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  1. It's God... it still feels like Ron on some level as well. But it's God.
  2. More Peaceful.... it is being viewed from a different perspective, and it seems to have become more interesting as a result. It's hard to explain actually, it just is. And what is, is interesting.
  3. That's the illusion. Ron had ego, and Ron felt like a separate entity, therefore Ron felt like he had to do something, and was doing something. Although he never really was a separate entity and was never really doing anything. It was, is and has always been God. The truth has been revealed, there is only God.
  4. There is no who, there is only God. God is aware of God. The idea of a who is the illusion.
  5. Long time no speak Winterknight! I feel I have arrived, what do you think? "I" have been doing nothing for several months now.... and "I" finally comprehend the concept that Ron as the experiencer will do whatever it is that Ron feels he must do, or needs to do, feelings of which are all powered, inspired or motivated solely by God's Will. "I" watch Ron's life unfold, the thoughts and ideas he has, a long with the emotions that he feels and the experiences that he has. And although "I" is an individual perspective of Ron, it is actually God's individual perspective. The only thing left of the idea that there is an individual me, is this unique perspective that "I" has of Ron's unique experience. That's it, "I" is aware of Ron's experience, and both truly are, and always have been, God. That's it, an individual "me" therefore exists and does not exist at the same time, and there is now a complete comprehension of this truth.
  6. Thank you sir... honestly, from this perspective "I" is already there. It's just these old ideas that keep popping up and causing confusion from time to time that's the issue now. Thanks again for your help with all this.
  7. I was hoping you would say something like that. My focus is still on the fact that God is everything, and "I" and Ron are just servants of God, and there just needs to be a complete acceptance of what "is". There is little doubt that all of the reading and studying that I have done over the years have created certain ideas within me. A lot of that information got me to this point, so it's hard to know what still has value and what doesn't. At this point, it seems as though none of it is has any value anymore. Would you agree?
  8. Hey Winterknight, I think I blew it. I was contemplating the fact that "I" is just an tool to absorb information which goes directly to God, as an individual perspective. And if that is the case, then the "I" does not exist either. That took me a place where I experienced non-existence. It was so objectionable to me that I immediately surfaced.... and it took me several hours to come to terms with what I had just experienced. I re-read a section in Hawkins book “I; Reality and Subjectivity”, and realized that when he was faced with the same situation, he refused that void of non-existence as the final trick of Ego. He called it the final doorway, and rejecting this trick resulted in his passing through the final doorway. I suppose I rejected it, but not at depth. What can you tell me about this?
  9. You know, that's the exact conclusion that I had been starting to consider of late. The fact that you just confirmed it helps me a lot. Thanks again for your help Winterknight, your time and effort is appreciated as always.
  10. Thanks, I thought you would say something like that. The whole thing felt wrong to me. More like imagination than experience. The source of my misconception is no doubt from all the literature I have read over the years regarding God Consciousness and the supposed ultimate experience of being "everything". Is all that type of thing a false narrative?
  11. Hey Winterkight, I know I said I wouldn't likely be back, as I truly believed that once I was able to comprehend God as every "thing", as well as being the will that drives it all, I didn't think there could be anything else to discuss. But, something new has developed. I am hoping you can help me with it. I am still not "doing" anything, and my center is seemingly with the "I" as the observer at all times now. But something new has happened while doing Self-Inquiry the last couple of days. When deep within it, my center appears to be behind the "I". From my perspective the "I" appears as a beam of light (awareness) from out of nothingness directly in front of me. When looking to the side, there are dozens of other beams of awareness appearing out of nothingness as well. They are all pointing outward, they are at varying heights, but all appear to be at the same depth, which puts my perspective at a slightly greater depth within, or as, nothingness. Given my limited knowledge on the matter, this should be impossible given the fact that "I" can't be aware of "I", but of course the "I" is in front of me, so in a way "I" still isn't in the field of awareness technically speaking. And any attempts to try and center myself back at the level of "I" during Self-Inquiry have so far been unsuccessful. Is this just a matter of imagination, or is there something to it. What can you tell me about it if anything?
  12. Thank you so much for everything Winterknight. I do not feel I need to post queries with you here any longer. "I" had a revelation last night..... "I" fully comprehend the concept that every "thing" is God. My center is now God. There are no more questions to ask or answers to find. It's all God, And "I" have now accepted that. Thanks again