bother with this questions at all. It was long time ago I bothered myself with male - female stuff. Just having fun that's all. Mostly to correct some stuff. The way I was will never recommend to anyone or teach them yet it will get 'em ladies.
  2. Svaka čast majstore! Well done.
  3. Nema na čemu. Čim ti imaš psihijatra, psihologa, interesuješ se za lični razvoj svestan svih svojih mana i problema. Bićeš ti sasvim ok. Razumem. Nema na čemu. Ja sam studirao mašinstvo i jel mogu da kažem. Jebem ti fakultet i državu. Izvini jače je od mene.Morao sam. Iskazujem osećanja.
  4. @Breakingthewall Infinite Happiness=Truth This talk.
  5. The way I feel now. Well I can confirm.
  6. You'll be fine.
  7. @Inliytened1 Without psychedelics these peeps for sure must have done some "wacky stuff". Crossed my mind. Sorry.
  8. Just joking. But c'mon for sure it wasn't like this.
  9. Well better dog then get yourself almost "baptized" like Jesus lel.
  10. So get a dog, ha? Buddha had those monks atleast.