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  1. Medication or Meditation??? Sometimes, some people who are having trouble sleeping will try to do all possible things to have a better, deeper and peaceful sleep. And the first thing that was on their mind is to take sleeping pills before bedtime which sometimes will help them or sometimes it won't. And it feels so exhausted to take tons of medication just to fall asleep. Tips: Always try a different solution to solve your health problems. Natural remedies are the best options. And according to other people and some research, Meditation while listening to sleep easy guided meditation 30 mins before bedtime is the best solution in insomnia. Try this and it might work for you too. Moderators edit: links to sales products removed.
  2. Each day you have to decide which you will be, choose to be #healed and have the right #mindset.
  3. I considered mindfulness is the state wherein your mind and body is focused on the present situation and overcome the stress in life with an open mind and calmness into our mind that helps us to make good decisions in every situation. Mindfulness is the greatest key in finding peace, relaxation and to focus on what is within our control. Listening to soft music might also be helpful in relaxation.
  4. Hi there, I think weed is really not a good option. When you are depressed, you will really felt where your thoughts and feelings seem to be unreal or in which you lose all sense of identity. To prevent this, you also have to help your self to treat this. Psychotherapy or talk therapy and family therapy are one way of treating this. You can also try Creative therapy such as exercise, yoga, meditation and mostly music therapy. Music therapy is one of the effective ways combined with meditation. Try to listen to these Calm music like anikiko- letting go of anxiety and stress, relaxing music by music nutrition and other healing music. These therapies help you to explore and express your thoughts and feelings in a safe and creative way.
  5. In my opinion, it still depends on what the person he or she likes, whether there is music or not. Some may be preferred meditation without music because they maybe find relaxation and peace at that moment. Some preferred in listening to soothing music while meditating such as those in music nutrition's healing sounds which helping them in relaxing their mind, body, and soul, which is also better in reducing their stress and give them inner peace. It doesn't matter if there is music or not, what was important is do it where you feel more relaxed and find the true meaning of peace.