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  1. Just to keep my dog away and safe from Enlightenment stuff. That makes me suspicious hmm...
  2. Who is my gf then? [tries to hide confusion]
  3. Maybe I have to be clear. All love songs I posted were Iris. Sometimes I joke around but they all were for her.
  4. Rumi was Self Realized man and everything from him is good. @Nahmlikes to quote him a lot. Unfortunatelly I am not nowhere near that level.
  5. @James123 You can't be more perfect. Realize that. I don't know how Leo has patience with this. I don’t. Also miss non duality videos from @Nahmand @mandyjw. Good stuff.Waiting for tht 2nd video like.... Mine are private.
  6. What do I know? Can't wait @Nahm(can't call him Jed 2 pointer) to rub my face again.
  7. You are eternal Infinite Love. That's what your True Nature is.
  8. That much self obsession is not good for you. Go do stuff you enjoy to do. How other people are or what you think of them doesn't matter at all. Do your own thing. My own parents didn't liked me so what still lived and still living life. Why would I bother what anyone thinks?! Love me hate me doesn't matter. Thsi human stuff really like a kindergarten.
  9. Wait til she gets 72 virgin guys whom turn out to be eunuchs.
  10. Hahaha Me too but how I see it. Pick best stuff and values from your culture and uickly you'll realize they are universal with some spices here and there. All good. Yeah lets cuddle.
  11. Nothing unussual people will be much more organized and xo operative when enemy is at the door. Even without leadership. What then happened in Ukraine is similar what happened in Serbia 2000 when Milosevic fall from power. When democrats won ofcourse backed and funded by west. That's no secret yet problem with them is that they are highly corruptable and that leads to their eventual fall too. Now we once again have dictator who learned from past mistakes of these 2 previous ruling elites. Now we are fucked. Checked Ukraine inflation it's 3.2% looks like economy is on recovery mode and country is bexoming stable again. Yeah I said mob state. Influence thing. Don't forget Americans are racist, mexicans are considered to be lower then them. Now I will get bashed. Good to be cheap working force. Same as albanians in Kosovo for example. Problem was their higher birthrates and everything else is history. Avoiding Potential Kosovo thing at their soil. Smart protective politics.
  12. No time for her to think about masculine containment. Had to I apologize.
  13. ✔️ It is correct. Can confirm. Spiritual pracises=Sex beast. My lady is very greatful like all of em before. Healthy diet, go to gym and don't watch porns and see for yourself.