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  2. 1.When you say that we are born for a specific reason, you mean for evolve spirituality in a way or career wise? 2. What is life ? ( Your take on it ) 3. Why do people get possed by dark spirit's? 4. Why non-dual teacher do not bring up occult stuff ? Just because is a distraction ? 5. What is selling your soul means? 6. As you see here who really was Jesus ? Just another enlighten guy ? 7. sometimes at night i lisen to this reiki. And sometimess i start feeling my body with joy and love , all the lights around me are brighter , i fell some kind of extazy , some helling .time stops in a way, I look at my hands and or in the mirror and i fell my body vibrating with joy and love. Is that an Angle that is doing that ? 8. What's wrong with cults ? I mean in the last year i was kinda asked to join 4 cults . Adventist Christianity, Freemasons, one grup that study witchcraft , and one grup that study some kind of satanism. But to be honest i do not know what's so wrong about them . I'm alone and i feel like talking with people about this stuff , and every time that someone asked me to join i got afraid and i said no. What no join a cult ? Thank you Matt !!
  3. 1. What are your views on reincarnation , afterlife ? 2. Is there a devil ? I do not mean selfishness , i mean a devil ? 3. What are are the things that enlighten teachers do not share ? 4. How did you get into spirituality? 5. What was your background , religious wise. 6. Is there a Jesus, Shiva,isis, horus , satan ? Minute 3:10
  4. What to do with the ego ? I mean , i mean . Yeah , What to do with the ego ? Just live from non-dual awerness and enjoy the ride ? When i say this Is not from non-dual awerness. I'm still in the maze of me,me . I just wanted to ask that question.
  5. Hy! I got hypnotized by someone , without knowing that i was hypnotized . I do not remember anything. i tried self-remembering hypnosis but that part of my memory is locked. I just remember just the starting. I olso tried with someone that hypnotized me to remember, but it did not work. ( This i tried only once ) Do you know some method on how i can get some memories back ? Some memories that are "locked" In a way.
  6. @Nahm so in the end still my thoughts are the starting point. @cetus56 @Leo Gura @Nahm why do people go to this extrems ? I mean what pull's them. Do we blame just the ego.. i , i'm the one that make's tricks to win and be deceptive in life. But is just the identity that gets to killng and "bad" stuff ? I agree With the meta views that you guys explain. But sometimes It sounds to simple. I do not know.
  7. I really enjoy this channel.
  8. I offen her from realized teacher's this : Truth realization is the best thing to do here. Why do they say "here" ?
  9. Can you elaborate more. Help me understand why ihe is saying that.
  10. I used to watch RSD and other dating advice. But this guy know how to combine in a way spirituality with Dating on some level.
  11. Ok so I'm new when we talk psychedelics and last night i got some weed to see what can i get out of it. I used to smoke weed 3 time a week 3 years ago and i was kinda addicted. 90% of the time i did not had good results. I used to get paranoid and fearful and i was addicted to weed. What happened last night. (I was alone) I meditated for some time i made a coffee to stay awake. And i just took 2 puffs from a joint of weed and I staid in my romm which was almost dark. I did not get any nondual experience. But what i got was paranoia, For the first time Conscious paranoia , i was kinda awere what i was doing. I right some things down. So i can analyze them. Here they are : 1* " what will happen tomorrow , what if this is going bad ?" 2* " i should not done this " 3* " I'm going to get addicted again of weed, i'm going to fuckup my life again" 4* " My subconscious is full of negativity, full. I see myself as not worthy. 5* "a lot of things that i do are for getting approved and liked" 6* "i blame myself alot , for stupid things" I got all kinds of worry thought's but in a way i was conscious about them in the moment. It was like the subconscious was open and i can relate with the subconscious. I can see what i was doing behind. What is happening inside my mind. Then i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror for 20~ minutes. Somehow i Connect with all the parts that made "ME" I Connected with the part that was hurt and sad because of the upbringing. This was kinda interesting because i was looking in the mirror and see the hurt self , I changed my facial expression , my posture (i was connected with that hurt part of "myself") In a way i disolved into that and accepted it. And i was felling some sensations in my body, some kind of of heeling. I do not know. Then i start seeing how my personality is made out of "patterns" , patterns after patterns. (If this happens react like this. When you hear this facial expressions are like this, my sens of fun , sad , interesting, non interesting are made of patterns. And i was conscious in a way that i was doing all this) Every movement that i made was in a way already decided. Every reaction. It was in a way fun, but sad to see that i'm kinda a robot :)) This is it. With just 2 puffs of weed i got paranoia. Maybe weed is not for me but this was helpful to see what is happening behind. Is just the weed that gives you paranoia? Lcd , dmt etc . Are they the same if your subconscious is kinda messy ? Help me to understand what this means if you have any thoughts! Thank you ! ❤️
  12. Materialistic world view.. How to get over it ? By asking questions like Nahm tells us ? Do you @zeroISinfinity are over the materialistic world view?
  13. this here means that is like a back and forth game until you harmonies the "move" into the relative yes ? Yeah, that's what i was doing. oh , so this is the "me" trying to be sneaky. i see. yeahh ok so "fun" was a starting point for the big claim that "i'm kinda a robot" to kick in. (interesting) I do not get what you say here. hmm ? what i'm getting here is : my paranoia is real just from the relative paradigm, in the belief of other. if there is not other is just god's love in everything , no more paranoia. the hijacking is very interesting. really. now i'm smiling a little , thanks ! "What one is purified of, are beliefs." waaaa. thanks for this. this is a good insight ! this will stay with me !
  14. @Nahm what do you think about this ?