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  1. What some see as collapse will be an opportunity for real change and progress to occur. When the structures we've created no longer serve us and start to fall away we can move beyond them.
  2. @King Merk When the two party system collapses it won't be because of a spoiler third party, it will be because neither party is willing to meet the basic demands of the populace. We've been oscillating back and forth between two corrupt entities who don't serve the people. I think the only way out is to flip the table. When the boomer generation dies out and the young people demand material progress beyond the performative woke garbage we could see real change.
  3. At this point I no longer see the United States being on the forefront of social progress. Biden has done a few decent things here and there but the current democratic party is only as good as it's most conservitive members. Trump will likely run again in 2024 and win according to current polls.
  4. Modern society does not provide any social support outside of childhood or highschool. In times past humans relied on Tribe or Village for a social network. The concept of Nuclear family being the primary unit of society is relatively new in the human experience. Most adults need to work a majority of their time to support themselves so socializing becomes secondary. You might get lucky and befriend some of your coworkers but you're not there to socialize, you're there to sell your labor. It falls to the individual to create their own social networks in their free time. A social network is now a luxury instead of a fundamental part of life. It's no wonder so many people are atomized an isolated.
  5. In this video Yanis Varoufakis explains the transition from a capitalist economy to an emerging Technofeudalist model. The economy is no longer about markets and competition. When mega companies like Amazon account for over 50% of online pucrases and capture a majority share of the market the rules of Capatalism no longer apply. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon are able to algorithmically decide what products are shown or hidden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghx0sq_gXK4
  6. This line of thinking is the root of evil and separation. You are damning your fellow man to starvation and death and proud of it.
  7. There are so many people out there that are too far gone. Imagine laying in a hospital bed gasping for air and still truly believing COVID is a liberal hoax.
  8. I hope triggering the libs will be worth it for you. The United states will continue down the status quo path. It will still be in all the wars in the midddle east. Healthcare will continue to be absurdly expensive, Rent's and the cost of a collage education will continue to rise while minimum wage remains the same. The US will continue ignoring climate change, continue criminalizing cannabis and psychedelics, and continue to pad the bank accounts of the 1% while millions sleep on the sidewalk. But boy those Libs on CNN will be so mad! Totally worth it!
  9. @Derek White I was wondering why my youtube glitched and was posting warhammer content on actualized.org for a moment.
  10. I see the Joker, Harly Quinn and ICP fan's as being in a vibrational match to anger at society and mental instability. It's a red flag that says i'm edgy and immature.