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  1. pretty interesting books
  2. calendar on my phone
  3. wow, pretty ambitious one i d say
  4. can start by saying a joke or funny stuff
  5. Hmm , I know meditation is helpful for soothing negative self talk , but does being just in these state cure all your problems ? It doesn't deal with shadow aspects of a personality , integrating the parts which were exiled or suppressed during adaptation process or psychological trauma . Has anyone used methods like gestalt , hypnoanalysis , body oriented and breathing therapy (it does the incredible ) . ? Also there are controversial but very interesting directions like Transpersonal psychology , and Hellinger's constellations , which even deal with the memories of your ancestors through morphic field .
  6. Hello mates, just got approved my registration yesterday. I see these is a pretty big forum with very interesting discussions about self development. I think I can have a great contrubution for people who struggle from bitter life. So, In my early teens, I also had most of the problems mentioned here, like depresion, low self esteem, limiting beliefs and stuff. Then I realized that everything had to do with our subconscious mind, and the best way to get out of this problems, and actually achieve anything , which you want from this life. I researched and practised nearly all therapeutic directions and figured out for myself what works, and what not, and how can you quickly resolve all of your problems. I also have my own website where I listed all of the tools which have worked for me, and the patterns to work with them, but I see its not allowed to post links here, so I ll leave it for future. I didnt find any topic here, which actually discuss opinions about self-therapy methods. So I opened the topic myself. SO, which tools do you think are the best for self development?
  7. nothing serious mate. but the fact that you feel that way , is telling that you have to work on inner belief system