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  1. @aurum I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m furthering the dialogue of this discussion. I think what I’m saying is, most people box this up as some simple logically remark like “just be more conscious and you won’t be starstruck” and that’s not what I’m really interested in discussing. That’s an obvious perspective. Being that we all here are clearly interested in energy work, I’m just intrigued by how magically some people may be, especially people like celebrities (who work their ass off usually) but also I occasionally meet a homeless person with that same vibe.. it’s a trip
  2. @aurum I definitely consider that most days but regardless of how aware you may be of the spiral... how would you actual act if your guru walked up to you for a coffee? Or better yet, the most sexiest witch in the world wanted tea? I assuming you would probably take the chance to talk to them about it.
  3. @Bando Precisely! Which is strange because sometimes I’ll meet someone that I only ever dreamed would be possible & then I feel nothing.. sometimes even less of them.. then I’ll work with someone I’ve never even heard of & completely feel like they are made of energy.. it’s a total mindfuck.
  4. @Recursoinominado also, my context wasn’t to bash accomplished folk.. It was more in the vein of why social status itself entitles you to magic? Because there are most certainly beautiful energies that work down at the corner store. I’ve met with plenty of celebrities that didn’t feel special at all & others that totally floored me with their energy in person.. like some walking-talking attraction magnet. so it’s difficult to communicate (especially to their face) have you encountered much of this?
  5. @Recursoinominado Exactly. However, how do you view this through casual non-duality?
  6. I’ve had the pleasure/displeasure of working with many “celebrities” over the years & I’ve often pondered this phenomenon of duality between “normal people” < “celebrities” Fortunately I’ve discussed this in my interactions with a few of them.. Surprisingly they’re usually pretty enlightening about the subject.. However, I always leave the conversations feeling like “my life has been changed..” Which baffles me because why should their opinions matter any more than the clerk at the corner store? I know it shouldn’t, but it does feel like that. & for those of you who shrug at this like you can’t relate because you’re too woke.. I want you to legitimately imagine you go into work one day & LEO walks in... Most of you would shit your pants (understandably lol) but see, he too is “no different” ..So how do we make sense of this? hoping to open a dialogue about this.. please do share your experiences / thoughts about this p.s i expect you to respond Leo ?
  7. Richmond, VA.......... ?
  8. What feels like debilitating dejavu....
  9. In summary, my first exposure to this kind of work discussed here on actualized/etc comes from dealing w panic attacks over the years (ultimately surrendering & seeking help) which, has been a blessing in many ways.. However, over the last couple of years I’ve been experiencing what I’ll refer to as “over-synchronicity” which often resembles panic attacks. Thanks to the knowledge I’ve consumed here I’ve been able to deal w most of these confusing moments but not always. any suggestions? (currently experiencing this at work.. Please help lol)
  10. I’m interested in your open-minded take on CE5 (close encounters of the fifth kind) in theory? & of course if anyone else is familiar with the subject, please feel free to chime in Not particularly interested in discussing opinions on Dr. Steven Greer or anyone like that because that can get dicey. So please if you will, don’t get this flagged just yet!
  11. @abrakamowse life imitating art imitating life imitating art imitating infinity!
  12. @Thought Art Indeed! & thank you. I’ve been working on lighting lately, that was my recent attempt at Rembrandt.. ha. (Remember of course it’s also YOU )
  14. In the midst of this outbreak.. is it a coincidence Leo put himself in isolation prior to social distancing ?? .. always one step ahead of us! i imagine him getting back from his cabin like.. “what the hell is going on?!? I leave for one damn month and the whole world is in a frenzy over toilet paper!!” ??