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  1. @Onemanwolfpac I think you don't understand a thing of what I wrote, do it again. Now tell me how am I preserving my little ego, or playing safe? I do this because I don't want this to be a complete selfish thing caring just for me, but about her too, a win/win, this is just better for everyone, now the way I do this I written in the post, how am I preserving my little ego by doing this? if you know better ways to do this, tell me, I don't think the ego is envolved at all. Now I think the issue is your definition of persuasion, you got to keep in mind that we're talking about people, not just things. But I totally understand being emotionally relevant, and there are various ways to do this, persuasion is one of them.
  2. @Onemanwolfpac I totally get what you said about sales, that's why I wrote the last part about screening, it's like a marketing thing, you're basically marketing yourself, and the way you do that it's by conveying your personality, sense of humor, values, goals, etc. basically, letting her know the value that she will get by spending time with you, by doing this you will attract women that is naturally attracted to you, and avoid wasting your time with women who's not compatible with you. I really don't fucking persuade, manipulate or try to convince a woman to be with me, it's like cheap sales man trying to get you to buy a shitty product, in this case yourself, this is the way I think about puas, or players, not all of them of course. And the results you will get will not be the same as if you are more persuasive or manipulative, but I am totally ok with that.
  3. @LfcCharlie4 Agreed, especially on the RSD stuff, that's why I said that is funny coming from one of this guys, but in my opinion the one I mentioned is really different from other products of RSD that I saw, maybe it sounds cliche, but I really don't follow other coaches or even like other programs and I am not looking for new, so that's something, especially now. But basically what you learn is communication skills, how to handle social pressure, that I think it's huge too, etc.
  4. I always had a problem with pickup/game because it was too deceitful for me, involves to many lies and manipulation to the other person just to get a selfish outcome or result, by this I mean, doing something (or not doing) to get something of her without really caring about her, or her agenda. So, they usually tell you that you have to follow some rules or principles by the book to do this which were against my values, like honesty or respect, so I was asking myself what about integrity and my values? How lying or being deceitful to a woman is a good starting point? I know that some guys just want to get laid and move on, but still I don't get why you need to be false, or inauthentic to do this. Don't get me wrong I know why men look for pickup or game, we want to be more inhibited, decisive, confident, learn how to convey our personality, etc. But the way to do this was my problem. There are better and mindful ways to do this, in a more responsible way, without playing totally selfish games. Funny enough one of the guys that show you how to do this is from RSD (Derek). Which I highly recommend, I think this is one of the few guys that I know, that makes you put your values first, before women or whatever, and be a man with integrity, I know that this isn't the only guy, but was one of the most influential for me. So, as I said before most of the problems that guys have with women, is because they are too scared, they don't know how to convey their personality, they are too timid, they can get rid of all of this shit that is getting on their own way and be attractive to women without learn tricks, being deceitful, or lying, etc. One of the most important things that you can learn is that there are women that naturally are attracted to you, if you're honest, know who you are, know where you're going, know your values, and you sincerely express your identity, your personality, your beliefs, you're humour, etc. expressing all of this unapologetically is what are going to attract and screen women out, it's just compatibility. Why would you want to date someone you have to pretend to be someone else? or be persuading or manipulating them to be with you? I just don't get it. I think this is a totally waste of time, time that you can spend whit compatible and quality women and people in general. And of course, this is just an excerpt of this more "positive outlook" on game, and a totally game changer, at least for me. You still need to know yourself, take action and being social, being responsible for yourself, etc.
  5. What am saying is that be conscious when you are manipulating women, and how your actions affect her or affect yourself. I don't think that manipulating, being deceitful, lying to each other, is going to create something good. What I am trying to do is be conscious in my interactions, and trying to reduce as much as manipulation, deceitful, and tricks as I can, because I know that it's not good for me, is not good for her.
  6. That makes no sense man, if I say that pickup is manipulative that means that I am a white knight?, I didn't say that nobody has to do it, read again my comment and try to understand it, if you want to do it, do it man, but, apart from that, if women play tricks on you, it's a justification for you to do it? It's just a stupid justification man
  7. I really think that pickup is manipulative, all of what you do is doing something (or not doing) to get something of the girl without really caring about her, of her agenda, you don't see it like a fucking human being, you don't just be fun, or authentic or unhibited, etc. all about what you care is her pussy. You are going to use all the tricks and strategies you have to get her. Now, I'm not saying that all of the guys that are in game are manipulative and deceitful, just see for yourself. The thing is, that you can interact with women in a more responsible way, you can learn how to be more unhibited, decisive, confident, learn how to convey your personality, and all of those things, which is fucking great, and be more human, not just seeing women as numbers, or a pit to put your semen, or as a trophies to tell your your friends who you slept with. Basically, learn that will remove all of your behaviours that prevent you from connecting with women, so learning how to convey your personality, becoming more authentic and unhibited NATURALLY leads to a relationship or sex, there are women that naturally are attracted to you, this is how human beings are like. So most of the problems that guys have with women, is because they are too scared for lack of experience, they don't know how to convey their personality, they are too timid, they can get rid of all of this shit that is getting on their own way and be attractive to women without being deceitful, learn tricks, or strategies to get her.
  8. I think that what Peterson says about integrity, it's not related to the feeling of anxiety, it's like a feeling of dissapointment of yourself, because you know, by your own personal values, that you're not honoring them, you're not doing or did something that you know you're should be doing, so you feel that "split". if you make a commitment that you should approach girls, you will still feeling AA, but it doesn't matter what you feel, fear, anxiety, sadness, whatever, you know that is worth it, that you made a commitment to yourself
  9. I see this related to what Mark Manson says about how to develop true confidence, being vulnerable