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  1. The gang is ready for Christmas 🎄😂
  2. Chapter 1: I've thought about it for some time now whether i should start a journal here on this wonderful forum opposed to one note. I've come to the conclusion that it shall be done and done so now. I want to use this as motivation to better my meditation practices, reading habits, etc; to be held accountable to actually do the work I've been doing and do more of it - because the potential we all have is so so so much more than we actually grant ourselves. That's that.
  3. @Zigzag Idiot haha! look at us bonding over shit Don't get me started on how much I miss the smell of cow slurry. After we got rid of them in 2008 every time I smell it somewhere it brings back strong and vivid memories from that time. This is something a lot of people could learn a lot from, no job will ever feel shitty again once you're used to this.
  4. Today we finally finished the shitties job of the year, literally. For the past two weekends have been getting all the slurry out of the storehouse. It's an extremely physical job since we don't have a slurry mixer. So instead we use the slurry tanker to suck in and spit it out again to get some movement and all the water on the bottom to mix it nicely. Since sheep shit is so solid we use 1x6 boards to stir it and break it down. It's great to be done with it, no more shit in my face and hair, yay! I've also been working this new construction job lately, building a mega-mansion for a Scottish millionaire. It literally looks like the iron man house. It's been fun to be a part of such a unique project. But it's not the most spiritually aligned work, not to mention extremely physical. I'm clocking about 17k steps a day while holding heavy objects and climbing ladders. I'll likely quit after December to pursue some further education, which keeps this manageable in the meantime.
  5. I live in a town of 2000's enough.
  6. Yeah, the newer brushless tools are such a massive improvement over the older tools that you never really felt safe to use. One slight kickback and you could lose a finger. Now it all comes with electric brakes and kickback protection which makes it way easier to use. But I've usually just used a nibbler if possible when cutting the thinner metal plates. We're not really "wealthy" by any means. Sheep farming actually causes us to lose money, the cost of fertilizer, running equipment and machinery, and the low price of meat here. It's just a very expensive hobby at this point. We do pretty well by working day jobs in construction and electricity. I assume the land could be sold for maybe 6-10 million, but it will never happen due to it being split up between family members, and no one has any intention of selling. So it really hasn't crossed my mind.
  7. @Zigzag Idiot Wish I could've been there to give you a helping hand. I've found myself quite enjoying laborious work again after a little rest from it. It's nice to have something to do, even if it seems tedious in the moment.
  8. I've been on our farm for the past month now which has kept me very very busy. We're still finishing up some final touches on my uncle's new house which has been 3 years in the making and it's finally coming to an end. Then all the sheep herding, getting them down from the mountains and home. We put about 250 sheep in the slaughterhouse on Friday which doesn't feel that great at all. I feel deep compassion for them, but I also try to view it in the absolute sense as manifest infinite love. although it's a lot harder to do in practice when you're staring them in the eyes. But such is life. It's now been about a month since I first picked up a guitar in my life. I've progressed at a pretty fast pace I'd like to think. Been practicing every free hour I have in the day and at night, about 3-6 hours daily. I'm working on the full neck A minor pentatonic scale currently and trying to blend it all together to improve my improvisation. I think this is the hobby I've been longing for all my life. I'm in love with the guitar quite literally. Seeing Steve Vai on that LSD trip planted a seed in me that is starting to blossom.
  9. Did not end up doing the Salvia on Friday, turns out it's quite hard to psych yourself into it in the morning. It's still in the plans, but I'm doing an MDMA trip before, tomorrow or Monday likely. Yesterday I picked up an Ibanez electric guitar which my friend kindly gave to me. I've been looking for a new hobby to take up, to learn from scratch. I've always been intimidated by instruments, all the notes, and the infamous music theory. But I decided to delve into it because I'm really being pulled into this direction. Especially after seeing Steve Vai on my latest trip. I want nothing more than to be able to express myself through music. Today has been the first day of action, so far I've gotten to know my fingers are pretty much dead and lack any sort of brain connection. For the past two hours I've been getting used to switching my two middle fingers up and down, in a zig-zag motion, and my forearm muscles are burning like hell, lol. But this is really exciting and I hope I stick through with learning this art. I'm confident I'll stick with it because I can get help in person from my friend, who's one of the top players in my country.
  10. If all goes to plan, then I'm expecting to wake up tomorrow and hit some of that 60x Salvia I've had lying around for quite some time. I've been contemplating whether I should do this for the past two days. One part of me seeks the experience of it, then the rational side argues how reckless it could end up being. I don't really know what I wish to get from this trip either, that's the other thing that makes me question if it's worth doing. Perhaps I'll gain more insights on death and total ego loss. I'll only follow through if I really want to go for it, if I'll be hesitant in the slightest I won't hold back in backing down. There's no room for ego with dangerous substances like this one.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot Happy birthday friend!
  12. I'm a full-on caffeine junkie at the moment and can barely get a workout in without some of that good good. It's such a dilemma, I either quit and have no motivation to work out, or if I do, go about it half-assed as possible, or taper off slowly. I've usually liked the cold turkey method more. But it often comes with the price of the first 1-4 days being miserable, no motivation, and quite depressive even. I'll either have to pick this slow taper of method or by taking an off week from working out and just stretch. I'm on a decent momentum at the moment so I'm not quite ready for that option as of now. Perhaps logging down my daily caffeine intake here will keep me accountable for actually following through. It's funny how much I fluctuate in my caffeine addiction. In July I took 30 days off no problem, but now it seems so hard to start again. Today I've drunk around 400mg. Let's not go above 200 tomorrow as a start. Then 150 the next day, then 100, and so on. Lately, I've been really missing my 5 am morning runs. It's around this time a year ago where I started the 5 am runs, inspired by David Goggins of course. But it would not help a whole lot with the weight lifting, yet I question, wouldn't it be much better to feel better than to look better? Of course! So I may soon pick that up after this little hiatus. But I'm sticking with the lifting a little longer, then I may start including runs with it.
  13. Caffeine/Dopamine This decision has been building up for quite some time now. I've decided to quit caffeine due to so many reasons I can't be bothered listing them all. To name a few it has interfered with my reading and meditation. From September last year to December I was a full-blown reading horse. I could power through at least a book or two a week. I've been focusing more on getting into survival and studying successful entrepreneurs and money again after taking a break from that. It's time to get back to reading as I find that to be crucial when I'm trying to improve in that aspect. I find it way harder to sit down and do nothing because of the lack of stimulation. So this will be a combination of quitting caffeine and withdrawing my dopamine addictions. I'll be doing it cold turkey as I've done in the past, I usually don't have any problems with said method. Wake-Up Discipline I plan on waking up at 5 AM every morning within at least a week. I've been slowly building up to waking up earlier; the past 3 days I've woken up around 8 AM. I want to create this journal mainly for one reason. To get my ass out of bed and logging it down here, so I've got some reason to wake up at least. Only once in my life have woken up this early consistently and that was for a summer around 5 years ago. I'm really excited to try this out. I'll likely get up to read or take a business course in the beginning but I eventually plan on going to the gym as soon as I wake up.
  14. There are no "unconscious activities". There are only activities, which you can do consciously or not.
  15. I've now been lifting intensely for the past 3 weeks, following a good and healthy diet. After I've gotten into the groove a little and focusing solely on musclebuilding and pretty much ignoring cardio and stretching, but I've been lifting so furiously that it's been cardio as well because of the short resting time. I'll now be stretching more regularly throughout the day and doing more cardio as well. I did a 40-minute rope skipping session today which absolutely drenched me with sweat and endorphins, felt like being on MDMA. Followed by stretching while listening to Mike Chang talk about the importance of it. Stretching is not only to let go of tension to prevent injury. It connects with your whole emotional center, where stress and unconscious habits get stored. Stretching lets all the tension go and detoxes your mind and body. Mike talked about not stretching to uncomfortable levels which I'm prone to do from time to time, thinking it will yield "better results" when it has nothing to do with results at all. It should feel comfortable and relaxing with the occasional push to a 6-7 on the pain scale, 5 being comfortable. I'm eating at about 100-300 calorie surplus currently. With the intention of slowly dialing it down while keeping the protein intake high, as Jeff from Athlean-X suggests. I wanted to start at a surplus to have enough energy with the workouts I'm doing, and it's felt great so far. I don't like the idea of a "bulk" and a "cut", and believe you can easily build muscle while at maintenance calories as long as the protein intake is high enough. I've also been tracking all my macros and using an app to log everything down. This is one thing I wish I had done in my earlier weight-lifting days. You're not blindly guessing what's working and what's not. One thing is I eat a lot of natural peanut butter because of how easy it is to consume, filled with protein and calories. But this has lead me to eat over 100g of fat per day easily which is the limit. This is fine since my carbs are usually way below what's recommended. I'm actually surprised how hard it is to hit 400g of carbs a day and feel like it's totally overshooting it. And I'm not afraid of fats either, I really like them as an energy source, for hormone balance and brain function. So let's see where this all goes.
  16. Actually, two people died this week, one vaccinated and one not. Both were tourists though. Also a fun fact, even though 90% of the country is vaccinated, almost everyone still wears a mask out and about.
  17. One of the most underrated things in life I've come to find is taking a 10-minute walk after a big meal. I've gotten so used to sit down after meals, and having no energy for the next two hours. I'm on a "semi"-"bulk" at the moment, so I'm eating a little more calories and a lot more protein. Taking a brisk walk has changed my energy levels completely after a meal.
  18. Heroin is amateur stuff! What you really want is crystal meth.
  19. @lxlichael Glad you enjoy it. Just had an LSD trip two days ago which was a superb journey. Been diving a little more into psychedelics after taking a short break. I tried 2C-B last month and did a little ketamine as well. The 2cb was extremely pleasant but lacked in potency compared to LSD, yet very valuable nonetheless. I've also been contemplating diving into DMT and 5-MeO soon, but nothing is set in stone for now. I was suggested to watch this performance by a friend on the trip, which completely jaw-dropped me. I think this ended up being my favorite musical experience in my life and is one of the closest achievements to absolute perfection I've ever seen.
  20. I watched this on a trip a couple of months ago and was absolutely mindblown, quite literally mindblown. That reality could imagine these people who manage to create this music, which was all of my (our) own doing...amazing!
  21. This is far from fake, and it's very much possible to sustain with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. But I agree it's all ego nonetheless.