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  1. If I am so closed minded and so "wrong" then why cant you let me be? If you are so convinced in your ideas and judgements the need to "ping pong" with me wouldnt be there. Or maybe it would. I feel like Mace Windu when he finally discovered Palpatine to be the Sith Lord Emperor. I will say man you do have some great ideas and thanks a bunch for the videos that worked for me. I am sincere in this. One of the things you said was "Beware these days a majority of cults are going to be online." Yes. Bingo. But the captain Leo will have to go down and sink with his ship. Its been a blast man. What an unexpected day it has been for me. It all happened so fast. Onto a new enemy. You are done. Fatality.
  2. Fuck off with your bullshit Leo. Fuck off dude. Why are you assuming I am confused? Haha I do read every single day! Currently reading 'Permission to Be Human.' A great text. I have practised medication and exercise every day for 2 years. I am responsible. Dude you have lost this game. Drop your sword. Fuck off with your nonsense. And I am enlightened! I dont need to share this with you! Honestly man you have wasted it all now. The power trip shit is ended. Enough for now man because this interaction is the funniest shit in the world right now and I am chucking a laughter fit as i write this! Big smile! And happy also right now. You are done. **You have lost.** @Joseph Maynor
  3. Correct. But they wont say they are mentally ill. They will say they are 'enlightened.'
  4. And if God is all good, What difference does it make if he goes on a killing spree? Aha!!! Got you nailed!!! Either say, 1. God is all good. OR, 2. Killing spree is morally evil. You have contradicted yourself ever so much. Dont bullshit me and say a killing spree is love and then shamingly utter "yeah but thats his true colours." Or am I just deluded? Am i just so non developed and so closed minded thar I have just not understood? The point of a decent teacher is that if the student does not understand, it is the TEACHERS FAULT. Not the students. You seem to enjoy slapping all your followers and then masqurade it with "waking them up." To me, that is morally wrong. It is morally right to be clear. @Joseph Maynor loved your interview. I will be doing one with him shortly to tell the saga of how Johhny Bravo got eaten by the Leo sheep. Coldplay lyrics, "OPEN UP YOUR EYES!"
  5. Leo, Define "love." Define "God." Define "oneness." Without strongly enforced defintions I have zero idea what you are saying apart from discounting the other. And make your definitions very specific so I know what you are referring to. Any comments that hint that I am a devil, or am not of level yet, or me being an attacker, of me being closed minded. These types of comments I will be closing my mind to. If life really is a dream, then it is ones responsibility to not treat it as a dream. Why? Because you know its a dream when you wake up and then afterwards process "oh it was all a dream." But this cannot be verified until one dies. Literal death. And by death I mean your heart no longer beats and you are buried at a funeral. Not a subjective death. Very slippery slope with such terms that will just confuse and disempower people. If you have a point to make then stand by it and make it. If you dont then word salad is fine. But leave your so called followers the choice of dressing.
  6. It makes zero difference and zero utility to think of life as a dream or video game. Do not escape from this life based on that thinking. It is a cop out. Assume like is not a dream, and you attitude will change. You will feel healthier and stronger. But each to their own. If people here assume and have just swallowed the spoonfed idea that life is a dream without actually checking it out for themselves, then I am worried.
  7. I do not understand any points you are making nor am sure if you are asking me to respond. Life is a dream? When I cut your finger off with a samurai sword, and the blood stains the carpet, I shall just utter to you, "Its all a dream. There is no pain." That is a hypothetical metaphor. If someone comes at you with a samurai sword, you need to run or fight back. Saying "Ah well its just a dream anyways" is just a drop out excuse from life. Life is a dream? Fine. But it should make zero difference to your day to day conduct. If it is a dream, the 'this dream' needs to be respected by Earth Rules. Therefore, what logic or merit is there in analysing whether we are in a dream or not? It is dangerous to assume this life is a dream. Because then you begin to get complacent and your self-worth is destroyed slowly. It is akin to Nihilism. Very dangerous idea to entertain.
  8. Life is not a dream. It is dangerous to operate by that concept. Even if it is a dream, to label life as a dream is dangerous and disrespectful to your human experience. You owe it yourself to act as if life is just is. If we begin assuming and saying "its all a dream" then you are also tossing out your responsibility to exist on this planet. Be a person. Youre not dead yet.
  9. Hi Yahya, I am mindful you are 15 and this is what I wish I knew about stress when I was that age: "When I stress on assignments I do better on them." - You are correctly using the energy of stress if this is the case. Well done. When there is stress in the body, it is always for a reason. Rule out the bodily issue of dehydration, and then from there if one feels stress one should be feeling 'energised' by something in the environment. If done wisely, stress can be a way of life. I think you are using your stress wisely. Stress is not to be avoided like there is something wrong with it. People are hung up that stress is the cause of all illnesses in the world and mental issues; it's never stress, its ALWAYS how and IF the energy is properly utilised creatively. This goes for all emotions; anger, sadness, joy. One must use the emotion. So my friend, continue with this insight. For more reading you can read up on Osho, "Stress can be a way of life.":
  10. No you dont have to hit rock bottom. Your body is not producing the standard amount of electricity is normally does. Due to stress, or a change in your diet or medications or suppliments, and without sufficient water/salt intake, tiredness is the logical thing for the body. Its ok to be stressed and allow stress in. Its not ok to abuse the body. What you say as "Im tired and procrastinating" nope youre not. Youre dehydrated. And hence the stress and lethargy and lack of chi to the brain. Youre brain cant get the chemicals it needs because not sufficient channels open and available for water to flow to. Your body naturally produces all the chemicals you require for what you got to do. Question is, why arent you thus feeling happy? Not enough water. You are tired and cant get out of bed. That is not a motivation issue thats a dehydration issue. You procrastinate in task you wish you could do, why? Because you mentally KNOW that those items will require some effort, yet, your body is not fuelled and adequate enough to tackle the item. Procrastination is never a "thing" its usually a lack of physical energy. Yes physical energy. So there is no sense in beating yourself up or getting philosophical now. The remedy is simple: fuel your body with tons more water and salt. Youre tiredness will VANISH. You will sleep easier and deeper (and less hours). Youre inspiration will skyrocket. Youre dehydrated. This is not a psychological issue its a physical bodily one. Many people interested in spiritual ideas usually forget we have a physical side as well. We are spiritual beings, yes, but we are on the Earth Game. So take physical requirments. But for you specifically its water. I know. Don't focus on tackling your life now. Focus on spending the next 3 hours drinking water with salt, and repeat for 5 days. Youll find by day 2 or 3 at max youll have tons of energy and the tiredness will vanish and the procradtinating will vanish also. Hydrate your body so it starts producing enough electricity to zap someone dead. Once you have this ability, you can focus on any task and deal with it without any fear or stress at all. Doctors wont tell you this. But I will.
  11. @kindayellow Practise the skill of talking to strangers (in the real world). Youre confidence will skyrocket and youll have friends.
  12. No mate its no a fear of surrending, you are dehydrated. Athsma is dehydration- there is no moisture to cool the airways of the throat and oesophagus and thus the body compensates by restricting your breathing. Hence the tight neck. Dont go fancy with this, just drink water and get salt. Instant panic attack cure. If you have a panic attack, or anxiety, that is a bodily signal that you dont have sufficient hydration with the lungs and airways. Salt on the tongue and have some water. You will instantly feel better and have the best sleep of your life tonight probably. You must take the attention to learn to care for yourself...
  13. @mathieu Due to the courage you exercised to post this about yourself, And following the logic of Shadow Work, The reason all of those items bother you is for this reason: You desire respect and inner pride and also self-assertiveness. Its unconscious desire. You require healthy self protection of psychic and physical nature. My advise would be this, Go and build up a strong ego. You wont turn into a bully. You wont be an evil human. You are scared if you become self assertive you will turn into an inauthentic fake cold bully like your dad. You wont. Go and attain a morality for now, and build up your ego. Once you feel and behave with self respect, you will naturally discover these items wont bother you any more about other people. You will see them for who they are but there wont be an emotional sting. For some reason the word "FIGHT" keeps coming to me. Do you need to have a fight with someone? Go and do it. Fuck any spiritual bypassing/rationale. Go and confront whoever you need to. I support you. I give you permission. You dont deserve that sort of shit. You must learn to refuse to tolerate such crap from people. My respects to yourself and let me know what happens. Dont worry about getting into tons of conflict: it will happen but its just a phase it will pass. But go through it.
  14. Try drinking water. Its totally free and doesnt require anything tough or abnormal practise. I am dead set your cold spots on the body is long term dyhdration. You can solve it. Everytime you feel abnormally cold, drink water (and some salt).
  15. @sidaz10 You are dehydrated. Of course the doctors and the tests wont tell you this- it goes over everyones head. Ensure you balance your salt/water intake respectully. Your cold spots will disappear with sufficient hydration. Try it for 2 days and let me know what happens. Dont drown yourself with water immediatly- build up your intake of water over the days, weeks and months. Not knowing who you are, I ask, do you drink 3 liters of water every single day without missing even a single day? And... Do you have coffee or alcohol or take medication? The reason i ask is because those items fluctuate your hydration in the body.
  16. @Sauvik I feel what youre saying. Try not to bother too much about Elliot and these other people. Its ok to listen to them if you enjoy it. If you feel you dont enjoy it put the spoon down for the time being and continue your soup later on when youre hungry. When eating at the dinner table one must take their time. You can rush, but where is the point in that? If you want to study a man of authenticity then go to Youtube and you can watch some interviews with Marlon Brando, or, Paul Weller. The reason you are noticing the inauthenticities in these other folk is because inside yourself is a craving for a role model, male, to be authentic and teach you this way of being. Its a way of being one can devote to Mastery. Authenticity has stages and complexities to it, but there is only a single thing that lets you know you are doing the right thing; effort and intent. Practise being more authentic and less calculating and thinking about what to say. Just say it. Dont worry if you say something rude or abnormal, because you wont! You wont shock other people.... ...But if you practise being authentic, at the beginner stage, your own behaviour will shock YOU upon reflecting and youll be impressed. Possibly confused also! Who ever knew there was such an easy way to exist in this world! How easy and liberating this authenticity. This ability to be yourself. This ability to just float with how you are feeling and never feel a squandering of things inside you. If you are in a family with children, observe and copy children. Children do not filter themselves and have bounds of energy. They are healthy beings. I respect the children so much they are more honest than anyone you can meet. Dont be childish, be child like. Maturity is allowing your child state life and refusing to feel bashful or weird about it. Oh wait, isnt that called "just be yourself?" Yes!
  17. Digestive issues, Cold hands and feet, neck tension.... You are dehydrated. I do the Wim Hof Method which involves deliberate ice baths and dunking your entire body into the cold water on a daily basis..... ....If I am even slightly dehdrated, my hands feet and nose and ears get super cold..... If I am hydrated and have good salt balance, cold does not exist for me. Everyone thinks thirst is the dehydration signal. It kind of is. But its a signal you should not count on. Look to these issues- neck tension especially an indicator of dehydration (yes I know you may say but Johnny maybe its cause I am on my smartphone all day and my neck bends alot; nope. Tension in the neck is usually the path to asthma or panic attacks. You must take this with seriousness. This is an alarm going off). Its a sign something is off. And you can correct it within approx 3 minutes. Go drink a glass of water. If you are going to the toilet constantly and feel your body is not retaining your water, then take a decent (but small) pinch of salt on the tongue and swallow with water. Sorry to play Doctor Bravo but I can really see the solution is in the kitchen tap not the yoga mat.
  18. @Farnaby Yes the body awareness video has been my most watched item of 2019. It certainly stands out and one could have fun exploring each of the recommendations he suggested. What I would offer is ensure your body has good water/salt intake and balance. You may be dehydrated right now and not even aware of it. That anxiety you feel time to time? Thats not a mental pattern thats bodily dehydration. To get out of your head, step one is to set the intention. Step two is then to forget whether you are in your head or not; dont be concerned. A paradox I know. Dont try too hard and youll get the results you want. But forcing a relaxation or forcing a highjack out of the mental system into the physical one will take you a few weeks to get proficient at. Just trial and error. Youll get it mate. Youre doing fine just keep going and be easy. Loose as spaghetti? Good. Its just a phase. After this phase youll naturally crave a jog or exercises. I cant say when though.
  19. Your mind isnt an enemy despite on this forum thats the bias. It should be faster/louder/speedier when socialising depending on the nature of the interaction. Thats why socialising is often an antidote to depression. Depression is slow moving energy with a dark tinge, and speeding the energy up is enough to shift the mood into a positive one. I dont think youre doing anything wrong. I dont have experience in the disciplines you are referring to. What comes to me is that if you feel you have plateaued and cant move to the next level, seek out a Master. In the real world.
  20. There was a guy who I had a session at the gym with, good friend. Upon leaving and uttering goodbye words, he said, "For some reason I always feel I dont deserve a woman." I said to him, "Well stop (feeling that way)." We got in our cars and drove home.
  21. My favourite, single handed episode released from is without any question, How to Be a Man- Part 2. Whoever shot that episode was on to something. And yes, it has more potency than a Game Bible. Because the idea does not limit itself at dating but at life and all relationships with all people.
  22. @UDT Even the handsome and practised Zan Perrion has stated in his most recent work, that men AND women need to stop playing these 'games.' It's immature. Sickening that men in their 60s are advocating redpill stuff etc... And yes, one will feel better if they stop being self-conscious around women. But this goes for ALL PEOPLE not just attractive women you like; stop being self-conscious in general! And yes, "embrace your masculinity" by which simply translates as: "Embrace YOU and all your emotions and behaviours."
  23. @Leo Gura Thanks man. I would rather have access to your enlightenment topics and have more information (at least available and accessible) opposed to not being able to access anything. Good bigger picture points. I shall ponder over the next few weeks. My respects.
  24. @LittleMaslow Good unique perspective. Was this the method you used to quit porn?
  25. @Cepzeu What you may find that even if your meditations are 'bad', just sitting in a room for one hours- with the phone off, with zero distractions- still yields more benefits than 15 minute 'hard' meditation session. Why? Our culture and era discourages natural reflection/down time. Everything has a yin and yang element; even feeling happy fluctuates between feeling calm/peaceful VS feeling euphoric and buzzing with energy. Same goes for depression. Depression cycles forward and back between zero energy depression (real depression and apathy) and then high energy depressed moods (low self esteem but big desire to do something). Everything goes in cycles. This is life. But our culture discourages the 'downtime' phase of cycle. So reflection for 6 hours per day used to be normal. TV back 40 years ago used to be- watch one show, then spend the rest of the day reflecting on it. We are stolen of this liberty. Well done on your meditation. What I am saying is that, reflection is something anyone can benefit from; even the newbie to meditating. Carry on soldier.