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  1. HI Alfonso, thanks for the technique ...i did the letting go technique of sedona method maybe ten years ago and after came to Eft and it was there that my biggest transformation of full emotional integration came when i came across the presence process of Michael Brown. by then I was in the sufi path for twenty years...but the presence process took me to a level of complete integration.Its not easy but its ones willingness how one can go...the main method used is the breathwork which is very powerful for emotional body integration. pls check it out. Thanks for introducing the above technique its the exact modality which i want to introduce to my students in the high school together with Eft. but i wanted to get the book to do the technique as above with the same sequence which you explained for eg when you say the ego is a contraction (we use the same terms in sufism) ...i dont see this terms explained in Dr Hawkings letting go book. thanks in advance.!